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Just Can't Get Enough - Chapter Three

Trunks opened his tired blue eyes, and looked around the unfamiliar room, his mind still hazy from sleep. He flexed his sore muscles, stretching his arms above his head, as he let out a big yawn. He closed his eyes again, and rolled from his side onto his back, when his elbow came in contact with a warm body lying behind him on the bed. Startled, his eyes flew open, and beheld the sight of his sleeping mate, stretched out on his stomach, with his arms wrapped around his pillow. His breathing was deep and steady, and even in sleep he held a peaceful, cherubic expression on his face.

The young prince couldn't help but smile when he looked at him. The memories of the night before came flooding back to him, and he felt as if his heart were ready to burst with all of the emotion it was trying to contain. His gaze drifted from the face of his sleeping lover, sweeping down over his nude body, drinking in the curves and slopes of the athletic form. His smooth, tanned flesh was marred by small, red indentations on his back and hips that could only have been caused by Trunks' own fingernails. His gaze swept lower, as he noticed for the first time that Goten had never taken his socks off the night before, and he chuckled softly.

He raised himself up on his elbow, and reached his hand to gently stroke his lover's cheek with the back of his knuckles, unfurling his fingers when he reached the tousled black hair, allowing them to drift through the soft strands. Goten sighed in his sleep, a soft grin played across his lips as he snuggled further into his pillow. Pale fingers skimmed down over the back of his neck, and came to lightly trace the crescent shaped scar that had all but healed overnight. A deep purr rumbled from the chest of the sleeping young man, as the fingers continued gently stroking the confirmation of the previous night's activities.

Silken lavender hair brushed against warm skin, as Trunks lowered his head to tenderly kiss the mark he had left on his mate. The purr deepened, and Trunks drew back, expecting to see that his love had awakened, only to find that he was still asleep. He chuckled, remembering that a freight train could crash through the room without waking Goten, he was such a deep sleeper.

Trunks' hand began stroking Goten's back, as his lips moved across the broad shoulders, down to the shoulder blades that were still marked with scratches from the night before. He placed chaste kisses on the small red marks, the thought flitting through his mind that he would kiss them better like his mom used to do to his bumps and bruises when he came home from a day of sparring.

His hands moved steadily lower, followed with soft, wet kisses trailing down Goten's spine. Trunks smiled against his skin as the vibrations in his chest began resembling the sound of a lawn mower. Goten finally began to stir, as the strong hand advanced steadily downward. Sleepy dark eyes looked back over his shoulder, meeting blue eyes sparkling with mischief. Goten gave Trunks a weary grin, before settling his head back into his pillow.

“Don't even THINK about going back to sleep, Chibi.” Trunks growled seductively. “I've got other plans for you.” To emphasize his point, Trunks let his hand drift down to the base of Goten's spine, seeking out the small, round scar that belied his Saiyajin heritage. Pressing his fingers into the center of the scar, Trunks' laugh resounded deep in his throat as Goten abruptly jerked his body upward, with a sound somewhere between a gasp and a howl.

“DENDE!” he said, his voice still husky from sleep. “What did you DO?” He looked down with wide eyes at Trunks, who had shifted his own body down on the bed, so that his head was elbow level with Goten, his legs bent under himself.

“Hmm? What do you mean, Chibi?” he said, as he slowly circled that sensitive spot with gentle fingers. “I didn't do anything.” His eyes sparkled devilishly, contradicting his innocent statement.

Goten couldn't control the reaction that his body was having to the erotic stimulation of the place where his tail had been removed shortly after he was born. He buried his face into his pillow, and clasped his hands behind his head, in a vain attempt to silence the grunts and moans that were escaping his mouth. His body twisted and writhed under Trunks' probing fingers. Suddenly, the pressure from the fingers was replaced with a hot, wet mouth, and Goten released a shriek of shock and pleasure deep into his pillow.

Trunks moved his lips and tongue in a torturously slow rhythm over the erotically charged area, alternately suckling and lapping at the slightly raised mound of flesh. Goten thrashed beneath him, bucking and grinding his hips against the rumpled sheets, a steady stream of grunts and moans coming from his throat. When he felt teeth gently scrape across the sensitive spot, his head shot up, and his shoulders reared off the bed, his back arched in ecstasy. His teeth clamped onto his bottom lip, as he bit it to keep from screaming his desire.

