Just Can't Get Enough - Chapter Five

The sun had just risen over the horizon, and the woods were alive with the sounds of birds singing, and small animals scurrying about. In a clearing near the rushing river, a lone figure began his morning workout by gracefully completing his familiar routine of katas, before beginning a day of hard training.

He felt the arrival of a welcome presence long before the black boots touched down a few feet behind him, and he turned around with a small smile on his face. “Morning, `Geta. I was expecting you.”

“Kakkarot.” The diminutive warrior gruffly greeted the taller Saiyajin.

Goku closed the distance between them, apprehension creasing his brow. “Are you upset with me, Vegeta? I'm really sorry I never told you. I wanted to so many times, but didn't want to hurt you.” He put his large hands on the solid shoulders of his companion, staring into his eyes with deep concern.

“I have no right to be hurt, Kakkarot. You were bonded to her before you became bonded to me, just as I was bonded to the woman. I don't hold any animosity toward you for keeping the truth of your mate from me. I only wish you had told me about the Saiyajins in Otherworld. The knowledge that my people are not suffering in the afterlife gives me great peace of mind.”

“I'm glad of that. I wish I had told you, too. I wanted to…you don't know how excited I was when Enma told me you wouldn't be spending eternity in HFIL. That once you'd done your time there, you'd be welcomed into the higher plane. We'll be together there forever.” He tightened his grip on the firm shoulders, before drawing the smaller man into his embrace.

Vegeta wrapped his arms tightly around his lover and sighed. “That's welcome news.”

The larger man sighed as well, content to be in the arms of the Saiyajin prince. “It's been a long time, `Geta. I've missed you.” His large hand weaved it's fingers through the black spikes of hair. “I'm glad you came to see me.”

“Hn. It's been too long.” Vegeta pulled back from the embrace, and looked up into the face of the gentle warrior, his gaze settling on lush soft lips that were slightly parted. He raised himself on his toes, and pressed his mouth hungrily against that of his lover, his tongue plunging deep into the warm, familiar recesses. Their mouths clashed for long moments, before both pulled away from the passionate kiss, their foreheads resting against one another as their breathing calmed. Goku pressed chaste kisses against Vegeta's swollen lips as the lovers stood in the sunny meadow, being serenaded by the voices of hundreds of birds.

“Kakkarot, I came here so we could talk. We'll have time for this later.”

“I know `Geta.” He said in a low voice, “I just miss kissing you.” He pulled away, stroking the thick black hair once more before they separated, to sit by the side of the sparkling river.

“Tell me about it. Tell me about Otherworld…and about her.”

The larger Saiyajin took several breaths before speaking, not making eye contact with his companion. “Otherworld is beautiful. It goes on forever; you could fly for years and never come to the end of it. There are millions and millions of people there, all living together happily. That's why I never saw all the Saiyajins, I spent most of my time training with King Kai, but when I had breaks, I went to visit my father and I stayed in one area. His crew was there, and their families. There was one girl named Celipa that was with his crew, and she introduced me to A'nelle, her sister.”

He paused for a moment, expecting Vegeta to speak. When he didn't, he continued on. “She was a warrior, but she never left Vejiitasei on purging missions. She worked at a military base in the capitol city as a guard.” He smiled as he reminisced about his time in the other dimension. “She's very feisty. She challenged me to spar shortly after I'd gotten there. She actually beat me, too! This was the first time I got there, when I'd just found out that I was Saiyajin. I'd only been training with King Kai for about a week, and I was really hungry and he didn't have any food, `cause I'd eaten it all. He sent me to eat with my dad until he got more groceries.”

Vegeta snorted. “It figures. You'd eat anyone out of house and home, even a god.”

Goku laughed. “Yeah, you know me! So I went to see him and found that his crew and a couple of their family members were sparring. As soon as I got there, A'nelle challenged me. She only beat me `cause I was starving though! But when we were done, she cooked for me. She's a REALLY good cook! We talked for a long time while everyone else was sparring. She told me lots about Vejiitasei, what it was like and all the customs and stuff. When I got back to King Kai's, I thought about her all the time. I'd make excuses to leave to go see her. I mean, I was serious about my training, `cause I was working to get strong enough to beat you!” Both men smiled at the irony of how far life had brought them since their first meeting, when they were both bent on defeating the other.

