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Just Can't Get Enough - Chapter Two

The two demi-Saiyajins returned to the room in a somber mood, as nature calling had interrupted their romantic moment. "Damn, I wish we still had some beer left. I think I've lost my buzz."

"Well, since I like the thought of getting you all liquored up and taking advantage of you, I just happen to have a couple bottles of Sangria in the back of the fridge." Goten replied with a mischievous grin.

Trunks chuckled, winking at his darker counterpart. "Sounds good to me. I love Sangria!"

Goten opened the fridge, and pulled out two bottles of the sweet red wine, opened them both, and handed one to Trunks. "No wine glasses? Some host YOU are!" he laughed, as he put the bottle to his lips.

"Yeah, well, I'm not your mom! We can't all be Bulma Briefs, you know."

"Well, thank Dende for that!"

Goten sat back down on his bed, kicked off his boots, and motioned for Trunks to sit beside him. When Trunks hesitated, Goten rolled his eyes. "There you go getting all bashful again!"

Trunks chuckled as he sat down beside his companion, kicking off his own shoes. "Sorry, I'm not bashful, just a little slow. Maybe I haven't lost all my buzz after all." He smiled warmly at Goten, and clinked their wine bottles together. "Cheers!"

Both young men tilted their bottles to their lips, and drank deeply of the Sangria. The pounding drums, and screeching electric guitars coming from the room next door was the only sound breaching the silence. When Trunks paused from drinking, Goten took the bottle from his hand, and set both bottles on the bedside table. "Now, where were we?" he said, as he leaned against Trunks, resting his head on the broad, muscular shoulder, and looking up into his lover's face.

"Hmmm...I believe you said something about taking advantage of me?"

"Oh yeah, that's right!" he grinned wickedly as he, without warning, pushed Trunks down on the bed, and leaned over him. "Let's start by getting you out of this shirt!" he growled suggestively, pulling the hem of the pale blue T-shirt from the confines of the black denim waistband. Trunks lifted his shoulders from the mattress, helping in the removal of his shirt, before it was discarded into a pile of laundry on the floor.

Goten straddled the powerful thighs of his lover, and sat back on his haunches admiring the sculpted muscles of Trunks' upper body. "Wow. I never realized how beautiful you are, he said in a throaty whisper, as his hands wandered over warm skin.

Blood rushed to Trunks' cheeks once again, as he turned his head avoiding the dark gaze sweeping over him. Seeing the blush, Goten slipped his hand between the mattress and his lover's cheek, and turned his face back toward his own. He slowly lowered himself, until their lips were just a hair's breadth apart, and whispered, "You are beautiful, Trunks-kun." before joining their mouths together in a passionate dance. Trunks tangled both hands into soft black hair, gently massaging Goten's scalp.

Trunks had always been plagued by his analytical mind. He could never just jump into new situations with both feet like Goten had always been able to. He had to go over every possible outcome before he could fully immerse himself in any venture. He knew in his heart that he and Goten were made for one another, and that he loved him, but he had yet to silence the questions running rampant in his brain. However, the raging fire in that kiss burnt any questions, and any apprehension that Trunks may have felt away.

The lavender haired demi-Saiyajin came alive as he let go of his mental restraints, and let his heart and body take the reins. He lowered his hands from his lover's head, reaching for the neckline of his white T-shirt. Goten let out a surprised gasp as his shirt was forcefully ripped down the center of his back. He pulled away from the kiss to look down at his smirking young prince. "Hi." Trunks purred, as he slid the T-shirt down muscular arms.

Goten sat up to toss his shirt on top of the blue one previously discarded, and gave Trunks a pout. "I liked that shirt, you know."

"I'll buy you another, just get back here." Trunks replied, as he pulled his partner's head back down for another searing kiss. Their wine-sweetened tongues vied for control, as Trunks pressed their mouths even closer with passionate ferocity. Goten finally surrendered to Trunks' roving tongue, as his mouth was plundered.

Goten was the first to break for air, staring intensely into deep pools of sapphire blue. "I could just eat you alive," he panted.

The blue eyes narrowed, glinting lust in their depths. "Do it." Trunks breathed, "Eat me alive."