Trunks took advantage of his lover's new position, and snaked his arm under the narrow waist, hauling Goten up onto his knees. Without breaking contact between his mouth and the hypersensitive flesh, he wrapped his other arm under his lover's body, firmly circling his hand around his rock hard arousal. The combination of scraping teeth, lapping tongue, and firmly stroking hand brought the darker demi-Saiyajin to an earth shattering climax, his hot essence spilling over Trunks' hand.

A long, heavy breath was forced from his lungs, as his body relaxed. He pressed his forehead back into his pillow, keeping his body raised off the bed to avoid getting any messier than he already was. Trunks shifted so that his own body draped over Goten's back, his erection pressed insistently against the tanned thigh.

“Good morning, lover,” he purred into Goten's ear.

“Shit, Trunks, if you wake me up that way EVERY morning, we'll never leave the bedroom!”

“I can live with that,” came his husky response, as he began suckling and nipping once again at the bond mark on his mate's neck. Unconsciously grinding his hips against Goten's thigh, his strong hands stroked the sculpted muscular chest and abdomen below him.

“Hey,” Goten whispered, “let's move it to the other bed. Mine's kinda sticky now.”


They stood, both on shaky legs, and crossed the few feet to the clean bed on the opposite wall. Trunks flopped down on his back, and Goten quickly straddled his stomach, leaning over to nuzzle his face into Trunks' neck. He noticed for the first time how badly bruised the pale skin of his lover's throat was, after his own less-than-gentle attentions the night before. His heart sank at the thought that he had inadvertently hurt his lover in his passionate abandon. Mimicking Trunks' own musings earlier in the morning, he set his mind to making it better, tenderly kissing and licking the discolored skin.

Goten spent long moments making love to Trunks' neck with his mouth. Blue eyes slowly fluttered open and closed, as low crooning sounds came from his throat. Special care was given to the nearly healed bite mark, each pass of the tongue making Trunks quiver with pleasure.

Slowly relinquishing his attention to his lover's neck, Goten began leaving a wet path across Trunks' shoulder, nipping and biting occasionally as he made the journey. He rounded the strong shoulder, moving down over the bulging bicep, pausing at the crook of the elbow to suck sensuously at the soft skin he found there. He moved down the underside of Trunks' forearm, giving the same attention to his wrist that he had to his inner elbow. Trunks watched him through heavy-lidded eyes, as his tongue swept a trail from his wrist to the palm of his hand, where he swirled it around slowly. Goten ran his tongue from his palm up to the tip of his thumb, then closed his mouth around it, and began sucking it suggestively, moving up and down mimicking the actions that he performed the night before on a much larger part of Trunks' anatomy.

Looking up through dark, heavy eyelashes, Goten made eye contact with his pale lover, as his mouth continued to work erotic magic on his thumb. Watching the motions of the darker demi-Saiyajin, Trunks couldn't think of anything he'd ever seen that was more sensual than that simple act. He mentally snorted when he remembered teasing Goten about sucking his own thumb when he was a boy. Through their bond, Goten caught his reminiscence, causing him to growl and playfully bite the thumb in his mouth.

He shifted his position on Trunks' stomach, moving himself further down on the body of his lover. He suddenly felt Trunks' erection against the cleft of his rear end, and then felt the tremble of excitement that wracked the body beneath him. Releasing the thumb from its warm, wet prison, Goten rose off of his lover's body, and stepped off the bed onto the floor. Trunks whimpered at the loss of contact, but grinned when he realized that Goten had left him to get the familiar tub of Vaseline from the bedside table across the aisle.

“Better buy a case of this stuff.” Goten chuckled. His face lit with inspiration, as he turned back around, and moved to the small entertainment unit on the opposite end of the room, and turned on the radio, setting the volume as loud as their Saiyajin hearing could stand it. “There, now we can make some noise!”

He climbed back onto the bed, once again straddling Trunks, this time taking his place seated across his thighs. He smeared his hand with the petroleum jelly, and grasped the erection that was standing at attention before him, beginning a slow, even rhythm. Trunks' head thrashed on his pillow, eyes tight shut as he unknowingly bit through his own bottom lip, silencing his reaction to the stimulation. A trickle of blood formed where his teeth had sunk in, and snaked a narrow path across his lip, pooling in the corner of his mouth, continuing a short way down his chin.

