Just Can't Get Enough - Chapter Four

The two young lovers flew lazily through the air, their fingers intertwined, moving toward Capsule Corporation to tell at least one of their families of their new relationship. Abruptly, Goten pulled Trunks into his embrace, startling the lavender haired demi-Saiyajin out of his thoughts of how to break the news. The darker of the pair controlled their flight, slowly spiraling through the sky as he gazed into the sparkling blue eyes of his new mate, his silky hair fanning out around them, tickling Goten's face.

No words were spoken, as they stared deeply into each other's eyes, and each felt the other's emotions sweeping over them, sharing a feeling of warmth that neither of them had ever experienced. They felt not only the love that each had for the other, but a complete acceptance. There was none of the uncertainty that accompanied all of their prior relationships; there were no questions of trust, or of faithfulness, or of the depth of the emotion they felt for one another. Both knew that they had finally found in the other the fulfillment that they had each craved.

Trunks slipped his hand into the soft black wind-blown hair, cupping the back of Goten's head and drawing his mouth down to his own. They shared a kiss that touched their souls, wrapping them in a blanket of serene joy as they moved closer to their destination of Trunks' home.


Vegeta stepped out of the gravity simulator, having just showered after hours of endless training. He looked to the sky toward the slowly approaching ki signatures of his son and his new mate, as he mentally reached out to his own mate.

“Woman,” he barked at Bulma through their bond, “the brats will be here momentarily.”

Bulma gasped, and clasped her hands together over her heart in eager anticipation of seeing her son, and the boy who had felt like a member of her family since he was a baby. She stood up abruptly from the crossword puzzle she had been working at the huge dining table, and programmed one of the kitchen bots to prepare a feast fit for an army.


The demi-Saiyajins broke their kiss as they neared the grounds of Capsule Corps, and floated apart for the descent to the ground. They landed soundlessly, just in front of Vegeta, who had assumed his usual stance, feet spread apart with his arms crossed tightly over his chest. He gave them each an appraising look, and opened his mouth to speak.

Just then, the front door of the large yellow dome flew open, and an ecstatic Bulma came bursting through, squealing and clapping her hands like a young girl. Vegeta rolled his eyes at her embarrassing display, as she leapt at their son, hugging him with all her strength, happy tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Oh, Trunks! My baby! I'm SO happy for you!” she bubbled, as she bounced up and down in his embrace. His face flushed with embarrassment as he hugged his blubbering mother, his flustered expression of confusion making Goten chuckle. She finally released him from her death grip, only to attach herself to Goten in the same manner, causing his face to flush as well.

“Goten! Oh, I'm just so happy that you two finally got together! I just KNEW it would happen!” she exclaimed as she released him. She took one of each of the demi-Saiyajins hands in her own, squeezing them tightly in her exuberance, as she continued bouncing on the balls of her bare feet.

“Woman, calm yourself.” Vegeta said gruffly.

Trunks looked from his mother to his father, a look of confusion on his face. “How did you know?” He glanced over at his new mate, who raised his eyebrows over his wide eyes and shrugged.

Vegeta snorted. “You've been fucking for two days, and you've done nothing to mask your ki. Of course we knew.”

Both demi-Saiyajins blushed even deeper, as they each dropped their eyes to the grass in embarrassment.

“VEGETA!” Bulma shrieked. “You don't have to be so vulgar!” She turned back to the young men, squeezing their hands again. “Don't pay any attention to him! Come inside, we have so much to talk about! We'll need to have a party! Where are you going to live? The east wing can be redone for you, so you're still close to work and school, or you can have a capsule house somewhere…” She continued babbling happily as she dragged the two behind her, with Vegeta following after them.

They entered the residence of Capsule Corporation, and Bulma shooed the three men into the living room, instructing a bot to bring tea for them. Trunks and Goten sat on the leather loveseat, their fingers twined together. Vegeta approached them, and reached out to pull the turtleneck away from Trunks' neck, then did the same to Goten, appraising the bite marks on both of their necks. “Well, at least you were paying attention when I told you about marking your mate, Boy. You wouldn't listen to me when I told you he was the one.”