Saiyajin instinct erupted through Goten's veins, as he lunged, snarling at the young man beneath him, working over his heated flesh in a tempest of lips, and tongue and teeth. Nipping, licking, sucking and biting a path down his throat from just under his ear, to the juncture between neck and shoulder, leaving red love bites in his wake. When he reached the sweet area at the base of his neck, it took all of Goten's control to hold himself back from sinking his teeth into the delicious skin, marking his mate. Although until tonight, he knew nothing of the ways of his father's race, every fiber in his inflamed body screamed at him to clamp his teeth down and draw blood.

Trunks' own control was slipping as he writhed underneath the massive body pressing him down into the mattress, grinding their hips, as black denim clad legs tangled together. Beads of sweat formed on his brow, as he thrashed and squirmed in torrid bliss brought about by the sweet torture of Goten's mouth. Teeth scraped across his over-sensitive throat, drawing his flesh into a hungry mouth. He could feel the bruises forming on his skin, driving him mad with agonizing desire to have the teeth that were deftly teasing him break the skin. Just as Saiyajin instinct was telling Goten to bite, it was making Trunks long to be bitten. "Bite me, Goten!" he snarled, "Please, just do it. Bite me!"

He felt the younger man shudder against him, but the only answer he received was a deep rumbling growl, and more of the same torturous nipping and sucking at the now painfully sensitive area. "Please, Goten! I'm begging you! Bite me, for Dende's sake! PLEASE!" he implored, as his body thrashed and contorted wildly in abandon, his hands clutching frantically at the bedspread.

Goten finally released the bruised flesh from his mouth, and licked his way up to whisper in his young prince's ear, "I'm not ready yet."

Trunks froze. For all the blazing passion that had been consuming him just a moment before, those words were like a bucket of ice water thrown on his heart. His hands fisted up the bedspread, as his body went rigid.

Goten felt the change in him, and drew back to look down at the stunned, hurt expression on his lover's face. Trunks could only look at him, breathing heavily through slightly parted lips, eyes shining with emotional pain. He shook his head almost imperceptibly, bringing himself out of his stupor. "You aren't ready to mate with me? I thought you wanted this, too?" he whimpered, as his eyes slid closed. "I know I said we could go slowly, but I thought..." his words caught in his throat as he choked back a sob.

Goten gazed down at his beautiful, pale lover, as he tenderly stroked the sides of his face with his thumbs. He pressed gentle kisses against his eyelids, his cheeks, his nose and his chin, before sweet, tender lips once again met with his own. Moving slowly together for a brief moment, the kiss was broken, and the raven-haired man spoke whispered words. "I love you, Trunks. I want to be with you every day of our lives. Yes, I want to mate with you, you misunderstood me."

Sparkling blue eyes opened once again, to search the dark eyes just inches from his own. "But you aren't ready yet? Not tonight?"

Goten smiled down at him, and descended to take Trunks' earlobe between his lips, suckling it gently, before letting go to murmur in his ear. "I want to mate with you tonight, love. I wasn't ready to bite you just then. I want to wait until I'm inside you."

A shiver of excitement ran up Trunks' spine, just before realization hit. "So Paris was right. I AM the girl, huh?"

A chuckle rumbled low in Goten's throat, as he nuzzled his cheek against that of his soon-to-be mate. "No, actually I expect you to return the favor." he smiled into soft purple hair. "I want you inside me when you mark me."

Trunks let out a low groan, as he slid his hands back up Goten's sides, and up over his back, stroking in wide circles. "I love you so much, Goten, he said softly. "I want to make love with you. I want to be yours, and you to be mine forever."

Their mouths came together once again, this time belying all the love and emotion they felt for one another. Slowly moving together in a sensual rhythm, their bodies moving in perfect synchronicity. Hands stroking and caressing warm flesh, lips and tongues moving together lovingly, bringing the passion that they felt for one another to a fevered pitch for a second time.