At the sight of his lover's blood, Goten's Saiyajin instinct kicked in, as he leaned down to lap at the sweet, red rivulet, tracing its path in reverse, up to its source. He drew the now barely bleeding lip into his own mouth, suckling gently, savoring the rich taste. When the flow had stopped completely, he pressed his tongue into the wet confines of Trunks' mouth, sharing with him the taste of his own blood.

The erotic nature of Goten's actions, added to the metallic taste on his tongue, awakened Trunks' own primal urges, as he fisted his hands into the disheveled mop of black hair, pulling Goten deeper into a bruising kiss. He pumped his hips into the hand that was driving him mad with desire, as he ravaged the mouth pressed into his own. Goten pulled back, away from his searching mouth, gasping for breath. The look in his eyes was nothing short of predatory, the blackness lit from behind with the fiery passion burning from deep within his soul.

He released his grip on the rock hard erection, and fumbled for the tub of Vaseline, dipping his fingertips in for a small glob. He raised his body, and found his own opening, his head dropping back as he pressed two of his own fingers inside himself. He gasped as he pushed forward, deeper into his own body, shocked at the sensations he was getting from the autoerotic manipulation.

Trunks watched the display hungrily, his own arousal twitching with need as his lover pleasured himself with his fingers moving deep inside his own body. He bucked his hips, bringing his throbbing erection in contact with that of his dark haired lover. The sudden rubbing together of their arousals made dark eyes fly open, and Goten's head snap forward. That lustful gleam in his inky depths was enough to motivate Trunks to take matters into his own hands, to alleviate his painful arousal.

He grabbed Goten's wrist, and forcefully pulled his hand away from its frenzied activity. He wrapped his hands around the tanned hips, raising him up, and positioned himself at the slick opening. With a growl, he roughly brought Goten down, impaling him on his hard shaft. Goten was rendered helpless for long moments, as the fierce entrance wracked his body with pleasure, and his mind was enraptured with the combined passion that both he and his mate were experiencing.

Trunks held Goten's hips firmly against his own body, afraid that any movement of the man above him could cause him to go over the edge. Cautiously, he began lifting Goten, slowly inching him up his manhood, then slowly back down again. He breathed deeply, hoping to contain himself long enough to bring his lover to completion with him, but the musky smell of sex in the air assaulted his senses, making him even more aroused.

Firmly holding their bodies together, he once again reached for the slick hand of his mate, bringing it forward, causing Goten to grasp his own erection. Trunks gripped Goten's hand, tightening his hold, and sensuously guiding him to a slow rhythm.

“Do it.” Trunks said in a deep, husky voice, dripping with lust, as he dropped his own hand back to its former place on the firm hip. “I want to watch you.”

Goten gulped, but nodded his head, speeding up the tempo of his stroking hand. Soon, his eyes dropped shut, and he felt himself being lifted and held a few inches away from Trunks' body. “Open your eyes. Look at me.” Trunks ordered.

Goten opened his eyes, and looked deep into the raging depths of blue below him, never letting the motions of his hand falter. Trunks held his hips firmly in place above his own body, and began thrusting upwards in a swiftly increasing cadence. Goten fought to keep his eyes open, keeping his gaze locked with that of his lover. Finally, with a rumbling growl, he felt his climax wash over him, and he had to close his eyes to contain the flashes of color that were exploding in his vision. Hot, sticky fluid erupted over the stomach and chest of his lover, and his hand finally slowed and relaxed, dropping to rest on the muscular chest beneath him.

Trunks' climax was soon to follow. With a couple more quick thrusts deep into the hot core of his lover, he released his desire with a roar.

Wearily, Goten chuckled above him. “Shit, Trunks, keep it down. You want the entire dorm to hear us?”

Trunks opened his eyes to narrow slits, looking at his mate. “I don't really give a damn, Chibi,” he said breathlessly, closing his eyes once again.

Carefully drawing himself off of Trunks' softened manhood, Goten gingerly stepped off of the bed to retrieve the shirt that had been ripped off of him the night before. He climbed over the prone body, and lay down next to him, gently wiping the evidence of their lovemaking from his chest and stomach.

“I would KILL for a shower right now.” Trunks groaned.

“Well, there are showers down the hall. We can use them if you want.” Goten said, as he settled down into the mattress, laying his head on Trunks' chest, and wrapping his arm around his waist.

“Public showers?” Trunks laughed, as he wrapped his arms around his lover. “You think I'm gonna be able to be in an enclosed area with you when you're naked and wet, and not keep my hands off of you? And just how do we explain the bite marks and the scratches if someone walks in?”