Goten smirked at his blushing lover. “Yeah, well, you were right, Dad.” Trunks conceded.

“Damn straight! I'm always right.” Vegeta boasted as he settled into his favorite oversized chair. Bulma flopped herself into his lap, swatting at his shoulder before snuggling into his arms.

She sighed as she looked at her son and his mate. “I just think it's so romantic! On Valentine's Day even!” she beamed. “I've known since you were kids that you were meant to be together.”

“Yeah, Dad told me that when we fused we created a bond, and from that time on it was pretty much decided that we were soul mates.”

“Pff.” Bulma flicked her wrist in a dismissive gesture. “I knew long before that! You two were born to be together. You've been inseparable since you were babies! Do you remember me telling you that Chi Chi and Gohan moved in with us just before Goten was born, so that she wouldn't go into labor alone out in the woods?”

“Yeah, you've told me that.” Trunks responded.

“Well, after he was born, Chi Chi went into a depression for several months. She really struggled with the fact that Goku didn't want to come back from Otherworld, and that she was a single mother with two children.” Bulma turned her attention to Goten. “So you all stayed with us until you were about a year old.”

“Well,” she continued, “from the moment you were born, Trunks was smitten with you. He was a little over a year old, and was just beginning to walk, and would pull himself up to your bassinet and just watch you sleep. He'd just stand and look at you for the longest time, he was fascinated with you.” Bulma had a faraway expression, as she fondly remembered years past. “As you both got older, he was very protective of you, even though he was just a baby himself. If we were talking too loudly while you were napping, he'd come over and say `Shhh! Baby sweeping!' with the sternest look on his little face! It was SO cute! He couldn't say L's for the longest time.” She giggled as she remembered her small son's speech impediment.

“Anyway, even after you all moved back home, you were all he would talk about. He called you Ten back then. It was always Ten this and Ten that. I had to take him to visit you all the time, you both always cried when we had to leave. More often than not, you'd come home with us, to spend the night!” She smiled at both of them, her blue eyes sparkling devilishly. “You've been sleeping together for as long as I can remember!”

The demi-Saiyajins looked at each other, both remembering countless sleepovers when they'd shared Trunks' huge bed. When the sleepovers were at Goten's, and they had gotten too big to sleep together in his twin bed, they'd bring the futon mattress from the living room up to his room and sleep on the floor.

Bulma continued her reverie. “I've got an entire photo album full of pictures of you two when you were kids.” She looked thoughtful as she tried to remember where she had last seen the album. She jumped up from Vegeta's lap, startling the Saiyajin who had been lightly snoozing, bored with the turn of the conversation. “I know where it is! Be right back!” She bounded across the hall into the library, and returned shortly with the dusty book, and knelt on the floor in front of the coffee table, spreading the album open.

Both demi-Saiyajins leaned over the table, as Bulma turned the pages, showing them photo after photo of them together. In almost every photo, the boys were touching one another; holding hands running through the garden, Goten sitting on Trunks' lap watching cartoons, and countless photos of the two boys sleeping, always cuddled up to one another. Bulma pointed to one particular photo of Goten curled up into Trunks' chest, with Trunks' arm and leg thrown over him. “Trunks never needed a teddy bear, because he had a Goten!”

She continued turning the pages, the boys steadily aging throughout the photos. “Oh, this is when you had just learned to fly, Trunks!” she pointed to a picture of Trunks flying a short distance off the ground, holding a wildly grinning Goten. “He couldn't fly yet, so you would carry him around with you. When you both knew how to fly, that's when the trouble started!” She laughed. “You two were IMPOSSIBLE! I never knew where Trunks was, but I always knew that wherever he was, Goten was with him.”

