Blood Runs Deep

I have to admit, I've never seen a stupider movie. It certainly wasn't worth the fifteen bucks Trunks paid for us to get in, never mind the large popcorns we've been eating since. The whole film is based on a man who drives a school bus and is driven insane by the children; then goes crazy and goes on a crime spree. The twist? There is none. That's how stupid it is. The only reason people want to see it is for the actors its got in it. But I tell you, it wasn't worth it.

I look over at Trunks. He seems to be eating it up. Oh God, how can he buy into this crap? Normally I love stuff like this, but I guess maybe my mind's on other things tonight. Like the conversation I has with Ruta at lunch today. She asked me if I thought Trunks had been acting weird lately. She told me they had been working on a biology lab together and normally Trunks and her joke their heads off but today he just sat and stared into space and barely said two words. Not even when their project turned out smelling like rotten eggs and everybody blamed the odor on Brand, the nerd who sits behind them, did he laugh. I wasn't happy, because I knew that wasn't like him either.

But I don't get it! He seems perfectly fine to me. She's not the first person who has approached me on this either. But I really don't notice anything strange. I mean, we fight, or I should say wrestle, and joke and hang out together just like we normally do. And the sex is fine, thank God. Well, except for the fact that he seems to have developed a taste for the strange and unusual and to be quite honest, I really don't like that. He also gets in these moods where he doesn't want to fool around because he's tired or he just doesn't feel like it. And that's fine, I understand that we have to go through phases where we're not all over each other all the time, it's normal in relationships. Right? Although I don't really think of us as having a "relationship." We're best friends, we're lovers, we're

I suppose he has been less than fine emotionally lately. Moody, I guess. He gets pissed off at little things that don''t matter and then blames it on me. And that gets me angry, though I hate to fight with him. It makes me hurt and then he brushes it off like it doesn't matter, even though we both know it does! It makes me so sad.

But enough of that, it must be nothing. Everything else is going well. Aside from that, we're more in love than ever. And I'm especially happy over the fact that he seems to be getting along with his father better. He used to complain all the time about what a bastard he was, or some random comment or cruelty that made Trunks mad. They must be getting along which is a VERY good thing because I've always been really worried about that situation. He still has "sparring" bruises, but I suppose those are inevitable.

God, he's got the most absurd laugh. I reach over and tickle him, just because he's such a doofus sometimes. A cute, irresistible, doofus. As predicted, he retaliates, a sharp pinch to the hand. I smile and cup his shoulders with my arm, because I know I'm about to make him feel very good. This movie sucks, I wanna make out. There's only one way to get Trunks in the mood now. My left and favored hand goes under his shirt, giving feather-like touches to the skin beneath. He makes a half-hearted attempt to shove me away, but my other arm holds him firm. And then his battle of resistance is lost as my fingers find his sweet little nipples and give them gentle pampering 'till his body's taut in his seat, and he's hooking his ankle around my shin.

Yea! Trunks' lips!

Almost immediately after we start, we start to hear whispers and snickers from behind us. I promptly ignore them. I'm used to people not understanding, and even hating the bond we share. But our little session is ruined when ice-cold liquid comes rushing down over our heads.

"What the fuck?!" Trunks jumps up to face whoever it was who just spoiled our evening. I turn and glare at them as well. It's two bratty little teenagers, their disgust and revulsion leaking from their eyes and all over us. They think they're impressive with their dyed hair and pierced faces. I would laugh, but I sense a strong violence coming from Trunks and to be quite honest, it scares me.

"Ha ha, stupid faggots, betcha wish it was cum all over your faces, don'tcha!" They laugh with their stupid, stoned laughs and I look up at Trunks. His face is hard with anger.

"Say that again."

"Why should I, cock sucker?"

"Because," his voice holds menace. "If you don't, I'll knock that pretty face of yours back so far you see your ass."

"Oh shit man, I think he's coming on to you!" The other one says, practically doubling over with laughter.

"Fuck you faggot, don't ever fucking dream of-"

I touched my fingers to his quivering arm, hoping to stop him, but I only trigger his response, which is to raise his hand and bitch-slap the brat.

"Trunks!" I cry as the boy plows through the seats and cracks his head against the back wall. Oh no, why did he do that? The other looks like he's about to piss his pants and I pick him up and throw him next to his buddy, just 'cause I'm afraid of what Trunks will do to him if I don't.

My body freezes, my skin chills and I turn to a noise that has sent my heart racing. It's my boyfriend's laugh. He's laughing because they're hurt. Because they're passed out and bleeding and because they thought they were better than us. I chuckle nervously. I guess it IS kind of funny. They were assholes and all, and we certainly taught them a lesson, but that first guy, he might have killed him!

