Blood Runs Deep

Trunks left the little house, and stood forlorn for a few moments in the yard. He had been looking forward so much to spending the day with his best friend. And now he couldn't. Poor Goten, he was getting yelled at. And he would probably have to spend the day in his room, with nothing to do. Maybe he could sneak back over here later and keep him company. He could bring a bunch of their favorite food, corndogs. It wouldn't be very exciting, but at least they would be together.

Having a new goal, he took off back towards the city, but stopped midway. He couldn't go over there for at least another hour or two, if he didn't want to get Goten in more trouble than he already was. What to do until then?

Slowly, he turned south and made his way aimlessly towards the ocean. Maybe he'd go with his original plan, find an island somewhere. Or he could go to their island! Goten and his special place! Filled with purpose, he took off in a burst of speed towards that place. It took him all of ten minutes to get there, and he landed in the spot where they had first kissed. Flopping down, he pressed his cheek into the warm sand. This place was full of memories. He could revel in nostalgia until it was time to leave.

For a long time, he lay there and let the sun bake his skin. The temperature was comfortable and warm, with a gentle breeze blowing, tepid and scented with flowers. He rolled onto his back and into the shade.

The shade? He opened his eyes and got the shock of his life. His calmness was shattered and he felt violated, as he had been so peaceful and thought he was alone. His father was standing above him. He had his arms crossed and his brows were drawn to a point, a very dangerous scowl on his face.

"You let him fuck you."

Trunks jumped to his feet and took three staggering steps backwards. Grains of sand were slowly rolling away from Vegeta, pushed by his anger.

"No I didn't," he replied automatically.

"You did."

Trunks swallowed tried to clear his mind from surprise. What the hell was Vegeta doing here?! How long had he been following him? And watching him? And so what if Goten fucked him? They were supposed to fuck. They were boyfriends.

But none of these accusations came out as Vegeta's eyes slowly narrowed. More than they already had. "He fucked you in my house, six times to be exact. While I was there. Under the same roof. Only a floor away."

Trunks found his voice at last. "I can't believe what I'm hearing. You're jealous? You're in there almost every night, while poor Goten's sitting home, alone in his bed, and he spends the night once and you're jealous?"

Vegeta took one step closer, but Trunks refused to back up.

"He and I are best friends Dad, we've been fooling around since we were twelve years old. What did you think we'd be doing?"

Sand flew into his unprotected face as Vegeta's energy shot towards him. "You're supposed to be with me!"

Trunks tried to gather his nerve. He was beginning to realize what a dangerous situation he was in. But he also knew that if this wasn't a good time to end things, there was no good time. It would have to be now. Shit, he had no idea what he was going to say.

"Dad," he started. Vegeta took another step closer. Trunks tried not to hesitate by advancing on his own, and they were little more than a foot apart. Vegeta lifted his chin and glared down at him over his nose. "Dad..." What to say?

"Father," he started again, more boldly. He was a Saiyan, he was not about to be a pussy. "You shouldn't have made me do that to you last night." Vegeta's mouth twitched in a smirk, but his expression was too ugly to allow one. "I didn't want to, and you made me. Ever since we started doing things, I've been ignoring Goten. I didn't even realize until yesterday. That just isn't right." He swallowed and hoped Vegeta didn't notice his hesitation. "I've been thinking a lot about this and I've decided," he steeled himself, "that we can't fool around anymore."

Saying the words seemed to lift a thousand pounds off his shoulders. He almost winced, as Vegeta's eyes flickered as he said this. He waited for some other form of reaction. Vegeta knew he was serious, he could tell. Why wasn't he doing anything? Trunks began to sweat as the silence between them increased. This wasn't good, this just wasn't good.

Suddenly, Vegeta spit out a laugh and grabbed Trunksí dick in a mocking gesture. Outraged, Trunks pushed him backwards. "Fuck you!" Vegeta gave him another long staredown. All noise seemed to have stopped in the background, as their eyes seared in a locked gaze. No understanding was passing between them. Vegeta was doing a perfect job of keeping his reaction unreadable, but Trunks' knew his own discomfort was written all over his face. The tension was palpable in the air as Trunks finally shifted on his feet, ready to take off into the air and hoping to end things that way.

But even though he saw it coming, he couldn't block it as Vegeta punched him in the face, once with each arm, then kicked him into the sand.