They continued flipping through the album, Bulma reminiscing over their childhoods, the two young lovers chuckling at her little stories that she told about each photo. When she came to the end of the album, Bulma sighed happily. “There was just always something special between you two. I know the whole boring story about the fusion, and the Saiyajin bond,” she turned her head and stuck her tongue out at Vegeta, who snorted in return. “But I think even if you hadn't fused, you would have fallen in love. I think you've BEEN in love for years, but just didn't realize it until now!”

The kitchen bot appeared in the doorway to announce that food was ready, just as a large form blinked into the center of the room. “Hey! Looks like I got here just in time!”

“DAD!” “GOKU!” “Kakkarot.” Four voices spoke simultaneously, as three bodies shot up from their seated positions. Bulma was the first to reach him, tackling him with a hug, knocking him off balance. He had to take a few steps back to steady himself as the small woman hugged him with all her might. “Whoa! Bulma, hi!” Goku laughed.

“Woman, are you determined to strangle a Saiyajin today? Get off of him!” Vegeta barked at her.

She reluctantly released the large man, a bright smile spread across her face, and her blue eyes sparkling with joy. “Goku we haven't seen you in FOREVER! What brings you here today?”

Goku turned toward the grinning demi-Saiyajins, holding out his arms to his son. Goten happily stepped into his embrace, both men slapping each other joyfully on the back. “I came to congratulate my son, of course!” the older man exclaimed, releasing Goten. He turned to Trunks, and clamped his large hand onto his shoulder. “Congratulations both of you! It's about time you got together!”

Both demi-Saiyajins stared at him with wide eyes. “What? You knew, too?”

Goku put his hand behind his head, his familiar large grin spreading across his face. “Knew what? That you guys mated, or that you would mate?”

“Both!” they said in unison.

“SURE! I always knew that it was gonna happen eventually,” he stumbled over his next words, “and…umm…it was kind of obvious last night that you…umm…were doing it.” He chuckled bashfully. “This morning, too.”

Red flooded across both faces once again. “Hey, don't worry about it! I can always tell when Vegeta and Bulma are doing it, too!” the larger man laughed. “They're ALWAYS doing it!”

“KAKKAROT!” Vegeta shrieked, his face beet red with humiliation. “Mind your own damn business!” He turned on his heel and stalked out of the room toward the kitchen.

“Hey, let's eat!” Goku exclaimed, and quickly followed the shorter Saiyajin out of the room, with Bulma right behind him.

“C'mon you two! I bet you've worked up an appetite!” she said with a wink, as she left the room.

“Shit!” Trunks exclaimed. “How embarrassing!”

Goten chuckled as he wrapped his arms around his mate. “Who cares? They're our parents; they've had sex before, too. In the case of yours, LOTS of sex!” He playfully kissed the tip of Trunks' nose.

“Don't remind me!” Trunks groaned, before tenderly kissing Goten. “So how come everyone else knew that we were meant for each other, but we never saw it?”

“Heh. I dunno. I guess we must be dense or something. I think your mom's right though, I've always been in love with you…I guess I just didn't recognize it for what it was. I've just always felt that way, and thought that was what friends felt for each other.” He shrugged, absent-mindedly running his fingers through fine purple hair.

“Yeah, me too.” Trunks agreed with a smile. “That photo album was cute, wasn't it? I want copies of some of those pictures…we can put them up in our new place!” His smile brightened and his eyes lit up as he thought about them living together. “What do you want to do, live here at CC, or get a capsule house somewhere?”

“I haven't really thought about it. Whatever you wanna do is fine with me, I'll live anywhere.”

Their quiet conversation was interrupted by shouts coming from the direction of the kitchen, as Vegeta reprimanded Goku for his eating habits. “We'd better get in there, I'm STARVING!” Trunks said, as he released Goten from his embrace.

“Me, too! I hope there's enough food, with Dad here!”

Laughing, the two walked hand in hand toward the noisy kitchen. As they arrived, there was a knock on the door leading to the private back garden. Knowing that only friends and family had access to that door, Trunks groaned. “NOW who knows?”

