Blood Runs Deep

Trunks was worried. He had to stay away from his father. But he knew Vegeta was home and the second Trunks got there he would seek him out. Like always. They hadn't done it all day yesterday OR today so Vegeta would be eager to find him. And mad that Goten was there. In fact, he was probably mad already that Trunks had gone out, and wasn't there when Vegeta had decided to come home. Trunks snorted. Typical. Why should he have to plan his life around his father's unreliable schedule?

But of course he didn't want Vegeta mad at him. If Vegeta got mad he would probably fuck the hell out of him first chance he got. And he could make it hurt like a bitch. Trunks didn't blame him. He knew it wasn't Vegeta's fault he got a little over-zealous sometimes.

Trunks landed at the front door. There was no point in hiding, might as well go in like everything was normal.

Goten's comforting presence at his back guided him through the entry way and down the hall. Trunks made his way through the kitchen to the stairs leading to the bedrooms, but Goten stopped him.

"Trunks, I'm hungry, let's eat."

Trunks turned impatiently to his boyfriend eyeing the refrigerator. "I'm tired, let's just go to bed."

Goten started to whine that he couldn't sleep when he was hungry, Trunks knew that. Trunks sighed and relented. If Goten had to get up for a midnight snack, that would leave him alone in his bedroom, and that gave life to the chance of Vegeta wanting a quickie. That would be bad, Goten might walk in on something very hard to explain.

"Trunks look! Chicken!" Trunks had to smile. Goten was actually doing a little dance, in his over-excitement from discovering their chicken. "Trunks, just like my mom was making!"

"Yes." Trunks had seen the Son family eat. He knew what they were capable of. So he didn't mind when Goten started eating right out of the fridge. Less mess that way. He figured he might as well eat too, since Goten was going to be a while. And chicken did look good...

"Trunks!" Trunks jumped at the shout of his father's pissed off voice and stopped chewing. It came from the other room. His boyfriend raised an eyebrow at him but he shook his head, it's nothing.

"What?" he shouted back, though it didn't come out sounding as assertive as he would have liked.


Yeah right, he didn't have a phone call. Vegeta was mad, there was no doubting that now. What did he want, that was the question. Was he mad about Goten?

"Yeah, be right there!" He turned to give a quick peck on worried lips before hurrying out of the kitchen. What was Goten so concerned about? What did HE know about Vegeta?

Vegeta was two rooms away, in the TV room. He was drinking bottled water with his shoes propped up on the table. Trunks pretended not to notice the disturbed area in the front of Vegeta's silken pants. He concentrated instead, on the face he had first kissed, so many weeks ago. On the smiling mouth, the controlling eyes. The finger that was beckoning him.

Trunks refused to acknowledge this king of summon. "Who's on the phone?"

"No one," he replied, without hesitation. "That was just a ruse to get you in here."

Trunks scowled. "Well in case you haven't noticed, and I'm sure you did, my boyfriend and I are eating dinner right now."

Vegeta dragged his eyes up and down his body, resting on his crotch. "You fucked him."

He almost didn't keep a strait face. "No, actually."

Vegeta smirked. "No matter, I didn't want that anyway." He didn't want what? "Now come here."

Reluctantly, he did and stopped at Vegeta's side. "What is it, I'd really like to get back to him." Sometimes, to communicate with Vegeta, you just had to be a dick. So when Vegeta took his wrist, he jerked it away.

"Don't do that. I'm not in the mood for your childish disobedience right now, Trunks."

"What are you in the mood for?" Trunks was sarcastic.

"Oh, I don't know," he took hold of Trunks again and this time he couldn't get away. "A kiss."

Trunks didn't want to kiss him, he wanted to kiss Goten. When Goten was around, he wanted to kiss Goten. Now just wasn't the time or place for this. Surely Vegeta knew that. Surely Vegeta wouldn't make him.

"Boy! What are you waiting for?" Again Trunks tried to leave. Again Vegeta wouldn't let him.

Looking at his father with mixed emotions, well-bred fear overtaking his resentment, he knelt down and did what he was told. Kneeling down he closed his eyes and used his tongue, doing only as much as he had to satisfy.