"You bastard!" He yelled and shot backwards into the air. He gathered a huge armful of ki and flung it at his spiteful father. Fool couldn't accept-

Pain ripped into his side and his eyes bulged. He looked down to see Vegeta's fist embedded in his kidney. His gut wretched and he coughed up a mouthful of spit. Sinking to his knees, it took a great effort not puke. It hurt, his father had hurt him. Then he caught an elbow in the neck. He cried out and tasted sand as his face flopped in it. He was stunned for a few seconds.

"You're mine. My son." Trunks bit his cheek and slowly got to his feet. "I am your father boy, and we have a relationship that can never go away. If you think things will stop, you are more of a fool than I imagined."

Trunks launched himself at him, getting in several good kicks and punches. Why did Vegeta always have to hurt him? Why couldn't he just be nice and understanding? "Do you not hear what I am saying?" He dodged a lethal foot. "I AM stopping things. It's over!"

"You don't want it to end boy, and you know it. I know it. Ha! You call that a punch? You give me your assent every time I ask for it and then it is plainly clear what you want. In fact, you're probably thinking of it right now."

"You don't understand! You say I'm your son. Then treat me like your son! Normal fathers and sons don't do the kind of things we do together. That's what's normal, don't you want to be normal?"

"I don't give a flying fuck about being normal. And there's nothing wrong with what we do. You know it and so do I." Vegeta got him in a hold and kissed his neck. Holding Trunks still he licked his skin all the way to his mouth and forced a kiss on him. His cruel tongue was nothing soft like Goten's, but his flesh tingled and though Vegeta was practically choking him, his body liked it. Despite that, he tore his head back and struggled away from Vegeta. He was done with that now.

"This is not one of your kinky games! I'm serious!"

Vegeta powered up and pounced on him, grabbing his arms. Sand flew as he hit the ground, out of breath.

Fuck the bastard! These were his wishes and feelings they were talking about, not some game! Such lack of respect was intolerable from one he loved so much. With a tremendous shove, he pushed Vegeta out of the way and jumped to his feet.

"If you don't leave me alone I'm going to tell the whole world what you're doing!"

Vegeta laughed his head off at this. "My ass you will, and lose the respect of your precious Goten? He'll be so disgusted with you he'll never want to look at you again."

"Look," he held up his hands. "I'm done with you. I know it hurts you to hear me say it, but it's true! It was never meant to be this way between us, you had to know it was going to end sometime."

Vegeta smirked at him. "Boy, you're just a crock full of shit."

Before the last word was out of his mouth, he had half stunned Trunks with a ki blast. Laying on his back, he fought off unconsciousness, along with his father, as Vegeta wrestled him out of his clothes. Trunks yelped and wriggled backwards as he was engulfed in Vegeta's warm palm. But he couldn't escape, because Vegeta gave him another two good whacks to the temple, and he found himself slipping even further into grogginess.

"Stop it..."

"No," Vegeta said softly. "And stop lying to yourself." He was flipped onto his stomach, and a warm soft tongue began working it's way down to the small of his back. Oh no, not there... Vegeta's tongue circled and dipped into the place where his tail had been. Though he had never had the extra appendage, the hollow it had left was still very sensitive. It felt certainly as good as the place in his ass, and damn it, Vegeta knew exactly what to do to him there.

Closing his eyes against the pleasurable sensation, he pulled himself along the beach, trying to clear his head. But a permanent haze had settled over his mind and vision, and the feeling of his cheeks being spread stilled his retreat. Oh God, Vegeta was licking him, he was done for. It seemed his hips of their own mind lifted to this wonderful pampering. Vegeta was so smooth in this stroking he aroused Trunks.

No! No, why did he get hard? It was all over now. He slowly got to his knees. So slowly he didn't even realize he was doing it. If he had, he might have gathered an ounce of pride and tried to leave again. But he didn't. He was only aware of a hand coming around to fondle him from the front. A hand that knew his favorite spots and just how to reduce him to desire.

"Father," he moaned through his muddled mind. Vegeta's victorious chuckle sent him back to his senses. Trunks knew what he was doing, and he also knew that he didn't care any more what his previous intent had been. He just had to finish this, and then worry about the consequences later. He rolled onto his back, and spread his legs as wide as he could. Vegeta started rubbing Trunks' dick against his face, murmuring how good he felt, and how nice he smelled.