Being closest to the door, Goten opened it to find a grinning Gohan standing on the step. “Hey little brother! Congratulations!” he said, as he hugged Goten tightly, smiling over his shoulder at Trunks. “You too, Trunks! Guess you're my brother-in-law now, huh?”

Forgetting his humiliation, Trunks beamed back at Gohan. “Yup! I sure am!”

“Cool!” Gohan released his brother, and pulled Trunks into a hug, slapping his back soundly. “Hey, Videl sends her love, too. She was working on her dad's books today, and couldn't get away.”

“So does EVERYONE know?” Goten questioned, when his brother released his mate.

“Well, pretty much anyone who can sense ki, I guess. Krillin called this morning, his family says congrats, too, although I think Marron was heartbroken.” The oldest demi-Saiyajin grinned. “She's had a crush on both of you for as long as I can remember. Piccolo sends his regards, too.”

“Geez. So much for figuring out how to tell everyone, huh Trunks? Wonder if Mom knows? She can't sense ki; did you tell her, Gohan?”

“Nah, and I told everyone else not to. I think it should be up to you guys to tell her. So far, everyone is supportive of you, but Mom might be the exception.” Gohan warned. “You know she wants more grandkids.”

Bulma broke in, herding the three demi-Saiyajins toward the giant table that was overloaded with food. “If you guys want to eat anything, you'd better get to it before your fathers eat it all!”


A team of three bots cleared the piles of empty dishes from the table, as the two Saiyajins and three demi-Saiyajins sat back in their chairs, having filled their stomachs. Bulma was sitting on the counter with her small plate; years of living with these men had given her the insight to not get in their way while they were eating, and to not try to start conversation either. She jumped down from the counter, and seated herself at the table as a bot passed out cups of steaming tea.

Goten was the first to speak, questioning his older brother. “Gohan?”

The oldest demi-Saiyajin looked up from blowing the steam off his cup of tea. “Yeah?”

“Did you and Videl…you know…mate the Saiyajin way?”

Gohan smiled, and pulled aside the collar of his oxford shirt to reveal a small crescent shaped scar at the base of his neck. “That answer your question?”

A small frown crossed Goten's features. “So why didn't anyone ever tell ME about this whole mating thing?” He turned to look at his father. “Dad, you and mom never bonded, right? Did you know about it?”

Goku looked seriously into the depths of his teacup, debating his words before he spoke. “No, your mom and I never bonded. I didn't know about bonding and mating until I died the first time.”

“How did you find out when you died?”

Goku still hadn't looked up from his teacup. Frowning at the dark liquid, he continued speaking as the rest of the occupants of the table listened intently. “Well, I met a lot of Saiyajins in Otherworld, one in particular that told me all about Saiyajin heritage, and all the mating stuff.”

“WHAT?” Vegeta slammed his cup down, breaking the delicate china and creating a small puddle of hot tea on the dining table. “YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU'D MET OTHER SAIYAJINS!”

Goku stood up, his hands waving defensively in front of him. “I'm sorry, `Geta! I didn't tell anyone about it! It was kinda personal!”

“Who did you see there? Did you see my father?” Vegeta demanded.

“No, I didn't see him, Otherworld is a huge place. I know there were lots more Saiyajins that I never came in contact with. The ones that I DID meet were all through my father, and later my brother. My father, Bardock, came to meet me when I got there the first time, and he introduced me to the ones he hung out with up there. I met my brother again after the Cell Games.”

“Huh! I kinda figured all the Saiyajins went to HFIL for destroying so many planets and stuff!” Bulma mused, as her mate shot her a glare.