Goten's wandering hands stroked Trunks' abdomen, as he sensuously made his way to the waistband of black denim. He broke away from the wet velvet lips, to trail open-mouthed kisses down his neck to his chest. His fingers found the metal button of Trunks' jeans, just as his mouth found a nipple and drew it in, nibbling gently. Trunks bucked and moaned against him, revelling in the amazing new sensations that Goten's fiery mouth was eliciting from him. Goten answered him with moans of his own, causing the vibration to surge electricity through the body of his partner. Switching from one nipple to the other, giving it the same treatment of nipping and suckling, Goten slowly lowered the zipper of the tight denim jeans, and began lowering them over narrow hips.

As his hands lowered the jeans, so did his mouth move down the tight, hard abdomen, pausing to dip and swirl at his navel. Lifting his head slightly, to behold the effect his mouth was having, he relished the view above him. Trunks' eyes were tightly shut, as his right hand fisted into his lavender hair, teeth biting his full lower lip. Goten lightly blew air over the wet path his tongue had left on the muscular abdomen, causing his lover to shiver and groan. The dark haired demi-Saiyajin continued his task of removing the jeans, swiftly grabbing them and yanking them off in one move, leaving Trunks in only his black cotton boxers.

The sudden movement brought Trunks out of his pleasure induced haze, and he quickly maneuvered himself so that he was facing Goten on his hands and knees, grinning ferally. He lunged at the younger man, grasping his shoulders and twisting their bodies so that Goten had taken his own former position, flat on his back on the mattress. "My turn." Trunks purred, straddling Goten's stomach.

Goten gladly lay back, enjoying being dominated by his purple haired lover, as his hands were brought above his head, and held there by one strong hand. Trunks savagely assaulted Goten's open mouth with his own, bruising his lips, committing his taste and texture to memory. Teeth clashing together, tongues sliding against the other, twisting and teasing. Trunks broke away, looking down into the flushed face, with kiss-swollen lips, and heavy-lidded eyes, as Goten lay breathless. Trunks' breath was caught in his throat as he looked down, and realized for the first time that the magnificent man lying beneath him truly belonged to him. "Oh, Chibi..." he breathed, but couldn't find the words he needed to say, so expressed himself with his lips instead, moving them gently against those of his lover.

After several long moments, he broke away and began a downward journey, leaving wet kisses all over Goten's throat. When he reached the chiselled chest, he trailed his tongue to a nipple, whirling and lapping at it in a torturous dance that made the younger demi-Saiyajin buck and wriggle underneath him, alternately moaning and gasping at the sensations that were coursing through his body. Trunks held Goten's shoulders against the mattress, to prevent his struggling movements, as his tongue continued circling delicately, teasing his lover until he was in frenzy. Goten could take no more of the delicious agony, and grasped wildly at purple hair, forcing Trunks' head closer to his chest, silently demanding that he end the torture that was driving him insane with lust. Trunks chuckled against his skin, but complied, fully bringing the peaked flesh into his mouth, sucking and nipping, causing Goten to whimper softly with relief.

Making a wet path across the sturdy chest, Trunks made his way to the other nipple, foregoing the tongue torture. He lustfully attacked, biting and nipping at the taut nub, holding it between his teeth and pulling lightly, before releasing it and repeating the process. Goten's whimpers escalated to choked cries, as he fought to retain his control. Trunks' fingers were deftly twisting and teasing the nipple he'd left behind, the dual stimulation burning Goten's senses. Trunks sensed his lover's ki rising, and decided it was time to intensify his seduction.

Once more taking the nipple between his teeth, he swirled his tongue against the flesh, and released it. He swiftly resumed his downward journey, nipping and biting at Goten's sides, and tracing the crevices of the sculpted muscle with his tongue, before reaching the waistline of the black jeans. Gingerly, Trunks unbuttoned, and then slowly unzipped the jeans, taking hold of both sides of the fly, and savagely ripped the fabric apart, tearing the denim from Goten's body. "DAMN! Are you gonna destroy my entire wardrobe?" Goten shouted.

Trunks purred in response, "Mmm hmmm" as he nuzzled the warm, tanned abdomen. "Sorry, I was in a hurry. I'll buy you another pair."

