Blood Runs Deep

Every chance they got, they made love. Vegeta was like a drug Trunks couldn't get enough of. Whether it was with their hands, their tongues, it didn't matter. And finally, one night when they were out flying together, a rain storm blew up and the moon was full. As it passed through the clouds, Vegeta and him stared at it, and felt their hearts beat together. Vegeta had thrown Trunks to the ground, and fucked him in the ass with all of his clothes on.

Trunks hadn't minded. In fact, afterwards he had rolled with Vegeta in the mud, coating their bodies and pleasuring Vegeta till he screamed. And getting Vegeta to scream was a very hard thing to do.

Their sex was wild, bruising, and usually taken out of doors. There they could fuck without fear of being caught, or damage to property. No one knew about them, and they were careful to keep it that way. But once safe in the bareness of the desert or the closeness of the trees they would open their mouths and engage in the most wicked, sadistical sex of their kind. Saiyan ways, Vegeta called it. Trunks went along with all the willingness of a trusting child and loved it too.

Vegeta would beat him, hold him down while Trunks tried to escape. They would play games. Trunks would be given a chance to hide from the other, who would stalk him with all the stealth and cunning of a nocturnal killer. And like the animal he mimicked, Vegeta would pounce on him and tear away his clothes, hurting him while he did so. Trunks played his part of victim, and loved it as much as Vegeta did. Vegeta loved being in control. He thrived in his dominance until one day, Trunks suggested they turn the tables.

"I will be Super Saiyan, you will not. Do anything you think that I might do, and I'll do the same."

Vegeta had laughed, not thinking him serious. "Do you honestly expect I would ever agree to such a thing?"

At that moment, Trunks had gone Super Saiyan, and wrapped Vegeta with his arms and legs. The man had growled. But before he had powered up Trunks asked if he did not like a challenge?

"This is no challenge, brat, you are a moron if you think I would-"

Trunks had punched him with ki then, and beat on his body until he was senseless. Vegeta had fought back, losing but never powering up, and Trunks had taken him. It seemed that Vegeta liked to play the victim too.

After that they often let it be a battle of equal strength, and the winner would take what he wanted.

But they were not without their tender moments. There was the instance of their first kiss. It had been very early in their relationship, when they were still tentative with each other, and Trunks had shown a hesitancy he never would have dared now.

They had been lying in a bed of leaves, only occasionally talking yet at the same time, carrying on a conversation. After a particular long lull, Vegeta had spoken. "You know, I was going to kiss you that day on the bed."

Trunks perceptions had been right. "You were?"


"I'm glad you didn't," Trunks said with a blush. "I probably would've pushed you away."

Vegeta's grin had flashed, remembering. "If you could have broken my hold that is."

Trunks responded by very gingerly cupping Vegeta's head with his hand. "But I would have enjoyed thinking about it later." His father's eyes widened and he himself was surprised at his own boldness.

Should I? It's one thing to touch, but to kiss? Him? Would he even go for it? Yes, he had practically said so. Well, it was now or never...

He had kissed as delicately as a girl, though he had not known it. Trying to make the kiss perfect, he hadn't dreamed of using his tongue, and Vegeta had mirrored his movements, giving him all control. He drew back, their lips parted slightly, and closed his eyes and did it again.

He then sought the depths of the coal black eyes before him for a reaction. He saw lust, but was not lust a form of love? Smiling shyly, he snuggled his way into his father's arms, very happy and content. He felt the thumping of Vegeta's heart against his cheek and smiled. Such a strong, healthy beat.

Vegeta had touched his back from shoulder to thighs, smoothing him with such a gentle intensity that he bit his lip and trembled. He found Vegeta's wrists and arranged his arms in a hug around his waist. "I just...I just want to listen to your heart." Trunks kissed his chest and settled back down.

"Do that again."

"What? Kiss you?"


He did and patted Vegeta's shoulder, indicating that he was done. But Vegeta would have none of it and pulled their shirts so warm tummies touched. God, Vegeta had felt like silk beneath him. Like the finest weave. But it was more than that. They just fit so...perfectly together. He scootched up a little bit to suck Vegeta's neck and enjoyed the movement of naked skin moving together. His hands sought out that warm skin and stroked it like the gold it was.

So together with all the adversity they dared not face, they grew close with each other, each in their own way. Vegeta finally had what he wanted and abandoned Bulma at every turn. She didn't understand and fought with him all the time. It was after these arguments that he would fly off, and Trunks would follow. It became a convenient way to be together, so Vegeta was always quick to lash out with his tongue at the woman.

Goten and Trunks quickly made up, after their argument over Trunks' lying. Their wounds were forgotten and they were again in love. But Trunks had found comfort in the arms of his father and so now those were whose he turned to and Goten often cried over this neglect. He felt abandoned by his love, and assumed the worst. Of course Goten's worse imaginings were nothing close to the truth. Trunks did very well to hide this truth from his friend, lying more and more often and sometimes purposely making Goten mad at him when the guilt became too much.

So they drifted farther and farther apart. Trunks regarded their time together as more of a maintenance thing, as he didn't want to lose what he had with Goten. At the same time he was caught up in the most exciting relationship of his young life, and that was all that occupied his thoughts. There were nights when him and Vegeta would fly to the rocklands, and watch the stars in the sky. Vegeta insisted he did it only to humor him, but Trunks knew it was something they both enjoyed. At times like this Vegeta would sometimes talk for hours of their former planet, telling Trunks of the tournament Vegeta-sei would host. He painted a picture in Trunks mind of the inside of the palace where he had grown up. Trunks found himself filled with a yearning to see the fine, stone hallways and the vivid reds of the carpets and dress he had worn.

He could tell it made Vegeta sad when he talked of these things. Trunks couldn't even begin to imagine how it must have been for him. How lonesome he must have been when he learned his kingdom was gone. With only two other survivors, who were by his description, simplistic morons.

The hate in his father's voice when he spoke of the creature named Frieza made his blood boil. How dare that monster destroy their planet, and then, to not even have the guts to admit to it! It was beyond tolerable for him, even now, he couldn't imagine Vegeta's discomfort. Trunks wormed an arm under his shoulders and tapped his fingers in a rhythm on his chest.

"He sounds like an idiot to me."

He had watched Vegeta's eyes narrow and a vein rise on his temple. "Yes," the voice he used was barely audible, so filled with rage as it was.

Then Vegeta had taken him by the arms, and slammed him into the stone they lay on.

"Not now Father," he had protested, expecting sex.

But when he opened his eyes, Vegeta wasn't looking at him. He was looking at the moon, and Trunks thought he could see his chin quivering. It had turned out that it was just the beginnings of a trembling that took his whole body. The immeasurable anger he felt from his father scared him, and he didn't complain when Vegeta's fingers dug into his skin, though they went deep. Trunks sympathized. A planet must be very hard to lose.

Vegeta himself was experiencing a bit of happiness when engaged in sex with his son. So he did it as often as he could without getting caught. On nights when he didn't feel like going out, he would creep into the boy's bedroom, and they would kiss each other in the dark. Sometimes he remained there for hours, without ever waking Trunks. He stared at the innocent countenance until it came close to the time the alarm would chime, and then he crept out as silent as he had come. He followed him sometimes. Watching his interaction with Kakkorotto's son and spying on their lovemaking. This would make him mad and the next time he saw his son, he would scream at him for little things no one cared about and scare him the best he knew how. He would restrict their sexual affairs until his anger receded. And then he would fuck Trunks until the poor boy was raw. And sometimes, at times like these, he wondered if the boy's resistance wasn't all just show.

But it didn't matter, because they went on fucking just the same.

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