“Nah, not all of them. Many of them never went to HFIL, because they weren't directly involved in planet purging. Most of the women went directly to Otherworld, and the men who weren't warriors. The ones that were, that killed so many innocent people were sent there for the first decade after their death, but then were allowed to move up. My father said it was because although they killed so many people, they wouldn't have done it if they weren't in fear for their own lives and their own planet. Everything they did was because of Frieza.” He spat out the last word as if it burned his tongue to say it. He looked pointedly at Vegeta. “When you died, Vegeta, you were sent to HFIL, but even when you go for good, you won't be there long. I talked to Enma about you, and he said you'd have to be punished for all the deaths you caused, but the fact that you knew nothing more, that you were raised by that monster, tortured by him and made to do his bidding…” Goku shivered. “and the fact that you have done so much for Earth, well, you'll be given a break. You probably won't even be there the whole 10 years that the rest of them spent there.”

Vegeta's face remained passive, although his voice belied his emotion at hearing that not only would he not suffer the eternal punishment that he always felt was his due, but that his people weren't suffering either. “Why didn't you tell me, Kakkarot? Why didn't I find that out when we fused?” he asked in a low, choked voice.

Goku's eyes drifted back to the table. “I'm sorry, `Geta. That was a technique that I was taught in Otherworld, by one of the other Saiyajins. How bond mates can block certain pieces of information in their minds to keep the other from knowing. I guess it worked when we fused, too. There were just some things that I didn't want you to know, so I blocked them from you.”

Vegeta's expression never changed, but hurt was visible in his eyes, knowing that the only full blooded Saiyajin left, whom he had begrudgingly begun to consider his friend after so many years of rivalry, had kept something so important from him. His world and his people…his very foundation of who he was…the other Saiyajin had information about them, but had never let him know. “Who did you see? How many were there?”

“Well, like I said, my father met me when I first got there. He's really cool!” Goku grinned. “He's smart, too! And I look JUST like him! I thought he'd hate me for being responsible for Radditz' death, but he understood that I was protecting Gohan, and Earth, too. He said he'd have done the same thing. He introduced me to the members of his crew and their families. I got to know a few more through all of them my first time in Otherworld. I met a few more the second time I died. They were all third class warriors and citizens; I really didn't meet anyone from the higher classes, so you probably don't know any of them, Vegeta. ”

“I was familiar with your father and his crew.” Vegeta grunted.

Gohan interrupted the conversation, asking the question that had been bothering him since his father first began speaking. “If you knew about bonding when you came back the first time, why didn't you bond with Mom then?”

A sad sigh escaped Goku's lips as he shook his head, his eyes meeting those of his oldest son. “I was afraid you'd ask that.” He carefully considered his words before speaking again. “When you were a baby, Gohan, I thought I was in love with your mother. Everyone told me that people who were married loved each other, so I thought that meant that I loved Chi Chi, or else we wouldn't have gotten married. But when I went to Otherworld the first time, Bardock introduced me to someone who made me see things differently. I fell in love with her. She's the reason I stayed dead after the Cell Games.”

His eyes snapped to his youngest son, whose expression was one of shock and hurt. “Goten, I didn't know your mom was pregnant with you, or I would have never left you. I'm so sorry I was gone the first few years of your life. It was selfish of me to leave, but I didn't know. All I knew was that I'd get to be with A'nelle again. I didn't realize that I loved her until I was back on Earth, after my first year in Otherworld. After the Cell Games, I found her again. She'd been waiting for me to come back, and we became bond mates.”

The two dark demi-Saiyajins sat with slumped shoulders, both of them in stunned silence over the revelation that not only had their father never loved their mother, but that he had abandoned both of them in their childhoods to be with another woman.

Trunks wrapped his arms around his new mate, who turned his head toward him, quietly sobbing against his neck. He rocked his lover gently, as his hands stroked his back.

A tear coursed its way down Goku's face as he watched his son being consoled by his mate. “This is why I never told anyone. I knew you'd be hurt.” He turned his gaze to Gohan, who was struggling to keep his own emotions in check. “I knew you'd both be hurt. I can't explain why I did it, why I left you both. I don't have any excuse other than the fact that when I'm with A'nelle is the only time I'm truly happy. She makes me feel whole.”