Trunks lifted his head to gaze down at the body beneath him, taking in the sight of his lover in nothing but white cotton briefs, his arousal plainly visible. He lightly brushed his fingers over the hardened length, and followed them with his mouth, placing soft kisses from base to tip, over the white fabric. Goten whimpered, biting his lip to keep from crying out, and was for the first time thankful that his neighbors were metal heads, the loud crashing music would surely muffle any sounds coming from his own room. Growing impatient with the cotton barrier between them, Trunks ripped the underwear at both side seams, and threw the ruined fabric over his shoulder. "I'll buy you more underwear, too."

Goten decided that turn about was fair play, and grabbed the startled demi-Saiyajin by the shoulders, pulling him up and forcibly flipping him so that he was once again lying flat on his back, wide eyed at the sudden turn of events. "Buy your own damn underwear!" Goten growled, as he gave the black boxers the same treatment his own had been subjected to. He grinned ferally as his black eyes drank in the sight of his intended mate below him, in all his naked glory.

Deep sapphire eyes narrowed, as Trunks lifted up to grasp Goten by the back of his neck, and pulled him down into a soul-searing kiss, their naked bodies pressed together in a tangle of stroking hands, entwining legs, and grinding hips. Breaking away, panting for air, he said in a husky voice, "No turning back now, Chibi. Are you sure you want this?"

Dark eyes searched deep within the sparkling blue depths of his lover's eyes, as Goten replied, "I want YOU, Trunks-kun. With all my heart and soul, I love you."

For the second time that evening, tears sparkled in the deep blue eyes. This time, they were not due to the fear of losing Goten, but to the joy of knowing that they would be together for the rest of their lives, and beyond. "I love you, too, Chibi. Always."

Goten lowered his head to nuzzle his cheek into Trunks' neck, his spiky hair tickling against the pale face. Once again, he found that point at the juncture of neck and shoulder, and began lightly nipping at it, then laving it with his tongue, making Trunks tremble with anticipation, his arousal and his need for release becoming more urgent.

Strong hands began making their way lower, gently caressing the heated skin, until they reached their goal. Trunks gasped as his erection was gripped, and the hand began to move, stroking him firmly. Goten continued the nibbling at Trunks' throat, as his hand worked him slowly. Capturing the bead of precum, Goten slid his thumb around the head, applying gentle pressure to the slit, causing Trunks to hiss through his teeth.

Releasing the erection, Goten lifted his head to stare into Trunks' eyes, and seductively licked his own palm, wetting it to ease friction. His hand was snatched away from his mouth, and the palm brought to Trunks' mouth. Mimicking Goten's actions, he slowly licked the palm himself, then took each finger into his mouth, sucking gently, before releasing it to capture the next, never breaking their gaze.

When his pinkie was finally released, after being given extra attention, Goten resumed his stroking, causing Trunks to press his head back into the pillows and shut his eyes tightly. Bucking his hips in rhythm with Goten's hand, Trunks tried to keep rein on his reaction to the sensations coursing through his body. Sensing that his lover was coming close to his release, Goten slid his hand to the base of Trunks' arousal, and pressed his closed lips over the tip of his penis, opening them slowly, pushing the head into his hot mouth. Trunks gasped, as he thrashed his head against the pillows, tangling his fingers into the dark, spiky hair, and letting out a low howl.

Saiyajin instinct once again took over Goten's mind and body, as he began madly moving up and down, relishing the taste and texture of the hot shaft in his mouth, as Trunks bucked and writhed at his touch. His left hand snaked around to knead the firm ass, fingers digging into the flesh. Gripping dark hair, Trunks forcibly pulled Goten's head away from his erection. Goten looked up at his flushed face, annoyed that he'd been stopped.

Breathlessly, Trunks spoke, "Oh Dende! You've gotta stop! I can't hold on much longer!"

Goten grinned evilly at him, "That's the idea, isn't it?"

Trunks grabbed him by the upper arms, and dragged him up so that they were face to face, and looked deep into lust-filled dark eyes. "I want to come with you, he breathed.

Goten swooped down on him, crushing their mouths together in a bruising kiss, passion having completely overtaken all rational thought. Powerful legs wrapped around his hips, as the dark haired demi-Saiyajin thrust his hips against his lover, imitating the act that was yet to come. Both broke the kiss at the same time, panting for air. Goten's mind cleared of the haze, he reached below them under the bed, and pulled out a small tub of Vaseline.