"No!" Trunks cried out as Vegeta stopped. He was relieved when it was only to remove his clothes, and was soon on him again. Trunks loved the attention his thighs and dick were getting, but he was in the process of realizing his vast error in telling Vegeta to get lost, and desired more than anything right now to kiss him. So he grabbed Vegeta by the hair and pulled him upward, only to shove his tongue in the man's face and press him into the sand. On top now, it was Trunks' turn to grab Vegeta. Vegeta pressed into his hand.

Trunks snaked his other arm around Vegeta and moaned into the man's mouth. He loved this taste, he just loved it! No one could kiss better than Vegeta, not even Goten. Goten, his lover, and Vegeta, his father. He wanted and had both.

They rolled together into the salty water and, realizing they were wet, flew without speaking to the silky soft sea grass that lined the beach further up. There they pressed their hard muscled bodies together in a crushing hug. They felt each other's backs, their backsides, and in general made a tangle of their limbs. They hadn't stopped kissing. Vegeta guided his hand to the place where his own tail had been, and Trunks obliged him, eager to drink in Vegeta's panting breaths from this action.

"Trunks," he murmured into his mouth, and Trunks sucked the air from him. His own breath came through his nose, but he wouldn't let Vegeta breathe. Vegeta liked this of course and opening his eyes, Trunks saw the most bittersweet lines of Vegeta's squeezed lids. As angry as he had been, he expected his father to dominate. But Vegeta started guiding him onto his back and lowering himself down on Trunks' cock. Trunks grabbed the wrists on his shoulders closed his eyes as he was surrounded with excruciating slowness. Too slow. He pulled Vegeta all the way onto him and even though it was dry, cried out in pure pleasure. The blood would lube it soon.

Vegeta loved being fucked by his son. So he raised himself only a few times, before rolling the boy on top of him. There he let his wrists be held, and delighted as Trunks kissed and bit at him. His own cock was ignored and he grew harder and harder. He gazed at Trunks working above him. The boy was glorious with the sun shining around his hair. His back felt wonderful to Vegeta's calf's, as he wrapped his legs around him. He helped the process along by pushing back and gave an unintentional yelp, when Trunks' hit his prostrate. Entirely aroused by the domination, he squeezed as hard as he could in rhythm until Trunks cummed. Collapsing on top of him, Vegeta didn't give the sweaty boy a moment to rest after he pulled out and quickly entered his son. He stopped quickly when he remembered the boy liked it with lube. Disguising it as for his own pleasure, he slicked himself up with lots of their spit and plunged in again.

"Feel good boy?" He emphasized his words with a jab.

"Uh-huh," he murmured, still in his post-orgasm haze. Vegeta didn't let him rest and slowly began smoothing his insides with his dick. Trunks moaned and clutched at his back. The boy was putty beneath him and Vegeta pushed into him, and stopped to suck at his face. He kept still inside him while he worked the boy back up to erection. Ah, the glories of the youth.

"I'm going to make you come without touching you," he vowed and started his sex again. Trunks shook his head in denial or bliss, he couldn't tell which, and Vegeta closed his eyes and continued for a while.

Hitting his sensitive spot almost every time, Trunks was soon howling to the gods. Pleased and feeling about the same, Vegeta asked him again if it felt good.

"Oh yes, Father, incredibly!"

Vegeta slapped him. "You're going to come.....boy....." Trunks looked up at him, a little surprised, but not able to really register much in his delighted state. Vegeta slapped him again, and the boy bit his lip and after a few deliberating quivers of his lip, moaned. Vegeta punched his chest, and Trunks hooked his legs around Vegeta's body and pulled him harder against himself. The boy let out an excited wail, as Vegeta continuously rammed the heel of his hand against Trunks' shoulders. Vegeta lost himself in these sensations and brutalized and fucked the one beneath him. He groaned himself as, just like he promised, Trunks came, his spasming muscles prompting Vegeta's own ejaculation. Then they both tore apart from each other, and lay panting against the earth.

Finally, Vegeta rolled over on his side and looked at his little masochist. The boy was near asleep, his face as flushed and streaked with sweat. Vegeta indulged himself by touching the warm chest, and stomach, and lovingly caressing his sex. This boy was his own and he never dreamed sex could be this good. The boy tried to snuggle up to him, but Vegeta hit his shoulder like he had a few moments ago.

"I beat you and you cummed," he teased. The Trunks nodded, tired and clumsily swatted at Vegeta's hand as he did it again. "I'll bet Kakkorotto's brat never does that."

"No," he breathed, only wanting to sleep. "He doesn't."

