To Change the Past Changes the Future - Chapter Six

Vegeta spread his arms, and powered up to Super Saiya-jin. Juuhachigou watched and waited. She grinned as Vegeta charged at her, and an amused laugh escaped her lips as she easily dodged his attack.

Vegeta looked up, shocked to find that he had missed her. She appeared behind him, and punched him in the back. He flew across the sky, but was finally able to stop himself. He looked at the android, anger etched in his face. "Was that the best you can do, android?" he growled.

Juuhachigou smirked. "Oh, no, I have much more fun in store for you, Vegeta. I just hope that your attack wasn't the best YOU could do."


Juunanagou awoke with a start; he felt a high ki, and soon recognized it as Vegeta's. "What's going on?" he thought, sleep still clouding his mind. He looked over to see Trunks sleeping beside him, a peaceful look gracing his face. Juunanagou pushed the purple bangs out of Trunks' face, and smiled as the cerulean eyes opened.

Trunks eyes widened as Juunanagou came into focus. For a moment he felt the terror that he had always associated with the androids, but slowly he came to realize that he was in no danger. An embarrassed smile came to his face as he recalled what had happened less than an hour before. But his smile faded as he sensed his father's ki rising.

"My father..." Trunks knew that Vegeta must have met up with Juuhachigou; there was no other explanation as to why he would be powered up.

Juunanagou saw the worried expression on Trunks' face, and kissed him softly. "He's met up with my sister," Juunanagou said, knowing that Juuhachigou must of found her prey. "We should go before she does something drastic."

Trunks nodded. He winced as he stood, feeling the pain around his lower back. Juunanagou glanced at his lover, concerned, and Trunks convinced him that he was fine. The pair gathered their clothing and got dressed, and Juunanagou led the way out of the lab. Neither of them noticed, however, when Trunks' hand accidentally hit a button. They left the lab, unaware of the android that was observing them.


Vegeta lay on the ground, battered and bruised. Juuhachigou stood a few feet away, pleased with her work. She stretched, content that she had finally had her fun. Suddenly, her gaze turned to the sky, as she felt two powers rapidly approaching the spot. Juuhachigou watched as Krillin and Tenshinhan landed before her.

Krillin noticed Vegeta's beaten body, and cringed. If Vegeta couldn't defeat her, how were they supposed to? Tenshinhan leapt in without thinking, and within a matter of moments, he lay on the ground, unconscious.

Juuhachigou walked over to Krillin, who was unable to move because of his fear. Much to his surprise, she didn't fight him. Before she left, she told him about their objective: to find and destroy Goku. Giving him a kiss on the cheek, she left, leaving a surprised and confused Krillin to tend to the injured fighters.


"Vegeta's ki level is dropping!" Juunanagou was worried. Vegeta's rapidly falling ki meant that the fight was either already done or was toward the end. Either scenario didn't have a good outlook for Vegeta.

Trunks sped up, and Juunanagou matched his speed. He could tell that Trunks was extremely upset, and was trying to think of something he could do. He moved over so that he flew right beside Trunks, and wrapped his arms around him.

Trunks looked at the android for a moment, and saw the look of concern in his eyes. He slowed his pace, and finally came to a halt in the sky. He allowed himself to take comfort in Juunanagou's embrace, and laid his head on the android's shoulder. He was very worried about his father, as he remembered his mother telling him about the androids murdering Vegeta in his timeline.

Juunanagou, realizing just how distressed Trunks was, tried to comfort him. He pulled Trunks' face to his, and kissed him. Trunks smiled slightly at the android's attempt to help him, but he knew he would only feel better knowing that Vegeta was all right.

"Let's go find my father," he said quietly, pulling himself away from Juunanagou. He really didn't want to; he wished he could stay wrapped in the android's arms forever. But he also knew that he had to make sure that Vegeta was okay.

Juunanagou followed as Trunks once again sped up, and sighed softly as he thought about how much his life had changed in the little time since he had met Trunks. Never had he felt so safe and contented. Trunks was special, that much he knew. His mind traveled back to the room at the lab, and how Trunks had so willingly consented to being his. The memory flashed vividly through his mind. They contrasted so deeply to the dark memories of rape. Suddenly, the images from the horrible experience reappeared, and he shuddered, trying to dismiss them from his mind.


Juuhachigou was flying along, trying to find her brother. She had absolutely no idea where he was, and was starting to worry. She was angry at herself for taking off like she did, but at the same time, was content after her "fight" with Vegeta.

She was surprised to see a someone flying toward her. Hovering in the air, she watched as an unfamiliar being halted in front of her. "Who are you?" she asked, her eyes widening at the size of the person. He was tall, and his chest was wide and muscular. A line of red hair traveled down the middle of his head. He noticed his eyes were exactly like those of Dr. Gero's androids.

"I am Juurokugou," he said. Juuhachigou's eyes widened; he was another android? She thought for a moment, slightly recalling something Gero said about this android.

"Juuhachigou," he said, and she looked at him in surprise. "My mission is to seek out and destroy the one called Goku," he continued, "and I assume you have the same purpose."

Juuhachigou just stared, and then nodded.

"I know where Goku's house is," Juurokugou stated, and watched as Juuhachigou titled her head to the side, intrigued by this new bit of information. "We should go there now," the large android finished.

Juuhachigou decided to put off finding her brother, and followed Juurokugou to the location planted in his memory: Goku's home address.


Neither of the androids knew, however, that Goku had been moved to the Kame House. Krillin, after tending to the injured warriors, immediately told ChiChi to move Goku somewhere else. Kame House was the chosen spot, and they packed up and moved him there.


Trunks and Juunanagou had no idea that Goku had been moved, but were following Vegeta's ki. Fortunately, with the help of a Senzu bean, Vegeta was uninjured. The only part of him that was still not healed was his pride. He couldn't believe that he had been defeated by the female android, and vowed that she would pay.

As Trunks and Juunanagou reached the Kame House, Juunanagou hung back slightly. "Trunks," he said, "I think I should leave. They probably wouldn't accept me well right now."

Trunks sighed, and agreed. He watched his beautiful lover fly off, and hoped that he would see him again soon...very soon.

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