"There, happy?" But his father pulled him in for another one except this time Vegeta kissed him and not the other way around.

Oh, damn! Trunks slipped from his kneeling position to his ass as he was given the kiss he had been missing the last two days. He wilted into it. Vegeta was like the charmer and he the charmed snake; he was completely powerless to anything but feel by this kiss. And it seemed to last forever so that when it ended he turned around to look at the door, worried Goten might have followed him here, wondering what was taking so long.


"Not there." Not on the mouth?

Trunks looked back, clearing the kissing-haze from his mind. Now is not the time or place, he thought. Yet Vegeta kept looking at him expectantly.

Trunks snorted. "Then where?"

Vegeta smirked and pushed his pants down to his thighs. He laughed when Trunks gaped.

"Father, I can't believe you just did that!" He shot to his feet.

"Why not?"

Trunks was speechless for a moment. "Because we're in the middle of the fucking living room!"

Vegeta laughed and abandoning his drink, clasped both hands behind his head, no doubt feeling king of his castle. "Yes...we are." Trunks shot him the scalding glare he so often used with his father. Surely he didn't expect him to suck his dick, right here where anyone would walk in, and Goten was just around the corner? Surely, he would afford Trunks a bit more decency than that. He didn't want the risk of being caught, not now, and he certainly didn't want that dick in his mouth when the next minute his tongue would be in his boyfriend's.

He wouldn't do it.

"Later, okay?"

Okay, that was the wrong thing to say. The grin faded and the eyes narrowed on the face of his father who didn't like this answer. Vegeta's hands came down. His frown turned ugly. The lines of his face collapsed to the kind that gave Vegeta the harsh look of hate. It was the look that spoke of the man inside who had refused him all his life. Who had given countless injury to his body and mind. This was the father who was mean; because he hated everybody, even his own blood.

"No, not okay." He spoke as if Trunks had made a request, and he as Vegeta had the power to deny this request. The request Trunks hadn't even made. "Now."

Trunks swallowed with great difficulty. No. This was a refusal he could make. "Not now Father."

He grit his teeth at the cracking his knees made when they hit the floor. He tugged uselessly, angered at being anchored here by his wrist. Getting away wasn't going to happen. He knew who was stronger and who would win, so his struggle didn't last long. And when he gave up, he looked at his father's eyes, and wondered how in the world he could possibly have this evil inside him.

"Well?" Still, Vegeta had no smile. Not one trace of humor, or the slightest flicker of change that would say he was joking.

"Father, Goten is in the kitchen. I'm supposed to be on the phone. What's he going to do when he realizes I'm not coming back?"

Vegeta didn't respond but yanked him halfway into his lap. Trunks scrambled to his feet and pushed against his father's thigh, trying to free himself. There was another struggle in which Trunks cried out in anger but was reminded of the fact that Goten might hear him. Not only that but he couldn't power up, because that would surely send Goten strait to him. And then Vegeta would power up and who knows what would happen?

"Look, I don't want to do this now. I'm serious, let me up!" Trunks scrambled away, trying to back up and not succeeding. No, no, he couldn't do this, this couldn't be happening, the bastard just couldn't do this to him. He was perfectly willing to give head, Vegeta could have it anytime else. "You're mad because he's here, aren't you?" Trunks was certain of this now. "You are. Otherwise you wouldn't do you want to get us caught Father, is that it?"

Vegeta hooked him by his upper arms and shook him so hard his teeth rattled. Then with a stunning blow he struck Trunks' ear and dug his fingers into his muscles. "Shut up. I don't want to hear one more word out of your mouth. I'm doing this because I feel like it and your whining doesn't convince me one bit that you don't want this, so get on with it already." And with that the viscous man yanked his arm, arranged his son between his legs and smirked when the boy took him in his hands. He loved the feather-light touches and the spidery tickles of his deft fingers. He released his grip, knowing the boy wouldn't go anywhere, and stared down at his paramour.