The audience is talking and shouting at us, and I know we'll be in trouble if we don't leave now. Damn you Trunks, why the hell would you lose your temper over something as trivial as this?

We run to the exit, knocking people over in the auditorium who try to stop us, simply because we're to strong to avoid it. And once outside we take to the sky, stopping over the river and the city lights.

"Jesus, Trunks!"

Trunks turns to me and grins. "I know. Felt good, didn't it?"

I stare down at the city lights. "Do you think you hurt that guy?"

Trunks looks sideways at me. "I hope so, he was a real jerk."

I frown. For a while we float there and let the wind whip around our hair. I notice, that my ears are getting cold. I cup my hands over them and close my eyes. The night is so beautiful. Next thing I know Trunks is on my back and pulling down my pants.

"Hey, what are you doing??" I get my answer as gently but firmly penetrates my ass. "Shhhit Trunks, you could have warned me!" He makes no verbal response but slides his hands under my shirt, touching my skin as he begins.

* * *

In a great deal of pain, I close my eyes and rely on the grip of Trunks' ki and his hand to guide me through the air. My-ass-fucking-hurts. God, I wish he hadn't done that. It was absolutely uncalled for. He didn't ask me, it didn't feel good, and there's a reason he's always on the bottom. I tug at my pants, trying to make an adjustment that will make me feel better. But of course it does no good, it just fucking hurts and that's all there is too it. I open my eyes briefly to see where he's leading me. My house. Good. All I want to do now is go to sleep. In my nice soft bed WITHOUT Trunks there. Probably wake up with him inside me or some shit like that, Jeez.

His arm curls around my waist and I almost squirm away. Almost. He might think I didn't like our earlier encounter if I did and I don't want that. I laugh at myself. And why shouldn't he know that? I DIDN'T like it. But for some reason this just isn't something I feel I can speak out on, especially with him being so moody lately.

Trunks moods are something that have got me confused. We always go to school together in the morning. Either I'll go to his house first or he'll come to mine, and then we either run or fly there, depending on how late we are, heh. Usually I have to wake him up with yummy kisses behind a tree or something, he's always half asleep. Lately though, he's very uninterested in this really quite common activity. Doesn't he want me? Or could it be that he's thinking about someone else? Some other guy at school he's been cheating on me with.

Oh, I can't believe I just said that! Trunks! Cheating! Me!

But now that I've thought of it I realize it makes perfect sense. During the last month or so he has been less and less interested with me. Sexually, I mean. We hardly ever do it anymore. Well, compared to what we usually do anyway. He always has someplace to go, somewhere to be. He claims he's spending all this time at home and all this time training but he's doing it all without me! I'm his best friend, me! Who else has he been hanging around with? Some slut I'm sure. Some slut I'm going to have to beat up.

Or maybe he really is at home like he says he is. Maybe there's something going on there that I don't know about. My first thought is Vegeta. But that's only cause every thought of something going wrong over there has to do with Vegeta. Vegeta is always making Trunks feel bad. What a crappy father. I hate that man. But Trunks loves him. That's what's important, I guess. I hope everything is okay over there. At his house. Maybe someone's sick. Maybe he's sick! No, he would have told me.


"Huh?" I realize we've landed. The air is cool and moist and tantalizing smells are snaking their way towards me. Yum. Gotta love my mother's cooking. It smells like chicken. Looks like I got here just in time.

Just then my mother's shrill voice rings throughout the night. "Dad! We're waiting for Goten and that's all there is to it."

I stop. She sounds mad.

"But honey-"

"But nothing. I worked hard to make his favorite dish and I'll be damned if we eat it without him!"

The Ox King sounded upset. "But if you're mad at him, why wait?"

"So he'll feel guilty after he's stuffed himself. And then, when he's all done, he'll get it. That young man is in big trouble and if he doesn't get here soon he'll really be sorry!"

"Man, you're on your own Goten. I'm not staying over when she's like that."

I turn to question him. He was planning on staying?

"Later man." I watch in astonishment as he jumps up to leave me here.

"Wait!" He stops and my eyes narrow at his impatience. He was going to leave me here with her! "I'm not staying here, I'll go with you."

He blinks. "But I'm going home."

Obviously. "Good. I'm hungry." I take off towards Capsule Corp. and he has no choice but to follow me. See, that's what I'm talking about, he doesn't want me there.

He breaks our silence with questions of Chichi. "So what did you do, she sounded pretty pissed."

"Oh who knows. It's always something with her." Neither of us say anything. "Wish I had your parents."

Trunks laughs, but he does it a moment to late, like he's forcing it. "Why?"