“Oh, yeah. Well, we can't go to my house. I'm really not ready to face Mom with this. If Dad were there, it would be different, but we haven't seen him in months.” Goten sighed. “Wanna go to CC?”

Trunks laughed again, “Have you taken a whiff of us? You want to walk up to my Dad smelling like sex?”

“Ugh. No thanks.” Goten grunted. “Well, there's always the river. I've got soap and shampoo; we can just fly out there and shower under the waterfall.”

“Bingo!” Trunks exclaimed. “What time is it, anyway?”

Goten sat up so that he could see the clock on the stereo. “Shit! It's already almost noon!” he said in a shocked voice, as he looked back down at Trunks with wide eyes.

“What, did you have plans today?”

“No, I just can't believe we slept so late!”

“Chibi, I don't remember getting all that much sleep, do you?” Trunks laughed, as he pulled Goten back down into his embrace. He planted a kiss on the top of his head, and hugged him tightly to his chest.

Goten hugged back just as tightly, and chuckled, “No, not enough, really. If someone hadn't woke me up too early…”

“Fine! I know when I'm not wanted. I'll just leave you to get some sleep!” Trunks said playfully, making a move to get up.

Goten played along with the gag. “Oh, that's great Trunks! Come back and wake me in a couple hours, ok?” he said, as he rolled over onto his stomach, closing his eyes.

Trunks eyes made a quick sweep of the room, landing on the two forgotten bottles of Sangria on the bedside table. Silently he padded across the aisle, picked them up, and walked back to where Goten was pretending to be asleep. Standing over the bed, he unceremoniously dumped the remains of one bottle over his mate's head, the other over his back.

Goten sat up abruptly, sputtering in shock of the wet, sticky downpour he'd just been submitted to. “TRUNKS!” he shouted, as he leapt at the naked demi-Saiyajin, tackling him, causing them both to fall backwards onto the bed on the opposite wall. Trunks howled in laughter, as Goten struggled to pin him to the mattress, sweet, red wine dripping from his hair onto Trunks' face.

“Nooo!” Trunks shrieked, shaking his head, thrashing his arms and legs wildly, trying to break free from the grip his mate had on him. “Let go of me!”

“NEVER!” shouted Goten, as he fell on top of Trunks, pressing his body into the mattress while trying to capture his flailing hands. He finally caught them, and forced Trunks to raise his arms over his head, where Goten held his wrists firmly together. “Say Uncle!”

“No!” Trunks laughed.

“Say you give up” Goten shouted.

“NEVER!” Trunks bucked and twisted underneath his mate, trying fruitlessly to throw him off.

“Say I'm stronger than you'll ever be!”

“I'm stronger than you'll ever be!” Trunks snorted, nearly choking with laughter.

Goten stopped fighting against his mate, and somberly searched the wine-splattered face below him. “Tell me you love me,” he said quietly.

Trunks stopped struggling, and lay still under Goten. “I love you, Chibi.” He said in a breathless whisper.

Tanned fingers released pale wrists, to stroke through silky lavender hair. “I love you, too, Trunks-kun.” Goten whispered, as his head lowered to gently kiss the soft lips.

After a long moment, Goten raised his head to look at his lover, whose face was streaked with drying wine. He lapped his tongue over each of the tiny streams, cleaning them away as an animal would clean its mate. Trunks lowered his hands that were still resting over his head, and brought them down to tangle his fingers into the dark hair still damp with wine, a contented purr rumbling from his chest.

Satisfied that he had licked away all traces of the sticky red liquid, Goten once again kissed his mate, sharing the sweet taste of the wine on his tongue. “Let's get out of here. I feel so dirty.”

The purring sound stopped, and was replaced with a deep chuckle, “I like it when you're dirty, Chibi.”

Goten playfully swatted Trunks' shoulder, as he lifted himself off of the bed. “Ok, what will we need to take with us?” he asked himself, as he began fumbling around in his bedside table for an empty storage capsule. He walked to his closet, near the door of the room, and opened it, surveying the contents. He verbally checked off his list of what they'd need as he tossed each item on the bed. “Shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels…”

“Got an extra toothbrush?” Trunks asked.

Goten shook his head. “No sorry, I don't. You can use mine though, if that doesn't gross you out.”

“That's fine. I've got all your germs already.” He chuckled.