The heat from his ringing ear crept gradually to cover his whole face, and Trunks was so infuriated he felt tears might betray him. But that would be the ultimate indignity, to cry. Now all that could be done was to do a good job and get out of there as quickly as possible. Anger and resentment boiled as he preformed an act that had before only been done in love. Only it was tainted now, and unclean. He didn't think he could ever do this again without a sour feeling preventing it. But this thought made him realize that even if he wanted to prevent it, he couldn't. Vegeta had made it quite clear that from this moment on, it didn't matter what Trunks wanted, he was that selfish. He knew that Trunks didn't find this desirable. When they forced stuff, well, it was different. Nothing like this. Could Vegeta no longer distinguish the two? Was his father's anger deluding his thinking? Was the poor man so unsound that he didn't realize what he was doing to his own son? Vegeta was hard to read sometimes. When he deliberately hurt him, he always had a reason, well nine times out of ten anyway, no matter how petty or small. Trunks found himself angry that Goten had insisted on coming here. If he hadn't all this could have been avoided.

At least Vegeta was keeping quiet. But Trunks could feel how aroused he was and while he was normally eager to draw noises from Vegeta, he now had to be careful. It took all his skill to bring him to orgasm quickly, but silently. He grunted himself though when in Vegeta's final moments, he tugged on Trunks' hair and rudely shot a load all over his face.

* * *

Goten's stomach was barely even half full. The amount of food in the Briefs house was unbelievable, and his appetite seemed insatiable tonight. He had finished off the chicken, the pudding, the potatoes, the milk, the bananas, the giant zucchini, the spaghetti, three bowls of Captain Crunch, and was currently working on a box of Hostess Cupcakes. His cereal prize of a sticker glittered on his shirt and he downed his water vigorously, wishing there was more milk around.

As his gut began to feel a little less hollow, reason returned to him and he jealously wondered who was on the phone. Goten had dismissed the thought of infidelity, but that didn't mean Trunks couldn't be taken away from him by a more friendly party. This idea failed in his mind as well, however, as he realized it was home that Trunks seemed to be the most at. And he just didn't want Goten around.

Increased attention was one way to go about the situation so when Trunks reentered the room, he bounded over to take him in his arms, a big smile on his face. Trunks' countenance didn't have one. In fact, the edges of his mouth were turned down in unmistakable sullenness. His eyes were downcast and, trying to cheer him up, Goten licked at a bit of light colored food on his face.

"You've got something on your cheek, Trunks," he explained when Trunks looked up at him, surprised. Then Trunks covered his mouth with the back of his hand, and stared at Goten with half-lidded eyes of revulsion. Goten shrugged, not realizing what he'd eaten. "What?" Then frowned as Trunks pushed him away.

"Don't lick at stuff on my face, please." Trunks strode to the corner of the tiled countertop and folded his arms. He looked down at the ground and let his hair fall over his eyes. The silence of the kitchen was becoming uncomfortable, as Goten hadn't moved yet. Trunks didn't care. He just wanted to be finished, is all. If his brusqueness helped the process along a little, so be it.

To his surprise, Goten didn't say anything to him. He smiled wryly and sniffed as he listened to the crinkle of cellophane. Fine. If he wanted to be that way, go for it. Trunks figured the stars were against him. Apparently no one wanted to be on his side tonight. Goten had better hurry up eating. He just wanted this day to be over. He realized with a start that tomorrow wasn't a school day, and if he wanted to avoid Vegeta he would have to spend the day with Goten. God! He didn't want to be with either of them right now! Perhaps he would just fly to a nice island, and drop his energy for a while. He needed some alone time. He needed to think.

"Aren't you going to eat anything else?" He raised his eyes to Goten, who had a box of crackers in his hand. Trunks shook his head. "Who was on the phone?"


"Nobody? It had to be somebody, who was it Trunks?"

"I said nobody!"

Goten jerked his head back, away from him. Trunks cursed at his snappishness. But he had a bad temper tonight and it was just getting worse.

"What's your problem?" Goten sounded hurt or mad, he couldn't tell.

"Sorry. I'm just having a bad night is all. Sorry." Goten nodded slowly and returned to his munching. He didn't buy it, that much was obvious, but Trunks just didn't have the energy for much more right now. At least he could have a bite. Might as well try and be nice. He found a bag of carrots, selected one, and returned to his corner. He nibbled on it unpeeled, distracted, thinking about how pretty the sky had been tonight.