"They don't care what you do. You could be gone for a week and they might not even notice. Especially with that big house of yours."

"You think that's a good thing?" I don't reply as I detect a bit of offense in his voice. "Besides, my dad would care. We spar almost every day. You'd be surprised how much he's changed, Goten." I can't tell if he's proud or bragging.



"Why don't you spar with me?"

This question annoys him, and his sideways glance tells me he doesn't see the importance of it. "I do, why?"

I look towards the sliver of a moon for guidance. "Not really. You're always sparring with him, but when's the last time we did?"

"The other day Goten, what does it matter?"

I have to pretend like he hasn't hurt me. "Well, you have sex with me, so I guess I get the better deal."

Trunks does a double take and even though it's dark, I can see the alarm in his eyes. I return this strange gaze with one of my own. "What?"

I cry out as Trunks punches me in the arm rather hard.

"Don't say things like that!"

I punch him back, though not as hard so I don't hurt my baby. "Like what?"

"Don't say you're better than him. You don't know anything about him."

"Um, I didn't know I had."

"Well, you did." Trunks is scowling. The shadows playing across his face from the approaching city make him look sort of mean.

"No, I didn't say that at all, Trunks." He doesn't answer me and I bristle at his silence. What's he getting all upset about, I didn't do anything. He doesn't have to ignore me. God, he's so moody these days. Maybe he's depressed. That would explain his moods and why he's spending so much time at home. I had a friend who was depressed once and all he did was sleep all day long, all the time.

"Look, Vegeta is cool in his own way, Trunks. He lets you do whatever you want and your mom gives you all kinds of money. And like you said, he's been spending more time with you lately. I think that's great."

He turns sad eyes to me which contrast with the scowling features of his face. "You think us spending time together is great?"

I shrug. "Well, yeah." Vegeta's a shit but if it makes Trunks happy...

"That's just wonderful," he spits out as he turns away. Man, I don't understand this at all. What's he mad at? I have no idea what to say to that.

"Why do you think it's great, you don't even know what we do together."

"No," I admit. My images of them together consist of Vegeta beating the crap out of him during "training" and belittling him. But there must be good things too, otherwise my baby wouldn't love him so much.

"You have no idea what he's like when we're alone. He does the most wonderful things and I love him for it."

I burst out laughing and regret it immediately. The glare he's fixed me with now is truly deadly. "Hey," I hold up my hands in self-defence. "I'm sorry, it's just, 'wonderful' doesn't seem quite the term for him."

Trunks looks away and speeds up. "I don't care. I love him when he's wonderful, and believe it or not Goten, he loves me."

"Why are you trying so hard to convince me of that?" Shut up Goten...

"I'm not," he states flatly.

"What about when he hurts you for no reason? Is that love then?"

"Shut up!"

I cry out as he shoves me out of the sky, and I almost taste dirt. Oh my God he didn't...

I land with a soft thud and stare at his retreating energy. Trunks...

That's it. I've had enough. I fly up and cut off his path, grabbing his shoulders and making him stop. I'm shocked to find him trembling and his eyes wet. I don't know what to say but I realize no words are needed when he takes me in an almost desperate hug. I smooth his back, making the soft, soothing noises I only make for him when we're alone. His breathing slows and finally he moves back a few inches, and his fragile features almost break my heart.

"I'm sorry... Goten I-"

I shake my head. It's forgotten. "Trunks hon, what's wrong?" It's known to both of us that I'm referring to us, not just tonight.

He takes a long deep breath, and I inhale as he breathes out. His breath smells so good.

"I don't know... It's..." He rests his forehead against mine and our noses touch. He sighs. "It's so hard sometimes."


"It just is." I have no idea what he means and he won't meet my eyes.

And then all of a sudden he's pressing his mouth on mine, sucking my lower lip between his like he's craving acceptance from me.

When he breaks away there's a look of relief on his face, and I smile, glad that he's okay again, but wondering all the time. Where did THAT come from? One minute he's pissed off and the next he's nearly crying? What's wrong with him? My brother would tell me it's a symptom of something; something in his life or something in his head. But my mind doesn't think the way Gohan's does and though it seems a likely possibility, I let that idea drop.

"Trunks, what's going on with us? What's wrong?"

He hugs me again. "I don't know."

We both feel the fear in each other and we stay there, floating in the chill air of the night, an hour, maybe more. Just holding each other and kissing sometimes, keeping us warm with our ki. I want to take Trunks away from all that's bad in his life, I want to make things perfect for him. He loves me. I don't think he's cheating. I just wish I knew what was wrong. I want to know why my Trunks is slowly turning into a different person. I want to go somewhere, with just me and him, and live happily ever after. That's how it goes, right?

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