To Change the Past Changes the Future - Chapter Two

Vegeta was furious. Trunks had told them many times how strong the duo was. But Vegeta felt that he had just been caught off guard. He was sure that his strength alone would be plenty to defeat both of the androids.

Trunks sighed. He was confused, and it bothered him. He knew the androids from his time too well, and knew that something was very different with the duo here. What was troubling him the most was the way that Juunanagou had been acting. Trunks had felt like Juunanagou was protecting him, and he was sure it was some kind of trick. He wasn't prepared to trust either of them.

He watched as Vegeta flew off in a fit of rage to find the two. Trunks groaned. He had tried repeatedly to tell all of them that Goku's help was needed in this situation, but Vegeta refused to listen. Shaking his head, Trunks noticed that Piccolo had flown off, and noted he was headed in the direction of Kami's place. He looked into the sky, wondering what the Namek was doing.


Piccolo knew that this would have dire consequences, but he also knew that he had to save the Earth. As he approached Kami's, he began to get nervous. The old guardian was standing, waiting for him, having sensed his coming.

Kami knew why Piccolo was there. He also knew that it might be the only chance the Earth had against this new menace. Kami took his time thinking it over. Finally, he agreed.

Piccolo fused with Kami, and became even more powerful, more powerful than even a Super Saiya-jin was. Piccolo was confident that with his new power, and aided by Kami's great knowledge, the androids could be stopped.


Juunanagou was having a blast. He sped down the road, narrowly missing cars and any other obstacles in the road or on the side. Juuhachigou, however, was not amused. She was bored, and really wanted to go back and fight the people from earlier.

"Juunana, this is boring," she finally stated. Juunanagou ignored her and continued his driving experience. Juuhachigou sighed. "At least stop at a store," she whined. "You did promise, you know."

Juunanagou frowned. "Fine," he said. He came to a screeching halt in front of a large store. Juuhachigou jumped out of the van and walked in. Juunanagou watched his sister enter the store, and then leaned back into the seat, closing his eyes. His mind drew an image of the purple haired warrior. He sighed as he opened his eyes. What was coming over him? What was it about this fighter that was changing him so much?

Juuhachigou came out of the store, and looked at her brother. He seemed to be really spaced out. "Juunana!" she yelled, bringing him out of it, "Let's go!"

Juunanagou looked at her. She had on a new outfit, which was to be expected after a store raiding. He started the van, and drove off. Somehow, he just wasn't amused with this anymore. Juuhachigou was becoming more and more nervous as she noticed the change in her brother. He had never been like this before, what was up?

"Juunana?" she asked, turning to him.

"What is it?" he replied, not taking his eyes off the road.

"Juunana, something's wrong with you, I can tell." she said. "Tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong, Juuhachi." he said, knowing it was a lie.

"Are you sure? You've been acting really strange ever since we got out of the lab." Juuhachigou knew something was wrong now, and didn't like the fact that he was hiding it from her.

"Nothing is wrong!" he yelled, getting angry that she wouldn't leave him alone.

"Fine," she said, turning back to the road. "You can't lie to me, Juunana, I know something's up. And at some point, you are going to tell me."


Vegeta sped along, his rage building each minute that he did not find the androids. "I will show them..." he muttered, angry as always. He was more angry at himself than the androids, but decided it was easier to blame everything on them. He watched the cars on the road below, and didn't notice the van speeding along the highway...androids inside.


Juuhachigou happened to look at the window at that moment, and noticed the flying figure above. She grinned as she recognized him.

"Hey, look," she said, nudging her brother.

"What now?" he asked, annoyed.

"It's Vegeta. Looks like we'll get to have some fun after all..." she chuckled.

Juunanagou sighed. He really didn't feel like fighting with Vegeta, especially at the thought of the purple haired warrior's disapproval. "No," he said, knowing he'd regret it. "We can play with him later. Let's just find Goku now."

Juuhachigou frowned. "But we won't get another chance like this!" she shouted, her anger and impatience with her brother rapidly growing.

"We'll have plenty of time," Juunanagou replied calmly, ignoring the female android's frustration.

Juuhachigou huffed and folded her arms over her chest, glaring at Juunanagou. She was now not only upset and annoyed, but very worried. She cared deeply for her brother, and was scared that something was happening to him. She glanced out the window, and Vegeta was gone. She had felt him moving farther and farther away from the location, and knew he was miles away by now.

"That's it," she said, and flung the door open. She flew off in the direction she felt Vegeta was going. "I'm not waiting anymore, Juunana!" she thought, as she went off in search of the Saiya-jin prince.

Juunanagou groaned. "Juuhachi, wait!" he called after her, but it was too late, she was long gone. He was upset, more at the thought of what the purple haired fighter's reaction would be than anything else. Juuhachigou was out of his range of control, but he was determined not to be the one to hurt the warrior or his friends, and he would do his best to make sure Juuhachigou didn't either.


Trunks flew along the road. He had been following his father, and so far had no luck in finding him. Trunks glanced downward and noticed the van on the road. His eyes widened as he realized who was driving the van. "No way..." he said, disbelieving. "It can't be...Juunanagou?" He dropped down closer, and confirmed his thoughts. "But where's Juuhachigou? They usually stick together..." he was puzzled. Juunanagou and Juuhachigou were never apart.

Juunanagou looked out the mirror and noticed who was following him. "Oh, no..." he thought as he spotted Trunks. He slowed the van, and brought it to a stop.

Trunks watched in confusion as the van stopped. "What's he doing?" he wondered aloud, as the android came out of the truck and faced him. He landed a few feet away, and turned to face Juunanagou.

Juunanagou's heart was racing, he felt emotions running through him that were unfamiliar. All this at the sight of the warrior standing before him.

Trunks was feeling uncomfortable. Had he been in the future, staring down the android he knew and hated, he would have attacked without a problem. But something was holding him back. He stared into Juunanagou's eyes, eyes that should have been cold as steel, but instead were warm, but also held slight glistenings of fear and confusion.

Juunanagou was unsure of what to do. The last thing he wanted was to fight, and chance hurting the other, but he knew that his opponent had little reason to face him otherwise. After struggling with himself on what to do, he finally called out, "I don't want to hurt you."

Trunks was paralyzed with astonishment. Didn't want to hurt him? What kind of trick could the android have been playing?

Trunks' expression showed his confusion, and Juunanagou knew he would have to elaborate. He closed his eyes for a moment, this was going to be harder than he had originally thought.

Trunks finally emerged from the awe of what the android had just said. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he didn't want to attack Juunanagou, either. Trunks didn't understand what was going on, and part of him didn't want to. He approached Juunanagou, who didn't move, but simply watched as Trunks drew nearer. He stopped right in front of the android, who looked up to him.

He looked deep into Juunanagou's eyes, seeing the confusion of emotions, the fear of the unknown. Then, Trunks took the android's face in his hands, and brought his mouth down to meet the other's.

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