He sensed the source of tension in the air before he saw it. His father. His stupid father had come in here, no doubt to make a scene! A burst of panic jumping quickly from his stomach to his chest; his eyes shot between Goten and his elder, hoping, praying that Vegeta wouldn't do this.

Goten ate a little bit slower as Vegeta made his way into the room, and ceased chewing altogether when the man stopped in front of him. His father turned his head to his right, and regarded Goten with cold eyes, noting his presence and condemning it to the room. Goten scowled and gave a defiant toss of his head, and Vegeta turned away from him and continued on his path to the fridge. He ducked his head inside, and came out holding a carrot, throwing a meaningful glance at Trunks. Trunks watched, aghast, as he fixed his glare on Goten and slowly extended his tongue. Suggestively, he licked the tip of the carrot, swirled his tongue once about the end and closed his lips around it. Then, turning to Trunks, he bit down and, crunching, slowly walked away.

Horrified, he whipped his eyes to Goten. The boy appeared seriously weirded out. The strange look on his face spoke plain as day to Trunks. He knew.

He gulped, waiting for Goten to say something. "You're right man, he does know about us." Trunks grew a little less pale. He was thinking an entirely different thing. He was thinking that Vegeta had come in here, ready to spill their whole affair all over the kitchen. Ready to ruin Trunks' life. But, he hadn't. He hadn't!

"He does?" Trunks answered in a small voice.

Goten looked away from the doorway where he had been watching Vegeta's exit, over to Trunks. "Yeah. Why else would he do that?"

"Oh," was all he could manage. Nearly sagging from relief, he steadied himself. He breathed deeply through his nose and tried to make his voice steady. "Let's go to bed now, Goten." He looked up, and found it too much of an effort to hide his feelings. Everything Vegeta had just done to him was starting to hurt now. He felt so betrayed and injured that he couldn't believe it. Vegeta had made him suck his dick! His father, the man he had trusted with his feelings had used them against him in such a way, it was unbelievable even for him. A tear that had been forming slid down his cheek and Goten's face broke at his pain.

Instantly, he had Trunks in his arms.

And suddenly the petty resentment he had been feeling towards Goten was gone. The distance he had been given in return vanished as if never there. Layered avoidance and withdrawal that had formed between them the last month and a half eroded as they connected in a powerful hug of meaning, one they should have had much sooner than this.

"I'm sorry Goten, I'm sorry for everything." He was, oh God, he was...

Goten, silenced by this bare admission of guilt had to fight back tears of his own. It was okay now, everything between them was okay. OH THANK THE GODS, EVERYTHING BETWEEN THEM WAS OKAY AGAIN! "Trunks..." he managed.

Trunks delicately drew back, and cupped his cheek in his palm. "It's okay now, love. I'm sorry for how I've been, I didn't mean to be that way." They were both crying openly now. "Can you say it's okay? Goten, please let it be okay-"

He silenced Trunks with a hard kiss to the mouth, then let him read his eyes of total forgiveness and openness before embracing him again. Trunks cried. He didn't deserve this, not after what he had done. What he was still doing behind Goten's back. What he had done when he was just a few feet away. It was so inexcusable and he abhorred himself for it.

Goten didn't need to ask what had been going on with his babe, he knew everything was all right between them again, and that was a feeling he wouldn't question in the slightest, and probably remember as long as he lived.

As Trunks was hit with feelings of self-revulsion he clung to Goten as if for his life. He hadn't meant for it to go this far. It had taken him away from the most important thing in his life, and that was this boy before him. Nothing else mattered when compared with the love they made. Goten would never hurt him. Never! And Vegeta obviously could, as he had proved tonight. It wasn't fair that he had had to deal with the things he had growing up. First a tremendous battle in which his father had actually died, and then the abuse he received in return for his love. Even now, he got it.

Yet an even greater grief overwhelmed him as he thought of the betrayal again, and Goten had to support his sagging weight. He was so tired of all of this, the hiding and the lying and the absence of Goten in his arms. If he could ask for one thing it would be to have the love of Goten and his father both, but that wasn't okay with Vegeta. Vegeta only wanted it to be them. But now, now that things were different maybe he would see what Trunks needed. And maybe things could even turn out well between them, even though they couldn't be lovers anymore.