Goten smiled at him, catching sight again of his badly bruised throat. “You're gonna need to wear a turtleneck.” He said, as he turned back to his closet to search for one.

“Why?” Trunks questioned.

“Look in the mirror.”

Trunks did as he was told, crossing the room to the full length mirror on the back of the door. “WOW! You did eat me alive, didn't you?” He grinned.

“What can I say? I was hungry, and you taste really good!” Goten purred, as he walked up behind Trunks. He wrapped his left arm around Trunks' waist, as his right hand pulled aside the lavender hair that draped over the discolored skin of his lover's neck. He nuzzled his face into the warm neck, placing open mouthed kisses over the fading scar.

“Look at us, Chibi.” Trunks said in a low, throaty voice, as he raised his right hand over his head and behind him, to tangle his fingers into black hair, as the fingers of his left hand entwined with those resting on his stomach. Dark eyes met blue in the mirror, as they both stood and looked at themselves in the reflection. “Can you believe that at this time yesterday, we were just best friends?”

“Amazing, isn't it?” Goten replied. “And to think we have Paris to thank for this. If she hadn't dumped me, none of this would have happened.”

“It would have happened eventually. I like to think that one day we'd have come to our senses on our own. Finally figuring out what our dreams were telling us.” Trunks eyes lit up with amusement. “Or else Dad would just decide to play Cupid.” Testing out their new bond that neither of them had completely become used to, he projected a mental picture to Goten of his father in a pink tutu, complete with wings and a bow and arrow. Both demi-Saiyajins burst out laughing at the picture of a cherubic Vegeta. Trunks turned around in his lover's embrace, and wrapped his arms around his neck. “I love you, Chibi, but we stink! Let's get a move on.”

“Ok, ok!” He moved back to the business of packing a capsule with the toiletries and towels, as Trunks continued the search for a turtleneck shirt in Goten's closet, finally finding a navy blue one. He tossed it on the bed where Goten was putting together their supplies, then turned back to the closet to get a change of clothes for him, since his clothes had been torn to tatters the night before.

Trunks pulled on his own jeans and T-shirt that he'd worn the previous night. “I don't want to put clean clothes on right now. That'd be a waste of laundry.” He said, as Goten looked at him quizzically. “These will be fine for the trip to the river.”

“Yeah, that's true. So toss me another set of clothes, there. I don't want to put these back on when I'm clean, after I've worn them when I'm nasty.” Goten said as he pulled on the jeans that Trunks had given him before. “Heh. I never took my socks off last night!” he laughed.

“I noticed that this morning! I think it's cute!” Trunks smiled.

Goten rolled his eyes, and pulled the clean T-shirt over his head. “Can you toss me some clean socks, too?”

Trunks did as he was asked, then went back to the cleaner of the two beds, pulled the bedspread off to uncover the clean sheets below, and sat down. “We're gonna have to do laundry some time today. Can you imagine your roomie's reaction if he came back to this mess?”

Goten groaned. “Yeah. Here, I've got another capsule, let's just throw all this stuff into one, and take it with us. Maybe we can have the bots at CC do them for us!”

“That's cool. We'll have to go there sometime today. I'd like to give Mom and Dad the news. I bet they wonder why I didn't come home last night. They don't know I was with you.”

“True. You know, we've got a lot of stuff to figure out here. Where are we going to live? I can't imagine having to come back here every night, leaving you. I'll have to see about getting out of the dorm.”

“We'll talk about that with Mom. There is so much of CC that isn't used, I'm sure we can figure something out. We can either live there, or maybe Mom will give us a capsule house, and we can live out in the woods.” Trunks said. “Now, speaking of woods, let's get going.”


The two demi-Saiyajins climbed the stairs to the top of the dormitory building, sneaking out onto the roof. When they were satisfied that no one could see them, they took to the air, headed toward the river on the outside of town.

They landed softly on the bank, about 100 yards from a picturesque waterfall, with water cascading over a 15 foot drop from the cliff above. Both young men began hastily removing their clothes, anxious to wash away the residue of their night of lovemaking.

Trunks made a graceful dive into the middle of the river, shivering when he broke the surface of the chilly water. “Brrrr! This'll wake you up!” He said through chattering teeth. He raised his ki to protect himself from the cold, as he ran his hands through his hair, darkened to deep purple by the water.