Smirking at the pale man beneath him, he wiggled the tub in front of his face, and said in a singsong voice, "You know what this is for!" Trunks grabbed the tub from his hand, ripped the lid off, tossing it to the floor with all the shredded clothing. Dipping his fingers into the tub, he brought them back with a glob of the slick gel, which he closed his hand around, spreading it on his palm. He reached between their bodies, and grasped Goten's erection, moving up and down, coating the thick shaft with the goo. Goten sat back on his haunches, between the legs of his lover, and tossed his head back, groaning as his arousal was stroked by the hot, slick hand.

Releasing the erection, Trunks growled, "Now! I want you now, Goten!"

Goten came back to his senses, and dipped his own fingers into the Vaseline. "Just a minute...I don't want to hurt you, he said, as he pressed his slickened finger to the small, puckered opening of his lover. Slipping the finger inside, he gently rubbed around the ring of tight muscle, depositing as much of the lubricant as he could. Trunks gasped at the intrusion, startling Goten. "I'm sorry Trunks-kun. I know it must hurt at first, but I promise I'll be careful not to hurt you too bad."

"No, it's ok. It didn't hurt, just felt strange." he replied in a husky voice, "Don't worry, Chibi. I'm a Saiyajin, remember? I can take a little pain!"

Goten nodded, and put the Vaseline on the bedside table. "You ready, Trunks-kun?"

Trunks reached up and stroked the tanned cheek of his lover, and nodded. "I love you, Chibi. Let's do this."

The younger man stretched out over top of him, as Trunks wrapped his legs once again around the slender hips. Goten's nimble fingers found his opening, and guided the head of his penis into place. Trunks slipped his fingers into the soft dark hair at the nape of Goten's neck, as he drew his head down to rest against his throat. He gasped as he felt himself being entered, as his lover gently pushed just the tip of his penis inside.

"You ok?" Goten breathed into his neck.

Trunks nodded his head, and pressed his heels against the backs of Goten's thighs, urging him to continue forward. Taking the hint, the dark haired man pressed himself farther, drawing himself out, then pushing deeper yet. He continued slowly pushing, then drawing almost out, until his entire length was deeply embedded within his lover's body. "Still ok?" he breathed.

"YES! Stop babying me, and just fuck me, dammit!" Trunks hissed.

Goten grinned against Trunks' neck, and began thrusting his hips harder and faster, soon building up a frenzied rhythm which left them both gasping and panting for air. Their hot flesh pounding together, bronze on pale, brought Trunks close to his climax, but it was just out of reach without direct stimulation of his arousal. He reached between their bodies, trying to grasp his erection, but Goten was too fast for him. He gripped Trunks' length, his fingers still slick with Vaseline, and began stroking him with the same rhythm that he was pounding into his body. Trunks began raising his ki to keep from losing his composure, not wanting to reach his peak until Goten did. The dark demi-Saiyajin answered by raising his own ki, hoping to prolong the pleasure.

The combination of their increased energy levels had the reverse effect they had hoped for. The sparking, tingling auras that were growing around them only heightened their erotic awareness, making them lose all semblance of thought, bringing their animalistic heritage to crash in waves over them. Moving together at an inhuman speed, thrusting, pumping and writhing against one another's sweating bodies, both demi-Saiyajins felt the heady sense of their orgasms approaching. Lavender hair began to fade into yellow, as dark eyes became green. Unable to hold back any longer, Trunks howled as he felt as if he were going to explode, as his warm, sticky seed pumped between the two sweat-slickened bodies.

With a carnal growl, Goten turned his head into the curve of Trunks' neck, opened his mouth wide, and sunk his teeth deep into the hot flesh. He thrust his rock-hard length one final time, deep into the body of his new mate, and felt himself come to an overwhelming release, as he spilled his seed deep inside his lover. He screamed his ecstacy against the wound that he was inflicting, clenching his teeth, driving them ever deeper into the flesh and muscle. When he finally came down from his euphoric pinnacle, he released his hold on his mate's throat, and began gently lapping away the blood, murmuring soft words of love that went unheard by the breathless man beneath him.