"Oh?" Vegeta demanded an answer.

"No, he's different than you, you're better in some ways."

Vegeta snorted. That was obvious. "Get up, boy."

"Lay down Father, let's go to sleep." The boy cuddled up onto his chest, and draped a leg between Vegeta's. Vegeta punched him in the nose, bloodying it.

"Oh, fuck!" The Trunks cried out, now fully awake and on his feet. Rage flashed red in his mind, but died as quickly as it had come. They stared at each other for a few moments. "What did you do that for?"

Vegeta bit his lip in anticipation and knocked him to the ground again. His heavy weight on top, he grabbed his hair and began to speak. "I hope you realize now, Trunks, that you can be a perfect idiot sometimes. I told you you didn't mean what you said, and you didn't believe me. You've got to learn to listen to me. I'm right far more often than you. And if you're going to have sex with that ridiculous boy, you're damned well going to have sex with me too. We both know we're too good for each other to let him get in the way. I don't want you to ever speak to me like you did again, you hear me?"

Trunks' mind was reeling in confusion. First Vegeta was mad at him, then having sex with him, now mad at him again? Trunks had given in, he had done what Vegeta had wanted, what else more could he possibly be expected to do? He felt kind of let down, as he had been determined to break things off but failed so miserably. But he realized now, he couldn't give up sex with Vegeta. And Vegeta had WON. What was he pissed off about now?

"What's your problem, Dad?"

"Do you hear me?!"

Trunks stared in shock at the face that had turned angry again. And that fury was directed all at him. It had happened in the blink of a moment, Vegeta had gone from sex god to terrifying. When he didn't answer right away, Vegeta powered up and released a stream of ki on him. Steaming and smoking from the blast, Trunks had sense enough to be afraid now and remained very still as Vegeta put his palm over Trunk's face. His mouth and nose muffled, he couldn't breathe until after Vegeta ki-punched him in the side of the head, and jumped off and away from him.

Carefully, Trunks sat up. He saw Vegeta walking down to the beach and collecting their scattered clothing. Knowing his father hated doing menial tasks such as this, he got up to help him, but was barked at to stay there. Feeling helpless, he did so and soon Vegeta returned to him with a wad of linen. "Put your damn clothes on." Trunks did as he was told and they both dressed.

"Father," he ventured, and continued when Vegeta didn't snap at him. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. I'm sorry I said those things."

"Good." Vegeta watched him button his shirt.

Trunks felt betrayed all over again. Vegeta slept with him, and now hated him again. Why did he have to be like that? Trunks just wanted them to be happy.

Vegeta looked at his scared son for a long time. He wasnít showing any remorse. The stupid brat. How could he spend the night in the arms of that disgusting, half-breed son...of an idiot? In his own house! Not only that but heíd had to screw the woman, and now she was all pissed off with him. Her own fault. She shouldnít have said she liked it rough.

All the more reason he should be with the boy. The boy didnít care what he did to him. But could it be that he didnít realize how serious his actions were?

Vegeta deepened his glare as he thought about this. The boy cringed and tried to look away, nervously wringing his hands. On second thought, why did he care what they did? They were together before. They were still together. But to do it when he could sensitively detect every drop and range in their ki, that brought Vegeta very close to almost uncontrollable anger. But this annoying brat had grown on him so much, that he had stopped himself from barging into their room, though he had peeked. And the sight of the moving covers and the rustling sheets had been too much for his senses to take. He had rushed off to bed, coupling with Bulma. Perhaps he should have put his foot down right then and there. But the boy was so fond of that kid...

He shook his head. The boy should have had more sense. He should have done it elsewhere. And he didnít even care. Well, if he wasnít sorry already, heíd make him that way.


"Yes?" The boy focused wary eyes on him. He wasnít sure if he was still in trouble or not.

"Why did you let him spend the night?" Vegeta folded his arms and put on his most menacing look.

"I-you never cared before."

"That was then."

"Heís spent the night ever since we were old enough to play together. What difference does it make now?"

These words infuriating Vegeta, he grabbed a handful skin of the lower back, digging his fingers into the tail place.

The boy shrieked in pain, and, knowing better than to hit him, decided the situation was bad for him and fled the island. Vegeta caught up with him and was surprised when the boy threw HIM to the ground, instead of the other way around like planned. His anger significantly increase, he shot beams at the fleeing teenager, who deftly dodged them.

"You come back here!!" he yelled, and again cut off his path.