“Anyway, soon enough, it was time for me to come back to Earth. The night before I left, she kissed me. It was so different than when Chi Chi kissed me. I don't know how to explain it, but it just blew me away. It wasn't until after I got back from Yardrat that I had the time to really think about everything. I'd come home to Chi Chi, and realized that I didn't feel anything at all for her anymore. All I could think about was A'nelle. So when the only way out of the Cell Games was to blow myself up, I had no fear about it, `cause I knew I'd see her again. When I got back to Otherworld, she was waiting for me. Then King Kai told me that I was being wished back, and I knew right away that I couldn't leave her. I made up an excuse to not come back. We mated that night.” He finally turned his gaze to look at his lover, hoping not to see contempt or jealousy on his face. He breathed a sigh of relief when he found neither emotion written on his face, only rapt interest.

“I don't regret what I did, but I am very sorry about leaving my boys. Gohan was so strong that I knew he'd be ok without me, but I honestly didn't know about Goten being on the way. I've really let him down all through his life.” He looked down at his feet, his heart heavy with the knowledge that he had never really been there for his youngest son.

“Kakkarot, the brat grew up just fine. He practically lived at Capsule Corp for most of his childhood. As much as I hate to admit it, I like the boy. He's been good for my son. He's got a grounding influence on him.”

“I'm really happy for the boys.” Goku agreed. “I think they're good for each other.” He looked pensive for a moment before turning back to Vegeta. “'Geta? When you told Trunks about mating, did you tell him everything? Did you tell him about us? Do the boys know?”

“No. I only told him what he needed to know. He will never fuse with anyone but your brat; therefore there was no reason to tell him that secondary bonds can be formed. The bond he has with Goten is the only one he will ever form.”

“Did he ask about our fusion?”

“Yes, he questioned whether or not we had bonded when we fused, just as they did. I hate to say it, but I lied. I see no reason to hurt the boy. I don't want him to ever think that my feelings for his mother aren't genuine. My feelings toward her run very deep, as deep as my feelings for you, due to the blood bond. Because she is human, if we only had the two bonds that you and I share, we couldn't be as deeply connected as you and I are, because we are both Saiyajin.”

“I understand. Since we never completed the bonding process…”

“Yes.” Vegeta interrupted. “We can never complete it. If we did, both of our mates would know about us. I won't hurt the woman.”

“I know, `Geta, and I'm glad about that. I'd never hurt Bulma for the world. She was my very first friend.” He smiled when he thought of the blue haired dynamo that he had known for almost three decades, and all of the crazy adventures they'd been on together. “Ya know, I always thought that if I hadn't been tricked into marrying Chi Chi, one day Bulma and I would have gotten together.”

Vegeta's head snapped around toward the larger Saiyajin. “Don't even think about it.” He snarled.

Goku put up his hands defensively, “No! I don't mean anything by that! I don't think of her THAT way, Vegeta! Besides, between you and A'nelle, I couldn't handle another relationship.” He laughed. He looked at Vegeta for a moment, his demeanor sobering quickly. “You know that you're the only reason I'm still here. If it weren't for you, I'd have found a way out a long time ago. I only stay alive for you.”

Vegeta only stared at Goku, speechless. “Does that surprise you?” Goku questioned with wide eyes. “What else do I have keeping me here? I'm not needed to protect the planet with you here, and the boys are strong enough now. Gohan and Goten have lives of their own. I know we don't see each other near as often as I'd like to, but just knowing you are around keeps me going.”

“So are you telling me, that even with the blood bond that you share with A'nelle, you choose to stay with me, rather than return to her?”

Goku chuckled. “Yeah, I guess that's what I'm saying, isn't it? I do love her, really, I do. But I guess I love you more. We've been through so much together. I love you, `Geta.” He shrugged, giving Vegeta a small smile.

The smaller Saiyajin stared at his companion for several moments, before he lunged for him, capturing his lips in a crushing kiss, and pressing him back into the soft grass below them. He attacked his lover's mouth with a vengeance, low growling sounds emanating from his chest as he devoured him. He released his hold long enough to moan his lover's Saiyajin name, before continuing his assault on his neck.

Goku's head reared back, arching his neck to allow Vegeta better access. His eyes shut tight as his mind stopped functioning due to the erotic onslaught that was overwhelming him. The sound of his shirts being ripped from his body shocked him back to reality. He opened his eyes to see Vegeta leaning over him with a wicked glint in his eye, poised to wreak the same damage on his gi pants. “Hey, I need something to wear home!”