Goten was busy on the bank of the river, sorting out the items he had unencapsulated. Grabbing the toiletries in one arm, he placed the shampoo, conditioner, and soap on the river's edge, and jumped into the shallow water with his toothbrush and toothpaste. Brushing his teeth to rid himself of the lingering taste of the previous night's alcohol, he cupped his hand full of water and rinsed his mouth.

He waded a few feet to where the bottom sloped downward, the water rising over his body until it was nearly up to his shoulders. He dipped down under the water, thoroughly wetting his hair and body, and came back to the surface, allowing himself to float for a few moments, enjoying the relaxing motion of the river.

Trunks took the opportunity to brush his teeth, and then swam over to the waterfall to stand under the rushing water.

Goten stood up with a sigh, thoroughly relaxed, and waded back into the shallow water at the river's boundary to get the soap. The water at the river's edge reached to his upper thighs, before it lapped up against the grassy river bank.

Trunks approached him, and took the soap out of his hand, and began lathering it up in his own hands. “Allow me.” He smiled. He worked up a good lather, then put the soap back in its place, and rubbed his hands together, He began running his sudsy hands over his mate's thick, muscular neck, letting his fingers massage the tired muscles deeply as he washed. Moving his hands slowly, he rubbed his shoulders, down to the middle of his back, then to his waistline, allowing his thumbs to press into his spinal column as he went, easing the soreness there from the previous night's activities.

He picked up the soap again, getting another handful of lather, before returning to his tender cleansing of his lover. He ran soapy hands over the firm ass, gently letting his fingers slip into the crevice between his buttocks, slowly moving downward to cleanse the tender area that had taken the brunt of their lovemaking.

Goten stood bracing himself, with his hands on the river's edge, finger clasping at the blades of grass. His head hung down, with his chin nearly touching his chest, as he reveled in the gentle touch of his lover. Soapy hands circled back up to reach around him, spreading the remains of the lather over his abdominal muscles, and up to his chest. Slick fingers tweaked at his nipples, pinching them into hard buds. A deep groan came from his throat, as a smirk crept across the face of the young man behind him.

One of the hands reached for the bar of soap once again, and lathered up once more. With firm hands, Trunks lathered each of Goten's arms, stroking them from shoulder to wrist, and then washing his hands, giving each finger, individual attention. Suddenly, Trunks' hands dropped the hand they had been washing, and fell onto Goten's hips, and began stroking lower and lower, finally reaching the hardening erection. He stroked it firmly with a soap-slicked hand, as his other hand worked itself through the mass of tight black curls at its base, and worked lower to lather the soft sac below.

He abruptly stopped his sensual motions, and began sliding his hands down the powerful thighs, sinking to his knees behind his lover to wash each leg. When he stood again, he reached to the bank for the shampoo, pouring a good amount into his hand, and began gently working the suds though the thick, black hair on his lover's head. His fingernails scratched against Goten's scalp, causing him to purr in contentment.

“Kneel,” commanded Trunks, and Goten complied without question. Trunks splashed the cool water over warm skin, rinsing away the soapy film. “Do you want to go stand under the waterfall to rinse your hair?” He asked Goten.

Goten rose to his feet, and turned around to face his mate, slicking his fingers through his sudsy hair making it lay flat on his head. “Not yet, it's my turn to play, now.” He growled seductively, as he turned Trunks around to assume the position that he himself had just been in, facing the river's edge. He let his soapy hands follow the same path that had been forged on his own body moments before, sensually teasing the warm flesh under his fingers and palms, cleansing every inch of his lover's body, neck to toe. His fingers smoothed shampoo through the deep purple strands of silk, marveling at how soft and tangle-free it was even when wet.

Goten ordered Trunks to his knees, just as he had been ordered before. He sank to his knees, as well, and rinsed his mate's skin, then putting a strong arm around his shoulders, he leaned him backwards, dipping his flowing purple hair into the rushing water, while running the fingers of his free hand through it. He lifted Trunks back up, so that he was kneeling again, and ran both of his hands through his hair once again, squeezing the excess water out the length. “Now stand up.” He ordered softly.

Trunks obeyed, and stood facing his lover, who remained on his knees, grinning up at him. “You WILL let me finish, this time!” he growled lustfully, just before lunging at the unsuspecting demi-Saiyajin, taking his hard length deep into his mouth. Trunks eyes widened, as a look of shock crossed his face, at the sudden advances of his mate. He groaned loudly, before his knees buckled, and he was forced to brace himself against the wall of the river's boundary behind him.