"Father, Iím leaving!"

In response he rammed the heel of his hand against the boyís solar plexus. Trunks shot towards the ground, only to have Vegeta punch him in the head before he hit, knocking him on his face.

Trunks lay stunned in the sand for a few moments, trying to figure out what happened to him. His chest, his chest hurt. It felt like his lungs were collapsing. Unbeknownst to him, he was nudged on his back by his father. His body tried to draw breath, but all he could do was try again and again to take air into his lungs. He couldnít.

"You donít even care," his father was saying above him. "You would do it again if you thought you could." Trunks tried to regain control of his breathing. He couldnít. "Do you understand now why you shouldnít have done it?"

He hauled Trunks to his feet by his shirt collar and held them nose to nose. "Boy, tell me. Do you really plan on doing something like this ever again?"

Trunksí face was turning red, his eyes were watering. He couldnít answer Vegetaís question now, why was his father doing this? Why was he so angry? And why couldnít he breathe?

Apparently Vegeta didnít expect an answer yet, because he twisted his mouth into the coldest, meanest grin Trunks had ever seen. Trunksí face involuntarily relaxed, possibly because he was scared of what Vegeta was going to do.

"Weakling. Why arenít you fighting back?"

With that he released him, and Trunks found he could indeed stand on his feet. His breath had started to return to him, and as he crouched there trying to catch it, he heard his father mocking his immobility. Gathering hold of his anger, Trunks put his power into a right hook, but it was a clumsy attempt. Vegeta caught his wrist, and chopped him in his ribs, just below his armpits. As Trunks opened his mouth in pain, Vegeta used the force of Trunks flying sideways to rip his shoulder out of the socket. Satisfied, he smirked as his son crumpled to the ground.

"Now," Vegeta said as he knelt one knee on the boyís bruised sternum. "Are you ready to answer my questions?" He ignored Trunks screaming below him. "Why did you think it was okay, and why are you never going to have him overnight again?" Of course Trunks didnít hear him, he was too busy howling. Vegeta took advantage of this and started smacking his face.

Trunks didnít even know he was crying. He didnít know his father was talking to him, he barely even knew he was hitting him. He did know that his arm was on fire, and it felt like his muscles were being stripped from the bone. He was faintly aware of blood running down his face, and the taste in his mouth. He mindlessly tried to get away from the position his was in, and because of his strength succeeded. Trunks stumbled around the beach, trying to take to the air. Sensing his father behind him, he turned in time to see the viscous man smashing his foot into his hip.

Trunks screamed at his father as his newly crushed bones hit the ground. He tried to get up, away from the foot now continuously kicking his side, but his injuries prevented him from moving. The limbs and ribs on the left side of his body had been destroyed and pain like this was stuff he wanted to forget.

He slowly curled up on his side and clenched a handful of sand in his fist. Sense was barely reaching him. Yet he could determine that his father was being just plain mean now, and he tried to remember what he had done to deserve this. His father was talking. What was he saying?

"Stop..." His voice came out a whisper, he barely heard it himself. But fortunately it reached Vegetaís ears and amazingly, he complied with Trunksí pleading request.

His father arranged him on his back and jumped down to sit on his stomach. Trunks legs reflexively shot up as he was hit in this sensitive spot.

He wretched his eyes open in time to see Vegetaís fist coming towards his face. He flinched horribly, and after a moment or two of waiting for a blow that never came, managed to look up at the man again.

Vegeta lowered his hand. "What gave you the idea that it was all right to sleep with him in my house?" Vegeta was glowing with rage, it seemed. He was out of control and Trunks was afraid. He was it too much pain to move and couldnít defend himself. His mind flashed to a time that seemed like hours ago when Vegeta had been making love to him on the beach. "Well?"

"I..." The frown fixed on him was devastating. Why did it seem like his father hated him so much? What more did he have to give him? "Heís my friend Papa." Trunks barely even realized he used the childish phrase.

"So?" Sometimes, it seemed like Vegeta was so spoiled, and he hid it behind his rough exterior, but never really managed to disguise it completely.

Trunks began to notice his aching head. "I love him."

Vegeta scowled, not knowing what to make of this declaration. He supposed he already knew it was true, yet...

"Thatís a sorry thing to hear." No, he didnít want to know anymore about that. "Youíre never going to do it again, do you hear?"

Trunks shook his head, disbelieving, and partially not understanding. "You donít want me to love him?"