“Transport yourself home, baka, no one will see you!” Vegeta snarled, as he ripped the pants in half, setting free the straining erection. He made short work of his own clothing and boots, taking care to keep them intact for his own trip home.

The last two full blooded Saiyajins in existence filled the meadow with the sounds of their lovemaking well into the morning, expressing their deep love and desire for one another over and over again, letting their mouths, hands and bodies speak volumes for them, when words were not enough. When they finally fell against one another, sated and content, only then was Vegeta able to express his own heartfelt emotions. “Kakkarot…I love you, too.”


Hundreds of miles away, at Capsule Corporation, two young men were just waking up, cuddled together on their comfortable couch. “Mmmmm…morning Chibi,” said the older demi-Saiyajin, tightening his embrace on his lover.

Goten nuzzled his face against Trunks' chest lovingly, returning the embrace, before looking up at him with a grin. “Morning, beautiful.” He said, taking in the rumpled, sleepy appearance of his mate. He ran his hand through the tousled lavender hair, loving the feeling of it falling through his fingers. “I'll never get tired of waking up with you.”

“Me either, Chibi.” Trunks drew Goten toward him, their lips meeting in a gentle kiss. When they parted, both sets of eyes swept around their surroundings. “Wow. Not only waking up together, but in our own home, too. On our couch, in front of our TV.” A huge smile spread across Trunks' face as he spoke.

Goten's face lit up, his expression matching that of his mate's. “I know! It's like we're married, isn't it? How cool is that?”

Trunks chuckled at the childlike enthusiasm of the younger man in his arms. “Technically, we are married, Goten, at least in Saiyajin tradition.”

“You know what? I had a dream last night that we did get married. I mean like a human marriage. We had a big cake and everything.” Goten said, looking at Trunks with bright eyes.

“You would focus on the cake, wouldn't you?” Trunks chuckled. “What do you think? Do you want to get married, really? Like legally? We could have the ceremony here at Capsule Corp, in the gardens. You know Mom would get carried away with the whole thing, but we could just have our families and closest friends here.”

Goten sat up on the couch, blinking his eyes at his lover. “Do you want to, Trunks? You wanna get married?” he asked, taking Trunks' hands into his own.

Trunks smiled up at him from his reclining position on the couch. “That's not much of a proposal!” he said, laughing.

Goten tugged his hands, pulling Trunks up so that he was sitting up facing him. He looked into the blue eyes that were sparkling with amusement, as he dropped down on the floor in front of him, on his knees. Trunks' expression sobered as he realized what was happening.

Kissing both of Trunks' hands, dark eyes gazed up into blue. “Prince Trunks Vegeta-Briefs, will you marry me?”

“Man, you're makin' me the girl again!” Trunks chuckled lightly.

Goten rolled his eyes, and with an exasperated tone he said, “Fine! You get down here and propose to me, then!”

Trunks grinned, dropping to the floor and assuming the position Goten had just been in, as Goten took a seat on the couch. Trunks cleared his throat, and looked up at his true love. “Son Goten, I love you with everything that I am, and without you, I'm incomplete. We've been together since we were babies, and I want to be with you until the end of time. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Goten's eyes were wide and his jaw slack, as his heartbeat quickened and his stomach did flip flops. “Wow!” was the only word that came to his mind at that instant.

“Wow? You're supposed to say `yes', not `wow', Chibi!” Trunks grinned up at him.

The dark haired demi-Saiyajin reached down, dragging his mate up to straddle his lap, wrapping his arms around his neck. “Yes, Trunks, I'll marry you!” Goten exhaled, before claiming Trunks' mouth with his own in the sweetest of kisses, slow and tender, the love they both felt being expressed with every touch of lips and caress of tongues. Goten's hands drew forward to cup the soft cheeks of his lover, his fingers stroking the silken skin, just as Trunks' fingers laced through the sleep disheveled locks of black hair.

They spent long moments reveling in the taste, texture and warmth of one another's mouths, tilting their heads first one way and then the other, enjoying the rapture of the kiss from all angles. Their moans turned into deep purring, as their hands began to roam slowly over their sculpted bodies, gliding over the soft fabric of their clothing.