Sensing Trunks' need to be in his bedroom, Goten separated them and took his hand. "You know nothing could make me stop loving you." Trunks smiled and nodded. It was as if he knew what he was thinking, and just the right thing to say. He whispered Goten's name and buried his wet face in the crook of his boyfriend's neck. His breath was taken away by the sweetness of the action as Goten scooped him up in his arms. "Let's go to bed."

Trunks laughed. "Okay, okay, but I think I can walk." Goten grinned and shook his head. "No really, we look ridiculous! What if someone sees? And you can't carry me, only girls get carried."

Goten smiled and with absolute sincerity replied, "I would carry you to anywhere, my love." Trunks' smile beamed from his face and happy tears dripped down his cheeks, keeping them hot with wetness. He wasn't even capable of reply as Goten started for the stairs. Instead, he leaned his head against his beloved's and was overtaken by the most overwhelming comfort he had experienced in his young life. He was so happy, he didn't even notice Vegeta's lurking figure occupying the shadows near the stairs.

Goten forgave him! Goten didn't even fully understand what for, yet still he did it. Surely being in love was the best feeling in the world. Surely Goten was the best guy in the world. He suddenly knew that he didn't need his father as long as he had Goten. Not that he didn't want love from them both, but Goten's was unconditional, and Vegeta's was not. He felt always separated, going back and forth between them both. And slowly, the realization was dawning on him, that he couldn't always have what he wanted.

Somehow Goten had his clothes off by the time they reached his bed. He found himself falling with Goten into the soft cushion and blankets. He closed his eyes as love blessed him with kisses. Warm lips that he needed to taste with his own along his jaw, his neck and on his eyes. Trunks opened his mouth as Goten sealed his lips against his. He pressed his cheeks between his hands but soon abandoned this to squeeze Goten's shoulder's with his arms. Goten leaned more weight on him as their sucking kiss grew more wild, as if they could not eat enough of each other. All the love they had been withholding had been released, and they pulled against each other as if their bodies could merge and they would become one.

Trunks' hands ran from shoulder to thigh, trying to draw Goten even more close and give him a bit of pleasure in this torrid passion of theirs. Goten's own hands dragged along his leg, inadvertently lifting it up, to slide beneath him and cup his butt. His legs of their own will rose and wrapped around Goten's ribcage. As Goten pressed against his entrance he realized he was the only one naked. Barely managing not to tear any material, he stripped the other who quickly deposited spit where needed and entered him.

Very much unlike their harsh sex of earlier that night, they made love. An act of true beauty, not to be polluted with anything else.

* * *

The morning sun grew high in the sky as they stayed in bed talking about their dreams. Naked in each other's arms, the bed stayed very warm and they not eager to leave it. It was how things used to be between them, before Trunks decided to screw around with Vegeta. Goten was the same old Goten, but Trunks felt different, somehow. Like he had changed in the past month and a half. He felt meeker, smaller, probably something from the guilt that ate at him. Nestled up against Goten's chest, he felt protected and safe, and he smiled so big he closed his moistened eyes. Goten didn't notice and kept babbling away about this strange cult he dreamt he had been adopted into, and how Trunks had helped him escape. Trunks loved how Goten's mind worked, even while he was sleeping. And he loved the warm breath that bathed his ear and his cheek in sweetness; for only sweetness could emerge from Goten's lips. Trunks sighed in his love.

"What's wrong, Trunks?" Goten asked, noting the release of air. Trunks answered only by turning his face upwards, and kissing those perfect lips. He wanted this moment to last forever, and not wanting it to end, couldn't stop kissing him. Goten would end their embrace and resume talking, only to have Trunks begin it again, not willing to let this feeling slip away from him. He didn't care that they both needed to brush their teeth, it didn't matter. He loved Goten! And he loved every little thing about him, even his morning breath. Goten eventually relented and they just kissed.

"Trunks?" Goten asked after they had stopped and they had both lain wordless for a while.


"What do you want to do today?"

"I dunno."

There was another long silence in which Trunks deviously extracted some chocolate from the fridge by his bed, and began feeding it to Goten. Delighting as his fingers were sucked, he realized he would be happy if they never left this bed all day. Might seem a little suspicious though.

