To Change the Past Changes the Future - Chapter Three

Juunanagou moaned as he felt Trunks' lips touch his own. Trembling slightly, he moved back a little, fear dominating his mind. Trunks noticed the unexpected reaction, and pulled back.

"What...what am I doing?" Trunks thought to himself. He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "This is Juunanagou!" he told himself repeatedly. His eyes fell back on the android. Juunanagou was shaking visibly now, and Trunks assumed it was because of the unexpected action he had taken.

With Trunks' kiss, Juunanagou's mind had travelled back. Horrible images of the past flew through his mind, memories of the last time that someone had taken possession of him...


He watched in fear as the older boy approached, and felt a wall behind him. He had nowhere to run; the door was on the other side of the dark room. The older boy smirked.

"Now we're gonna have some fun..." the voice was filled with evil intention.

He tried to run, to get away, but suddenly found himself pinned against the wall, the older boy's lips pressed hard against his. He tried to push him away, but failed as the other held his arms against the wall. He felt the terror welling up inside as the other boy's tongue probed his mouth. He tried to cry out, but the tongue choked him, making him unable to speak.

The older one finally pulled back, the taste of his prey's fear still fresh on his lips. A cruel smile passed his lips as he thrust his arms out and grabbed his prey, flinging the younger one onto a bed in the corner. He began ripping at the younger boy's clothing, and afterwards, his own. The younger one's eyes widened; he didn't understand what was happening.

"Now get ready..." the ominous voice hovered above him, and he felt movement. Suddenly he gasped as the older one inserted a finger into his small opening. Another finger followed, and the smaller boy gasped in pain as a third finger was added. The fingers moved in and out of him repeatedly, pressing a spot that made him moan. During this time, the other hand moved to his crotch and rubbed him, producing a feeling of pleasure. The older boy now moved the head of his member to the opening and entered, filling him completely.

The younger one was not ready for the unexpected pain, and felt the tears roll down his cheeks as the older boy drove deeper inside of him. He felt an intense pain deep inside of himself, where he could do nothing to relieve it.

Upon hearing the crying of the younger boy, the other began thrusting wildly into him, deeper and deeper, nearing release. All the while, he pumped the younger one with his hand. The screams of pain delighted him, making him thrust faster and harder. Finally, he felt himself spill into the other, and the boy release into his hand. He stood up and pulled on his clothing, leaving the boy sobbing into the bed, blood covering his legs and the sheets.

The younger one moved his knees up to his chin, in an attempt to decrease the pain he was feeling inside, to no avail. Tears continued to come, further soaking the sheets beneath him.

"Why?" was all he could ask himself. "Why did he do that to me?" He could find no answer, and with a heavily troubled heart, finally fell asleep.

When he awoke the next day, he noticed the blood around him, and the ache that was still present in his lower region. He cringed as he stood up, and felt a sharp pain shoot up his back. On the verge of tears, he gathered his clothing and got dressed. Then, he left the room, and at the same time, tried to leave the painful memories created there.

//end flashback//

Trunks felt worry flood over him as he saw the android's terrified state. He wanted to find some way to comfort the other, but what could he do? He took a step closer to Juunanagou, and was slightly relieved to see that he didn't back away.

Juunanagou saw Trunks approach him, but he couldn't move. He wanted to fly away, but no part of him would respond. His shaking increased as Trunks neared.

Trunks noticed this, and thought about what he could do for the android. Finally, he wrapped his arms around Juunanagou, hugging him.

Juunanagou tensed as he felt the warrior wrap strong arms around him. Old feelings of fear returned, and he choked back a sob of terror.

Upon hearing the sound, Trunks whispered to him, assuring him that everything was all right, that nothing was going to happen to him.

Juunanagou began to calm down a little. Something about Trunks being there and holding him seemed to make everything seem all right. He took a moment to savor the feeling of those strong arms around him. It made him feel secure and safe, warm and protected.

Trunks was somewhat happy to find that the android in his arms had relaxed. He was caught by surprise, however, when Juunanagou raised his arms and spanned Trunks' waist.

Trunks was speechless for a moment. He wasn't expecting this, and was startled. He watched with wide eyes as the android looked up to him, his sky blue eyes warm and comforted.

"Thank you," Juunanagou said, looking into Trunks' face. "I don't know who you are, but thank you."

"I'm Trunks," the warrior replied. "And I already know who you are, Juunanagou. You see, I am from the future, and in my time, you and Juuhachigou are a terrible plague on the planet. I came here to stop the two of you from being released in this time. Apparently, I came too late."

Juunanagou was stunned into silence. They were a plague? "But...why?" he asked, truly not understanding what could have happened to them.

Trunks sighed. "I don't know. All I do know is that you killed the Z Senshi from my time, including my father, and I will not let that happen again."

Juunanagou's eyes widened. He thought about the whole ordeal for a moment, and finally replied, "I will help you."

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