Both sets of hands seemed to take on lives of their own, as they began the task of removing the fabric barriers between them, as the kiss became more demanding and urgent. They broke apart long enough to remove Trunks' pullover shirt, and to drop Goten's button-down off of his arms, before coming together once again. They devoured each other's mouths frantically, as their hands roamed wildly over one another's hot skin, kneading and caressing, pinching and scratching. What had begun as a sweet and tender moment was rapidly escalating into a fiery battle of searching hands and clashing mouths.

Goten's hands flew up into Trunks' hair, wrenching them apart. With lust-crazed eyes, panting heavily as he attempted to catch his breath, he growled at his lover in a low, seductive voice. “I need to be inside you, right now, Trunks! Take off your pants!” He pushed the older demi-Saiyajin from his lap, and removed his own pants with frenzied hands, as his companion swiftly obeyed by dropping his own jeans, kicking them across the room.

Once fully naked, Trunks knelt down quickly, and reached under the couch, producing a tube of lubricant. He grinned wickedly at his dark haired mate, drinking in the gorgeous body that was glistening with a light sheen of sweat. “I come prepared!” he said, popping the top off, and squeezing some of the gel into his palm. Goten hissed as the cool substance came in contact with his most heated skin, the hiss becoming a moan as Trunks worked his hand up and down his shaft, warming the gel and bringing his desire nearly to the point of climax.

Goten grabbed the swiftly pumping hand, pulling it away from his throbbing erection. “NOW!” he exclaimed, gripping Trunks by the hips and lifting him back into his lap, impaling him in one swift motion. “OH SWEET DENDE!” he shouted, as the tight heat of his lover's body enveloped his pulsing member.

Trunks howled at the sudden, delicious invasion, tossing his head back, his hair flaying out in all directions as a lavender silk cloud around him. His arched back caused his chest to jut forward, inviting the assault of Goten's mouth and hands on his muscular form. Goten's open mouth pulled at a hardened nub of dusky flesh, his tongue circling the sensitive bud as he suckled madly. His fingers dug into the velvet skin of Trunks' buttocks, as his own hips began grinding against the weight on top of him.

Trunks, finally accustomed to the size filling him so completely, began raising and lowering himself on the rock hard erection, swiftly building up to a pounding rhythm as his own fingers dug into heavily muscled shoulders, gripping them tightly to provide himself with some leverage. The muscles of his thighs bunched and rippled with his motions, as Goten's fingers found the small, slightly raised scar just above the curve of his rear. Once again, he tossed his head backwards, a howl was wrenched from his throat as the nimble fingers pressed and circled the hypersensitive bump with torturous motions.

“Touch me, Goten!” Trunks nearly screamed, as he grasped the hand still clutching at his hip, and forcefully brought it to his painfully hard erection. He closed both of their hands around his desire, as he controlled the motion of tugging and stroking at his burning arousal. He worked Goten's hand up and down his shaft fiercely, with a speed and tightness that would have made any normal man writhe in agony, but caused him to shout out in ecstatic cries of need.

He released the pumping hand to fist both of his own hands into black spiky hair, drawing his head down to that of his lover, and consuming his mouth once again in a blazing, searing kiss. The pumping hand and pounding hips built to a crescendo, as their voices cried out in unison as both young men came to their climactic release, hot sticky fluid splashed between their sweat slicked bodies, and shot deep into Trunks' convulsing heat.

Their thrusting hips slowed, as they drew out the blinding orgasms that had wracked their systems. Arms twined around each other, as they both came down from the sexual high they had reached together, their foreheads each resting on the other's shoulder. Several long minutes passed as they sat, unmoving, allowing their breathing and heart rates to slow to normal. Trunks began to lift himself off of Goten's softened member, but firm hands gripped his hips, halting his motion.

“Don't move, Trunks-kun.” Goten exhaled. “I wanna stay inside you a little while longer.” The pale demi-Saiyajin complied, slipping back down into the warm embrace. “Remember what I said the other day, when we saw your mom and dad in the GR?”

“Hmmm?” Trunks asked, as he lifted his head to look into Goten's eyes. He smiled softly at his mate, as he registered the flow of emotions that were visible in their glittering depths, just as he felt those emotions washing over him through their still strengthening bond.

“You said they could never get enough of each other, and I said `may we all be lucky enough to find someone that we can never get enough of'. Remember?”

“Yeah, I remember that,” answered Trunks softly.

“Well, I think I am very, very lucky, Trunks, `cause I just can't get enough of you.”

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