Goten's head bobbed up and down, his lips exerting firm pressure as his tongue laved the hot flesh within his mouth, twirling and twisting around the rigid member. His fingers entwined themselves into the deep purple curls, fingertips alternately massaging and scratching the skin beneath. His left hand kept a firm grasp on a solid thigh, gripping and releasing with the movement of his head, kneading the muscle below the skin.

Trunks' head fell backward, as his fingers dug into the dirt of the bank, his elbows bending, losing the battle to hold up his body in light of the passionate torture he was being subjected to. He could feel the intense pressure building up in his groin, as his release was on the verge of coming. A primal howl escaped his throat, as his molten fluid shot deep into the throat of his lover.

Goten gulped as much of the hot liquid as he could, his inexperience being made up for by his enthusiasm. He licked his lips as he pulled his mouth away from his mate's body, smiling as he drank in the vision of the beauty before him, limply lying with his back against the river bank, eyes closed, chest rising and falling heavily as his breath came in huffs and puffs. He leaned over the breathless form, and whispered in his ear, “Roll over.”

With great effort, Trunks did as he was told, rolling his body until he was face down, his torso draped across the grass, his head resting on his folded hands, the edge of the bank just under his waist. Goten reached around him, and picked up the bottle of conditioner, pouring a small amount on his fingers, as he cursed himself for not bringing the Vaseline. He stroked his erection with his stand-in lubricant, and then pressed his slick fingers gently inside his lover's body, lubricating and subtly stretching his opening in preparation for his entrance.

He removed his probing fingers, and entered his mate's body abruptly, hissing at the incredible feeling of his tight passageway. He held himself still for a few moments, to allow Trunks to adjust to the intrusion, and himself to adjust to the intense erotic rush of being inside of his lover. He slowly began to move, thrusting gently at first, gyrating his hips against Trunks' buttocks as their bodies came in contact. The tempo began to increase, as instinct took over. Soon his gentle rhythm had escalated to a pounding of flesh, both demi-Saiyajins grunting with the passionate exertion. Trunks thrust his hips backwards in time with Goten's forward thrusts, as he raised his upper body on his elbows to allow him more movement. As he felt the eruption in his loins and the explosive sensation in his mind, Goten threw himself against his mate, wrapping his arms around his waist in a crushing embrace as his hips performed their final lunges into the quivering body before him.

They collapsed together on the river's edge, both struggling to catch their breath. Goten pressed kisses to the nape of Trunks' neck as they both tried to regain their strength. He withdrew himself from Trunks' body with a hiss, and pulled back, bringing Trunks to standing with him. He turned him around so that they faced each other, and wrapped his arms around him, drawing their bodies together in a loving embrace. “Dende,” Goten panted, “that was amazing.”

“Amazing is an understatement.” Trunks nodded, his face centimeters from the hair still thick with shampoo. He lifted both his hands into the wet hair, working his fingers through, reviving the lather. “Think it's time to get under the waterfall, before this stuff dries and you can never get it out.”

The walked hand in hand to the waterfall, to stand under it locked in a passionate embrace. Lips and tongues melded together in a lover's dance, hands stroking skin with tender emotion, as the force of the water washed them both clean. When they finally broke for air, they stepped into the mist, and looked deep into each other's eyes, wrapped in each other's arms. Neither could find the words for the way they felt at that moment, but words were not needed as the shared emotions washed over them as powerfully as the waterfall itself.

After long moments of peaceful silence, they broke their embrace, and waded back to the bank of the river. They stepped out of the water, and Goten picked up one of the large towels on the grass, and began lovingly drying his mate. When he was done, Trunks took another towel and repeated the process for Goten. They both flared their ki to dry their hair, Goten's automatically returning to its former wild spikes.

They wordlessly dressed, and repacked their belongings into the capsule. When they were ready to go, Trunks finally spoke. “Well, let's go to CC and face the parents, shall we?”

“Sounds like a plan. Are you ready to do this?” Goten questioned.

Trunks firmly nodded his head. “Yes. I know Dad's expecting it, and Mom will be thrilled out of her mind, if I know her.” He gave a bright smile to his mate, and took his hand before they launched into the air. “Let's go get you welcomed into the family!”

Goten replied with a wide smile of his own, his happiness dancing over his face, radiating all the joy he felt in his heart. He squeezed his true love's hand, and they leapt into the sky, ready to begin their new life together.

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