Bulma sat staring at her long time friend, tears slowly running down her cheeks. She rose from her chair, and went around the table to face Goku. He turned toward her, his apologetic eyes pleading for forgiveness. She leaned over and wrapped her arms around her dear friend. “Oh, Goku, I'm so sorry you had to carry this around with you, not telling anyone. That must've been so hard. I'm glad that you found someone to love. You deserve happiness more than anyone I know.”

Goku hugged her firmly, sighing. “Thank you, Bulma. I knew you'd understand.”

Gohan snapped out of his own thoughts, looking at the display before him. “But Dad, if you're bonded to that woman, why don't you have the bite mark? And how can you still be alive when she is dead? Doesn't one mate die when the other does?”

Bulma pulled away from the large Saiyajin as he responded to his son. “If we'd bonded when we were both alive, yes, the one would have died when the first did. We bonded when we were already dead, so that doesn't have any effect on us. When I was in Otherworld, I did have the mark, but when I returned it faded because we're separated by the dimensions. We can't talk to each other in our minds, but I know she'll still be waiting for me when I get back.”

He looked back at Trunks and Goten, who were still embracing, but his younger son's crying had subsided. “Goten, Trunks, I'm so sorry to have brought this all up, today of all days. I hope that you can both at least understand why I stayed in Otherworld. I wanted what the two of you have together. The years that I was here on Earth, away from A'nelle, were the hardest of my life, I missed her so desperately. When I had the opportunity to be with her again, I jumped at the chance. I'm so sorry I hurt all of you. I never meant to.” He returned his gaze to his cooling tea, taking a sip of it in attempt to quell the lump in his throat.

“Does Mom know?” Gohan asked in a quiet voice.

Goku shook his head. “She doesn't know about her. But you have to understand that just as I realized that I've never loved Chi Chi, she's never really loved me, either. When we got married, I had no idea what we were doing, so I didn't protest. She'd had these romantic ideas in her head about me from the short time we knew each other when we were little. She'd developed these big ideas of how we'd have this wonderful romance, and live happily ever after like the fairy tales. She'd really never been around anyone but her dad. The thing was, we got married, but we didn't know each other at all. I think she's always been disappointed because I wasn't as smart as she wanted me to be. I could never live up to the dreams she'd had since she was a little girl. I tried to at first, and we were happy enough for awhile, but then it just got to the place where all she did was treat me like another child, like I was her disobedient son, not her husband.”

“I just always thought you were happy together. I thought everyone's parents fought like you two did.” Gohan said. He turned his gaze to Bulma, who had gone to stand behind Vegeta's chair, and had draped her arms around his neck. “You fought all the time when we were kids, too, so I thought it was normal.”

Bulma laughed, and patted Vegeta's shoulders. “We still fight all the time! He's a pompous, arrogant, egotistical jackass, who always has to have everything his way, but I can't imagine life without him.” Vegeta raised his head to scowl up at his mate who was hovering over him. She laughed at his gruff expression, and planted a kiss on his forehead, which earned her a deep growl. They held each other's gaze for a few moments, and it was obvious to the rest of the room's occupants by the wicked gleam in both pairs of eyes that they were having a telepathic conversation that was best kept private.

Gohan looked away from the couple and sighed, turning his gaze to his brother and his new mate across the table. They had broken their embrace, but Trunks kept his arm around Goten's shoulders in a comforting manner, as the darker demi-Saiyajin hung his head, deep in thought. He raised his head at that moment, his glittering dark eyes meeting Gohan's, before turning to look at his father.

“Dad,” Goten spoke in a quiet voice. “Bulma's right. You do deserve to be happy. I'm not going to say that it doesn't hurt knowing that everything that I'd grown up to believe about my family was a lie, but I can't condemn you for going after the person you loved.”

Goku lifted his head abruptly, his eyes full of surprise and hope that his son could forgive him for all the wrong he had done to him. “Really, Goten? You mean that?”