"We could go snowboarding." Trunks considered this suggestion and found that he was indifferent.


He surprised Goten by rolling atop his stomach, and kissing the mouth beneath him. Yum, chocolate. Goten was smiling as he drew away, and sucked obligingly on the hunk of candy offered to his lips. Trunks grinned into his eyes. He was going to make Goten taste very good. He took the melting chocolate, and drew a wide spiral on Goten's chest.

Oh damn it all, the phone was ringing! Stupid thing. He wasn't going to answer it. He concentrated instead, on making small licks on Goten's skin. Unfortunately, Goten was sometimes oblivious when he tried to set the mood, and answered the phone instead.

"Hello? Trunks' phone." His boyfriend cringed beneath him, and Trunks' eyes arrested and looked up in question. "I know.....You did? I'm for? ........." A long sigh. "...all right. Bye mom."

Goten replaced the receiver with a frustrated slam. "She mad?"

"Very. Said I should have come home last night." Trunks was quiet, there was really nothing to be said. He tried to cheer Goten up by tapping his tongue in the trail of sticky sweetness, keeping his eyes glued to his love's. It worked. Goku's child looked down at him and laughed. "She wants me to come home right now."

"Right now?" Trunks resumed his attentions.

Goten sighed in bliss. "This very second." But he leaned his head back and enjoyed Trunks' thorough tongue.

The phone rang again.

" 'lo?"

"Stop answering that!"

"..... I was! I promise!" Trunks glared at him, knowing who it was. "All right, fine!" Goten hung up and looked regretfully at Trunks, prone over his naked body. Trunks leaned his chin on his fist and awaited the inevitable.

"That was my mom," of course, "she says I have to come home now. She called back to make sure I wasn't laying around in bed."

Trunks laughed. "Well you aren't, exactly."

Goten smiled. "Yeah, well still, I gotta go home."

"No!" Trunks gave him a kiss and reacted with such mock horror, Goten laughed and Trunks couldn't finish it. But soon Goten's giggles faded and they both pursed their lips and pressed them together, innocently ending the morning.

Goten got up to use the attached bathroom, and Trunks reluctantly watched him walk across the room. "We'll go over to see what she wants, then leave again." Trunks murmured his unheard agreement and buried his face where his lover's head had been. It smelled like natural shampoo and the strange, yet pleasant smell his hair made. Not bad, just original. Like Vegeta's head had an original smell. His heart beat increased as he thought of what else Vegeta smelled like. Sex.

He swallowed and put this thought out of his mind. Last night with Goten had been so perfect, he didn't want anything to ruin it. They hadn't had something like this in so long. They had made love four times, not including when they woke up in the middle of the night and in the morning. Oh, he wished morning wasn't here. Now they had to get up OUT of bed and NOT be right next to each other. Not fair.

Trunks rolled over and looked at his door. He had a mental picture of Vegeta, coming towards him in the dark. He thought he would always have this image of him. That was how he looked in his mind if he thought about him any time after nine PM. Usually Vegeta would wake him up. Vegeta slept less than he did so it wasn't uncommon to be woken up at three in the morning to have sex.

Trunks' mind raced with guilt. To have sex? What was he thinking? Poor Goten. If it had been anyone but Vegeta, it would be cheating. Still, he thought, maybe it was a good idea not to mess with Vegeta anymore. Yeah, it felt really really good, and yeah, it was time spent with his father, but was it right to his boyfriend?

Slowly, his mind began to form a plan on how to end things. He could start being a lousy lay. Then say he wanted to stop when Vegeta asked what was wrong. Wait, he wouldn't ask what was wrong. Goten would, but not Vegeta. He could threaten to tell his mom if he didn't stop. For all his harping on her, Vegeta really did want to avoid problems like her knowing. But what if she didn't believe him? No, the best way to do it was to be direct, and be firm. And not to do it when Vegeta was ready to jump him. Like next week sometime. Better yet, first chance that presented itself when Goten was far away.