Trunks let his arms and legs drop to the mattress beneath him, as his body went limp, and his head lolled to the side. The combination of his lover's body pounding into him, the frenzied hand pumping him, and the teeth and tongue at his neck had been enough to drain him of every ounce of his energy. His eyes tight shut, his blood pounding in his ears, all he could focus on was the sensual, wet licking of what he knew to be his own blood at his throat. He didn't realize that he was purring deep in his chest, until he felt the vibrations of the chest pressed to his own, in an answering purr.

Goten continued his tender ministrations, lapping at the wound he'd inflicted, tasting the delicious, rich blood of his new mate. When he'd lapped all the blood away, he pressed his open mouth to the wound again, sucking gently to bring more blood to the surface. He could feel the beginnings of the blood bond forming, as emotions that he knew were not his own began to wash gently through his mind. Love, desire, joy, warmth, comfort and pride flowed over him, as he drank the last drops of blood that he could draw from the quickly healing wound. He licked his lips as he raised his head to look into the face of his mate.

Trunks slowly opened his brilliant blue eyes, meeting the dark eyes just inches above him. "Wow." was all he could manage to say, as he lifted his heavy arms to encircle them around his lover, gently stroking his back.

Goten slowly withdrew his slightly softened member from Trunks' body, and settled himself comfortably into his embrace. "Did I hurt you?" he asked softly.

Trunks snorted lightly, "Chibi...if I can take a ki blast to the face without flinching, do you honestly think I'm going to be hurt by sex?"

Goten chuckled, "Well, no. I guess not. But did it hurt when I bit you?"

"NOOOO...not at all!" Trunks responded with a small grin. "That felt so incredible. You can't imagine what that felt like, there was no pain at all, not even when you bit hard. It was just amazing. I can't even describe it."

"Well, you'll just have to let me feel it for myself!" Goten said playfully, as he nipped at the tip of Trunks' nose.

The pale man grinned, but then a serious look graced his features. "What was it like for you? Can you tell if the bond is working? Or will we feel it after I've bitten you?"

"No, I could feel it, especially when I was licking the blood away from your neck. Now I understand what you were talking about earlier. I could feel what you were feeling. I couldn't hear any words or anything, but your emotions were being...I don't know...sent through me. It was wild. Did you feel that?"

"Huh uh." Trunks grunted, "It must be because the bond is one sided until I bite you. As it is now, you're bound to me, but I'm not bound to you."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, if I didn't complete the bond, you could die." Trunks said with a serious tone. "I don't know. Dad didn't give me much information about one-sided bonds, but he did say that it would be fatal for the one who was bound if the other didn't finish the job."

Goten looked at Trunks with wide eyes. "Wow!" he said, "That's kinda scary!"

Trunks grinned. "You don't have to worry, Chibi. I plan to complete the bond. Just as soon as I get some rest." He settled his head comfortably into the pillows, closed his eyes, and relaxed his grip on his lover, without releasing their embrace.

"Hey! Don't you dare go to sleep! I could DIE here!" Goten said in a higher than normal pitch.

A deep rumbling laugh came from the man beneath him. "You won't die if I take a nap, Chibi. I just had six beers, almost a whole bottle of Sangria, and the most mind blowing sex of my life. I need to rest! You wore me out!"

"Fine. You just take a nap, while I waste away." he huffed, then he got an idea. He slid off of his mate, resting on his side next to him, and slowly began tracing his fingers over the pale skin, just barely touching him. Skimming over his collarbone, down his chest, over both nipples, with feather soft touches. Soon, purring was heard deep in Trunks' chest, as he responded to the delicate stimulation.

Goten's fingers made their way down Trunks' sides, across his abdomen, hovering over his navel for a moment, before traveling down his hip, avoiding his growing arousal. Continuing his path, he raised up on his elbow to reach down to Trunks' inner thighs, tracing down one and up the other. Trunks bucked, trying to meet the tantalizing touch, keeping his eyes tightly closed, the purr in his chest rumbling louder.