“Yeah, I do. I think if I were in the same position, I'd do the same thing.” He looked at Trunks for a moment, before turning back to his father. “I'd do anything to be with Trunks. I can't fathom being apart from him like you've been from…A'nelle.” He gave his father a small smile, before turning his attention to Gohan.

Gohan sighed, having been thinking the same thing as Goten; he couldn't imagine being apart from Videl anymore than Goten could be apart from Trunks. It wasn't fair to expect their father to deny his love for this Saiyajin female, just because she wasn't their mother. He nodded his head, before turning toward Goku. “Yeah, he's right. I'm happy for you, Dad. I'm glad you have someone who truly loves you, that you love, too. I just don't know how I'm going to face Mom, now.”

Goku laid his large hand on his older son's shoulder. “Thank you, Gohan. Knowing that you're both ok with it takes a huge weight off my shoulders. Now that you both know, I'll tell your mom. It's time she knew. I haven't been to see her in a few months.”

“She's really busy with her job at the grade school. She's really happy there, I think.” Goten told his father. “She knows that there is nothing between the two of you anymore, and now that you mentioned it, I don't think it hurts her much that you aren't around. I guess she's just accepted it after so many years of being without you.”

“Yeah. I guess so.” Goku looked at the clock, surprised that he'd been at Capsule Corp for almost three hours. “I'm really glad that we had this conversation, I needed to get it off my chest, and you guys deserved to know. I really need to get going, though. I'll go by Chi Chi's now, and talk to her. She deserves to know, too.”

Everyone at the table stood, Gohan embraced his father tightly, and Goku sighed with relief that his oldest had accepted all that he had kept hidden from his family for so many years. As they released each other, Goten stepped up to hug Goku as well. “I'm so happy for you and Trunks. I hope everything goes well for you. If you ever need me, Vegeta always knows where I am.”

“Thanks Dad. I'm glad you came by today.” Goten said as he stepped away from Goku. The older Saiyajin turned to his son's new mate, “Take care of my boy, Trunks.”

“I will, Goku, don't worry.” Trunks said with a smile, as he too gave Goku a quick hug. “Thanks for coming over.”

Bulma was next in line for a hug from Goku, who picked the small woman up off the floor, making her shriek. “Thanks for understanding, Bulma. You've always been a good friend.” He said, as he dropped her back to her feet.

“Of course, Goku! Now don't stay away so long next time! You should come by more often; I'll have the bots cook for you if you do!”

Goku's familiar grin spread across his face. “Kay! I'll be back tomorrow, then!” he said teasingly.

He looked past the small woman to meet Vegeta's eyes, as his expression sobered. “'Geta, I'm sorry I didn't tell you before about everyone I met in Otherworld. I know I should have let you know, but I was afraid of what you'd think of me for what I'd done. Do you think you can forgive me?”

Vegeta grunted at the taller Saiyajin. “Idiot. You thought I'd think poorly of you for ditching the harpy for a Saiyajin female? You're even denser than I thought.”

Goku grinned at the sarcastic statement, happy that his friend didn't hate him for keeping secrets from him. “Thanks, Geta!”

Vegeta snorted, “Only you would take that as a compliment.”

Goku smiled at everyone in the room, before putting two fingers to his forehead. Vegeta snapped at him before he could leave, “Expect a visit from me in the next few days, Kakkarot. I have much I'd like to discuss with you.”

“Sure thing, `Geta! See ya!” With that, the larger Saiyajin blinked out of the room.

“Wow.” Trunks breathed. “That was unexpected.” He took Goten's hand in his own, and asked, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah. It's really no surprise that Mom and Dad don't love each other; that's pretty obvious. I guess it shouldn't be such a shock that he found someone else. I just hope Mom takes it well.”

Gohan chuckled. “You know, you should have broken your news to her before Dad told her his secret. She'll probably end up in the loony bin being hit with two shockers in the same day.”