"Trunks! Come look at this turd!" Trunks grimaced, then laughed. He got up and walked towards his bathroom, when he realized with stark horror that his bedroom door was unlocked. Swallowing an unsettling feeling in his throat, he slowly turned the catch. Not good. That made him especially easy to spy upon last night. Refusing to think about it, he crossed the room and peaked through the open door. Goten was standing, still naked, and grinning at the toilet. Trunks put a hand on his shoulder peered down into the bowl, and was greeted indeed with the sight of truly colossal turd.

"Oh man, Goten that thing's huge!" Goten voiced his enthusiastic agreement. "You deserve an award or something like that, but fuck, you stunk it up in here."

Goten laughed. "Trunks, that's the smell....of manliness." With a flourish, he flushed and they both watched it go down the drain.

"That's sick, Goten, just sick." Trunks left the bathroom, chuckling, and went to his closet. Goten dressed in yesterday's clothing while Trunks picked out a pair of jean shorts, and a shiny black, button up shirt. "You as hungry as I am?"

"Hell yeah," came Goten's voice from far away. With a smile, Trunks realized he was already halfway down the hall. Typical. That boy always thought more of food than anything else. Didn't even wait to get his shoes on. Trunks collected his friend's sneakers and sat to put on his own. He felt like ham. And he hoped Vegeta was already started training for the day. He didn't know if he could deal with that man right now. And he certainly didn't need him to spoil his happy mood.

Fully dressed, he raced down the hall and stairs, to find Goten already started in on a giant slab of ki-fried pork, and had thoughtfully set aside half for Trunks. No words were required for this activity, so he sat down next to him and started eating.

Before they had finished, his mom came into the room, sleepy and nursing a cup of coffee. Trunks only grunted to her good morning, but noticed how tired she looked. She was in her bathrobe and walked a little bit sorely. He swallowed hard as he had the disgusting thought of his father pounding away on her, angry that he had been denied access to his son's room. Oh definitely something NOT to think about.

"I didn't know you were here, Goten." She took a seat across from them.

" eoadive en ate ssiv 'ite."


Goten swallowed what was in his cheeks. "We got in late last night."

"Oh," she nodded.

"We're going over to my house next."

"I see." She watched them with a raised eyebrow. No human could ever understand a saiyan's appetite, and Bulma was no exception, despite the fact that she had raised him for the last fifteen years. She stayed a while longer, staring at nowhere in particular with a heavy expression on her face, and finally leaving in the direction of her laboratory.

They shared a gaze as they both finished breakfast. It wasn't uncomfortable to look at each other for such a long time. In fact, they didn't even think about it. Emptying simultaneously two jugs of juice, they hopped up and bounced out the door. Full of calories and quickly beginning to use them, they enjoyed a blurred run across the city and into the woods where Goten lived.

"Mom! I'm home!" He shouted, the minute they walked in the door.

Chichi was quick to charge out of the kitchen and over to her son. "Where were you?" Trunks realized he'd forgotten his snowboard.

"Mom, you just talked to me at Trunks' house." He's calm and patient, very experience in dealing with an irate Chichi.

She folded her arms narrowed her eyes. "Where were you last night?"

"We went to see a movie after school."

"Where at?"

"The Plex."

"What movie?"

"Something with Jim Carey."

"Who's Jim Carey?"

"A comedian."

"I got call from your teacher yesterday, mister."

Trunks looked with amusement over at Goten who had put his hand behind his head and now was starting to look nervous. "Ah, you ah, you did."


Gladly taking that as his cue to leave, Trunks retreated quietly into Goten's room. He flopped down on the bed in there and stared out the window at the cloudy sky. Goten was always getting in trouble at school and, he realized sadly, it was usually with him. Why hadn't they been spending time together lately?

No sooner had he laid down, then Goten came in, quickly clicking the door shut behind him. He had incredible guilt written on him face, and had a flushed look of irritation.

"Trunks, my mom says-" He cringed as Chichi burst through the door.

"Trunks, you need to go home!"

"I was just about to tell him, Mom!"

Trunks jumped to his feet, and tried to look respectful as Chichi started in on him.

"Goten and I need to have a very long talk, and he's grounded. You need to leave."

He looked at Goten for help, but Goten had shook his head sadly. The day was ruined.

"Yes 'mamn," he muttered and trudged across the room. "Bye."

Goten gave him one last, secretly loving look. "Bye."

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