Swooping down on his erection, Goten took Trunks by surprise by taking him fully into his mouth, slurping noisily. A startled Trunks jerked up into a sitting position, only to be firmly pushed back down to the mattress by a swift smack to the middle of his chest. Once he had settled back into the pillows, Goten lifted Trunks' legs up so they were resting over his shoulders, giving him easier access to his still slick entrance.

Slipping two fingers inside, he pumped his hand with the same rhythm his mouth was moving to, making sure to graze his pleasure spot with each stroke. Trunks couldn't help but rock his lower body in time, the double stimulation driving him insane. Finally, when he felt his release coming, he forcefully pulled Goten's head away from his erection, and his hand away from his entrance. "Damn! Are you sure you haven't done this before?" he panted.

"Positive." Goten purred, as he crawled up Trunks' body, seductively rubbing their erections together. Reaching the wound he had inflicted earlier, he began suckling at it tenderly, sending erotic pulses throughout Trunks' body, centering in his groin. "Sooooo..." Goten's voice rolled out in a seductive rumble, "you awake yet?"

Trunks answered by rolling them both over, and reaching for the open tub of Vaseline on the bedside table. "What do you think?" he growled. "Let's dispense with the formalities, shall we?" he said, as he quickly slicked up his erection, and slathered Goten's entrance with the jelly as well.

Without warning, he slammed his erection deep within Goten's body, not bothering with any preparation. A hiss escaped through the dark haired man's teeth, as his lover pounded himself ferociously in and out, in and out of his body. Their bodies slapping together was heard over the roaring of the music still blaring in the room next door, as grunts and groans joined in the chorus. Through his one-sided bond, Goten was able to experience what Trunks was feeling, which only served to double his own pleasure. "Oh, Dende, it's SSSSOOO GOOOOD!" he sobbed, as his body responded passionately to both the physical and the emotional sensations that were flowing through him from his mate.

"YESSSS!" Trunks hissed, as he felt himself going over the edge. He savagely sunk his teeth into the neck of his lover, causing them to come to a mind shattering climax, simultaneously. Trunks' exhaustion overtook him once more, as he languidly lapped at the blood flowing freely from Goten's neck. Not wanting to miss a drop, but far too spent to make a concerted effort to suck the blood to the surface, he slowly licked at the blood as it formed rivulets, pooling into the sunken valley of Goten's collarbone.

His tired mind registered the gentle touch of the mind of his mate, as he felt the bond strengthen between them. While the two of them had always shared a mental bond, the extent of it was never like this. He could feel Goten's emotions in conjunction with his own, melding together. Goten also felt the change, his one-sided bond that he had been aware of for this short time had suddenly opened up, as a river flowing in both directions, gently, warmly washing over the both of them.

"Chibi?" he heard a tired voice sounding in his head.

"Trunks-kun?" he answered back, mentally.

"Wow. It works, huh? Guess we are really bonded, now."

"Mmm hmm."

They shared a gentle kiss, before both young men settled comfortably within each other's arms. "You can sleep now, Trunks-kun." Goten mentally spoke, as he yawned.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Chibi. I love you."

"I love you, too." Goten responded, before they both succumbed to sleep.
Bulma yawned, cuddling into Vegeta's warm embrace, in their bed at Capsule Corp. "I wonder where Trunks went tonight? He should be home by now."

"Hn." Vegeta snorted. "He finally made Kakarott's brat his mate."

Bulma gasped lightly, lifting herself up on her elbow to look down at her own Saiyajin mate. "What do you mean? How do you know?"

"Baka Woman, I can sense their ki levels." he grunted, as he brought her back down into his arms. "They are together somewhere not far from here. All night their ki levels have been fluctuating, and their ki's have changed all together. The boy's ki is more like Kakarott's brat's, and his is more like the boy's. They're bond mates."

Sighing happily, Bulma snuggled deeper into her husband's embrace. "Well, it's about time."

"Hn." Vegeta grunted, as he switched off the lamp on the bedside table.

"Guess we'll have to start remodeling the east wing. They'll need somewhere to live. Trunks' room is too small."

"Go to sleep, Woman. We'll deal with that tomorrow."

"Good night, Vegeta."


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