To Change the Past Changes the Future - Chapter Four

Juuhachigou smirked as Vegeta came into view. "This should be fun..." she said to herself, an evil gleam in her eyes. She increased her speed, and shot passed Vegeta.

Vegeta saw something suddenly pass him, and rage built as he realized who it was. "Coward!" he yelled, "Come back here!"

Juuhachigou grinned. "As you wish, Vegeta," she said to herself, turning around to face the Saiya-jin prince. She knew that he was no match for her. But what he didn't know couldn't hurt him...too much.

Vegeta grinned as he saw the android waiting for him. "This will be easy..." he thought to himself, positive that she wouldn't stand a chance against him.


Trunks was taken aback. Juunanagou wanted to help? "But...why?" he finally managed to ask.

Juunanagou sighed, still revelling in the feeling of being held. He looked into Trunks' eyes, eyes filled with confusion and worry. Resting his head on Trunks' well defined chest, he replied, "Because you helped me. Now I want to help you."

Trunks was silent. He could feel the sincerity in the android's words, but part of him still worried that he would fall into a trap.

Sensing Trunks' uncertainty, Juunanagou added, "Trunks, I know it's going to be hard for you to trust me, from what you've said about me in your can I prove it to you?"

Trunks looked into pleading eyes, and thought for a moment. He then said, "Why were you so afraid before?"

Juunanagou's eyes wandered to the ground. He didn't want to recall the experience again, to feel the intense pain again. He looked back to Trunks, who was wondering if the android was reminded of something that was better left forgotten.

Finally, Juunanagou decided to tell Trunks. "I...I was remembering something that happened to me a long time ago, something awful that I don't like to think about."

Realizing that he was on a sensitive topic, Trunks replied softly, "What happened?"

Juunanagou's eyes filled with tears as the images once again made themselves known. Trunks noticed this, and hugged him tighter, watching as the tears fell. This android amazed him to no end. He was so different from the Juunanagou that Trunks knew. The android that he knew had never needed comforting, or been seen crying; he was usually having to much fun in his destructive games. Then there was this android, the one he was holding in his arms, trying to comfort from a horrible event long past; the one who was crying and needed someone to be there for him.

Juunanagou was sobbing into Trunks' chest, and finally whispered, "I...I was some guy older...older than I was at the time." He sobbed harder, trying at the same time to explain what had happened. "He...he took me to a room, and..." he couldn't finish; he was crying too hard. Trunks just held him, rocking him slowly back and forth, trying again to calm him.

The android tried to stop his tears, but couldn't. A seemingly endless flood fell from his eyes. He tried to continue, "He threw me... onto the bed... and took off our clothes... and then he... he raped me... and it hurt... hurt so much... and then he left... just left me there..." His sobs could be heard after every few words, sobs that made Trunks' heart break; sobs filled with pain from an experience that no one should ever have to go through.

Trunks whispered to him, "Shh, it's all right, nothing is going to happen to you, I promise." With these words, Juunanagou seemed to calm a little, his sobs lessening. Then Trunks thought about the promise he had just made. "Can I do that?" he thought to himself, "Can I protect one of those that have destroyed my world?" He looked down into the android's face, a face filled with anguish and pain, and his question was answered, but replaced by a different one. "What about the rest of the Z Senshi? They already knew what has happened in my timeline..." Trunks knew it would be difficult to protect Juunanagou from the assualt of the others, but he knew also that it was something he had to do.

Juunanagou was reassured by Trunks' promise. No one had ever looked out for him before, and it made him feel good to know that someone cared. He contemplated these feelings for a moment. He felt something for Trunks, that much he knew. But what he couldn't figure out was exactly what he felt. He felt a whirlwind of new emotions deep in his heart; emotions that he couldn't place, that he had never felt before.

Trunks was in much the same state as Juunangou. He could already tell that he cared greatly for the android, even though the back of his mind still tried to warn him that it all could be a trick, that the androids were still destined to be destruction and death for all of earth. He sighed, wondering exactly what it was that was stirred inside him.

Juunanagou looked up to Trunks, who was staring into space, his mind obviously focused on something. His eyes, his beautiful cerulean eyes were clouded with confusion, deep in thought. Juunanagou rested his head back on Trunks' chest. He loved the feeling of being held, and never wanted it to end.

Trunks had to admit to himself that he found their current position rather comfortable as well. His mind still wandered back to his emotions, wanting desperately to figure out exactly what his feelings were. His eyes widened momentarily as a thought hit him. " this love?" he asked himself, disbelieving. "Can...can I possibly love Juunanagou? No, it can't be..." he tried to convince himself that his feelings for the android stopped at a point before love, but was unable to persuade himself. "I do...I do love him," he finally admitted, realizing that the emotion he now carried for the android was love. " How could I fall in love with one that has caused so much pain for everyone?" He reminded himself, however, that this android was not the one who had done those destructive acts, that he was different from the future Juunanagou.

Juunanagou was absorbed in his own internal struggle of emotions. "What is it that I feel for him?" he pondered. "It is something that I have never felt for anyone..." He tried to piece together what he did feel: trust, warmth, comfort, care...he was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts as he heard Trunks' voice.

"Juunanagou?" Trunks said, his voice slightly uncertain. "I...I was just thinking about how I feel about you. I know you are not the android from my time; you are someone completely different...and I think I know now what I feel."

Juunanagou watched him with nervous eyes. He was unsure of whether he wanted to hear this or not. It would have broken his heart to find that Trunks didn't care, but after all Trunks had said about his image in the future, he didn't know how the warrior could do anything but hate him. He waited expectantly, and his eyes widened as he heard Trunks finish.

"I love you."

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