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This fanfic takes place at the time Juunanagou (Android 17) and Juuhachigou (Android 18) were released. It is a shounen ai lemon between present Juunanagou and Mirai Trunks. Some things are different than what happened in the series, but that's to be expected, seeing as how this is a fanfic and not the actual happenings...

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To Change the Past Changes the Future - Chapter One

Muffled shouts could be heard from outside the steel door. He pressed the final buttons, and watched as the hatch opened, revealing two androids. Juunanagou opened his eyes, and walked out into the open. His eyes fell on his creator, or rather the android that now possessed his creator's brain, and narrowed momentarily. He watched as his sister came out. He could hear the yelling from outside as his creator told them to go out and destroy the ones at the door. When they did not, he threatened them with the controller he was holding. The argument continued, and ultimately ended in the creator's death. Juunanagou smiled. "You will never control us again..." he thought to himself.

Suddenly, the door crashed open. The androids turned to see the group of people blocking their way out of the hated place. Juunanagou studied the group with interest. He could identify most of them; Dr. Gero's records had taken care of that. His eyes moved and lingered momentarily on each of them: Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Tenshinhan...his gaze fell on the last one. He had no records on this one, and looked at him with interest. He was slightly taller than Vegeta, and his purple hair hung straight around his forehead. A few strands of hair hung down over his eyes. Juunanagou looked into his eyes. They were a beatiful shade of blue, more cerulean than his own light blue eyes. He saw the fear and rage hidden deep within them. Most of the time, seeing fear was just what he needed to go on a destructive rampage. But for some reason, seeing the terror hidden in those eyes almost made him feel bad. He shook his head to clear the thought. What was coming over him? He knew that he and Juuhachigou needed to go and find Goku. But he didn't think of it as a mission from his creator; instead, he saw it as one big game that he had to win.

"We've got to stop them before it's too late!" the purple haired warrior shouted to everyone else. Juunanagou stifled a laugh. He was the most powerful fighter on Earth, did they really think that they could defeat him? Juuhachigou grinned. She was ready for a fight, after all the time they had spent dormant. Juunanagou nodded, signaling to begin the assualt.


Trunks blew through the door, and as soon as the smoke cleared, he saw his nightmare had come true. Standing just inside the laboratory were the same two androids from his time. "No," he whispered, "we're too late..."

Juunanagou and Juuhachigou were the ones from his future, and he felt the old terror return as he saw the duo. Memories flashed through his mind, horrible memories of fear and doom, of destruction and death. He watched as Juunanagou studied each of them, and was more than a little nervous when the sky blue eyes fell and stayed on him. Something about his expression creeped Trunks out a little, he looked interested. This was not something that made Trunks feel safe, and suddenly he heard himself cry out that they had to stop them. He knew this, after all, the whole point of his coming back was to stop the destructive duo. But for a moment, he almost felt that something was holding him back. For just a moment, he recalled the look in Juunanagou's eyes. Something about it was...different from the android in his time. He knew the eyes of that android; they were dead and cold. But he could almost see a spark of emotion, of guilt, in the light blue eyes of this android. He mentally slapped himself. Trunks had seen the acts of the androids, and there was never any trace of guilt in anything they did. He watched as Juuhachigou smiled, and gulped back the fear that had crept up his throat as Juunanagou signaled to attack.


Juunanagou felt the slightest twinge of guilt attacking the Z Senshi, after all, he knew that they were not the target of his game. He hid this from Juuhachigou, who lept out at the nearest of them, Tenshinhan. Tenshinhan tried to dodge, but was too slow, and was sent across the sky and into a cliff. Trunks glared at Juuhachigou, who simply smirked.

Juunanagou, however, closed his eyes for a moment after seeing the anger in the warrior's eyes. He stopped himself from saying anything, but did not attack. He watched as Juuhachigou attacked Piccolo, then Vegeta, and Krillin.

Juuhachigou was getting annoyed. She was having fun, that was for sure. She was waiting rather impatiently for her brother to join her.

"Hey, Juunana, don't you want to help?" she yelled to him, waiting for him to jump right in. However, to her dismay, he didn't. Juuhachigou sighed and turned to face the last standing fighter. She didn't know who he was, and really didn't care. He was an obstacle, and she had to get passed him to get to their objective: Goku.

Trunks narrowed his eyes as the android prepared to attack. He watched her, looking into her eyes. Those were the eyes he remembered, cold and emotionless. In the back of his mind, Trunks was wondering why Juunanagou wasn't helping his sister. He watched the android out of the corner of his eye, wanting to be ready if they planned to double team him.

Juunanagou was struggling with himself. He knew that he was getting Juuhachigou mad by not helping her, but something was stopping him from attacking the purple haired youth. He wouldn't have cared as much about attacking one of the others, but something about this one made him feel different. Juunanagou was somewhat scared. Whatever he was feeling was new to him, and he didn't know how to react.

Juuhachigou was just about ready to attack, when she suddenly heard her brother's shout. "Juuhachi, stop!" he yelled, finally deciding to stop the fight before the youth was hurt.

Juuhachigou glared at him, she wasn't finished yet. "Why should I?" she asked, continuing to watch Trunks out of the corner of her eye.

Juunanagou sighed. "We need to find Goku, he is our goal. Why bother with these guys?" He really hoped she bought it. He didn't want to tell her that he didn't want her to hurt the purple haired fighter. When she didn't respond, he continued, "Come on, we can get you some new clothes."

This offer made Juuhachigou accept. Trunks watched in a state of amazement as the duo flew off. Juunanagou caught his gaze momentarily before turning to Juuhachigou, who was now in an extremely good mood.

Trunks was confused. The androids from his time would have leapt at the chance to destroy any of them. What was it with these two that was different? And why did it seem that Juunanagou was trying to protect him?

He turned to the rest of the group, and was relieved to find that they were all right. He caught the anger in his father's eyes, and the fear radiating from Krillin. He sighed. Something was up, and he was determined to find out what.


"Why wouldn't you help me?" Juuhachigou yelled at her brother. "I know you would have enjoyed it as much as I was. So what was wrong? Do you think they're stronger than you? Are you scared?"

Juunanagou scoffed. "No, of course not. They are not our objective, Goku is. And you're right, we can have some fun, but how about we find some other way to do it?" Juunanagou suddenly grinned as he spotted a van driving along the roadway. "I just got an idea for some fun," he said, as he pulled Juuhachigou down to the van. They kicked the driver out, and took over the vehicle.

"How's this, Juuhachi?" Juunanagou smiled, driving was proving to be quite amusing. Juuhachigou, however, didn't appear all that intrigued.

"Fine, whatever," she sighed as she rested back on the passenger seat. Her brother was acting weird, and it was bothering her. Why couldn't they attack that group back there? She knew he usually would have jumped at the chance. She closed her eyes, pondering what was going on.

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