Goten looked at Trunks with wide eyes. “He's right! Would it bother you if we waited awhile before telling her?”

“Nah, we'll tell her whenever you're ready. No hurry. Let her get over this surprise before we give her another.”

“Well, I need to get going, too. Videl and Pan should be getting home pretty soon. I'll need to tell Videl about everything that happened today.” Gohan said, before turning to Bulma. “Thank you for lunch, Bulma. It was great.”

“You're welcome, Gohan! It was good to see you! Give my love to Videl and Pan.” she said as she hugged the young man.

Gohan embraced his brother once more, and shook hands with Trunks, offering his congratulations once again. Nodding to Vegeta, he turned around and went out the door he had come in, launching himself into the sky, headed for home.

Vegeta turned toward the door himself; glancing over his shoulder to inform anyone who was listening that he would be in the gravity simulator if he was needed.

“Well! We've got a lot of planning to do, you guys! Wanna go look at the east wing, and see if you like it?”

“Sure, Mom, sounds good. First, though, I need to drop some stuff in the laundry room for the bots to wash.”


The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent in preparation of making the east wing of Capsule Corp ready for the newly mated couple. Their new home was on the opposite side of the huge building from that of Vegeta, Bulma and Bra, affording them privacy from the family. It consisted of a large kitchen with the same industrial size appliances that were found in the Briefs' home, and was complete with kitchen bots to prepare the food and clean up after meals, as well as bots that would tidy up the rest of the house. There were two huge bedrooms and two full bathrooms, a library, a living room and a recreation room. Bulma and the demi-Saiyajins had the home completely furnished within a matter of hours, thanks to the interior design division of Capsule Corporation.

Once Bulma was satisfied that her son and son-in-law were well settled in their new home, she finally left for her own home, on the other side of the building, after hugging them each once again.

Goten made a trip back to the dorm to put the clean linens on the beds, and to pack up all of his belongings. He left a quick note for his roommate, telling him that he had moved out, but would see him in class on Monday. Meanwhile, Trunks went to his old room and gathered up all of his personal things to move into their new home.

He returned before Goten, and deposited his clothing capsules with one of the bots, programming it to put everything in the bedroom closet. He set the kitchen bots to make several pizzas, and then went about setting up the electronics in the recreation room. He had just finished connecting the entertainment system, when he heard Goten come in the front door.

Goten walked into the rec room, and flopped down on one of the new overstuffed sofas in front of the entertainment system. “Man, I'm BEAT! What a day this has been, huh?” he said, as he kicked off his shoes and curled up into the softness of the cushions. “Wow, this is one comfy couch! I think I'll sleep right here tonight!”

“Gonna eat first? Dinner should be ready soon. We're having pizza.” Trunks said as he flopped down on the couch next to Goten.

Just then, a bot entered the room with four pizzas on a cart, and rolled them up next to the coffee table, then placed plates, napkins and sodas on the table, before silently retreating from the room. “Gotta love those bots, huh?” Trunks chuckled, as he grabbed a tray of pizza, putting several slices on each of their plates.

Trunks flipped the channels on the huge television, as both demi-Saiyajins began devouring their pizza. Finally settling on an old black and white horror movie, they finished their meal, chuckling at the terrible masks and costumes of the monsters on the screen. The kitchen bot returned shortly after they were through, and removed all remnants of the meal.

Trunks lay back on the huge sofa, pulling Goten with him so that they were lying on their sides facing the television, with Trunks' head resting on the arm of the sofa, and Goten's head nestled into his shoulder. Goten sighed as he snuggled back against the strong chest of his lover, who wrapped his free arm around the younger man's waist, twining their fingers together.

They lay together, quietly enjoying each other's presence as the corny monsters chased the citizens of the doomed city on the giant screen in front of them. “Ya know,” Trunks said with a yawn, “you still make the best teddy bear.” A contented murmur was the only response, as both lovers succumbed to blissful sleep, snuggled in one another's arms.

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