"Stop saying that! He isnít to spend the night any more. You are to sleep and wake up at our house every day. Do you understand that boy?!" Vegeta was speaking out of jealous anger now, and even as he did, he realized he couldnít prevent them being together. And this scared him.

Trunks didnít understand any of it. What was his fatherís problem? Why did he hate Goten so much if he knew what they were from the start?


"Yes, yes, I get it. Fine-" he was stopped by a coughing fit. "Just...stop hitting me, okay?"

Vegeta, still so angry he could see red, responded by slamming his hands against each of Trunkís ears. He left Trunks screaming, but he couldnít hear his voice over the ringing in his ears that seemed to fill his entire head. This was all he could focus on and he found himself somehow wishing for unconsciousness as Vegeta continued punching his injured body.

* * *

Goten awoke from the lazy sleep he had fallen into at the confinement to his room with a start. Trunks was in trouble. He had felt the sharp ki drop, even in his dreams. He jumped to his feet, and tried to determine which direction it was coming from. South. He analyzed the situation in his house. His mother was napping, probably all worn out from the screeching lecture she had given him earlier. She wouldnít miss him if he just slipped out for an hour or so. And it wouldnít matter if she did! Something was wrong with Trunks, and he needed to go find out what it was!

Opening and shutting his window carefully behind him, he took off in the direction of his beloved. He was hurt, someone was hurting him.

Goten thought instantly of Vegeta. Who else really could? God, he hated that man. The man who had been like his uncle since the day he was born. The man who had playfully sparred with them as children, and in his own harsh way, had formed a bond of caring between the three of them. But then something had happened to Vegeta over the years. And he had dwindled to this mean hateful man they knew now. Goten didnít know why, nor did he care. He just knew that Trunks still loved his father as much as ever, and now his father was hurting him.

Flying at Super Saiyan speed, he was quick to get there. But very sad at what he saw. Not shocked, but heartbroken that one Trunks would love so much would do that to him. His lover was lying on his side, curled in on himself. His hands covered his head and ears in a manner of protectiveness, and Vegetaís foot was propped against his shoulder, not doubt helping in keeping Trunks immobile.

Goten landed, speaking his presence with a burst of power. Vegeta ignored him, and Trunks, scrunched up on the ground, seemed to be in too much pain to say anything, but managed to turn his head towards Goten and peek through his eyelids. He instantly read the great pain there.

"Did I say move?!" Vegeta screamed and Trunks cringed horribly.

Trunks knew he should apologize, but...Goten was there! He couldnít play the submissive idiot he became when Vegeta got like this now! But Vegeta didnít share in his feelings, because he slammed his boot into Trunksí now crushed shoulder and knelt down, grabbing him by the collar.

"Well?" Trunks closed his eyes, knowing that fist was waiting to punch him, and cried out apologies.

Vegeta laughed very softy at him. "Goooood." He moved to hit him anyway but something, THAT BOY had stopped his fist. Vegeta looked up, absolutely amazed at this Super Saiyan son of Kakkorotto before him, preventing him, holding his fist! With a snarl he yanked away from the brat and went after him instead.

Goten was prepared for this, and blocked the punch, slamming instead his knee and elbow against Vegeta. He wasnít prepared for the man to jump instantly to the second level of Super Saiyan, and without giving him a chance to fight back, pounded Goten into the ground.

Wheezing, Goten tried to suck air into his lungs. He did this as he squeezed his eyes shut in pain. Among the other sensitive places he had just been beaten, Vegeta had whacked him in the balls! Of all the cheap, unfair things to do...God dammit.....

He lay there for several minutes, unable to get up, or even look at the situation around him. He wasnít Super Saiyan anymore, he couldnít protect Trunks anymore, all he could do was lie there and think about his probably lost manhood.

But Trunks broke through his veil of pain. He could feel the boy reaching out to him, tendrils of love that touched him, comforted him, and pleaded for his help. His pain was touched by this, and he realized it was nothing compared to what his love was feeling. He struggled to his feet, and shuffled slowly over to the pair.

"Are you done now, boy?" Vegeta was saying. His voice was scary, making Goten think of the demons on the computer games he played. Then Vegeta whacked him, finally knocking Trunks unconscious.

Goten reached the angry Saiyan. "Stop it Vegeta." Vegeta turned his infuriated eyes to Goten, and Goten almost cried out. The tremendous hate he saw there was directed all at him. Vegetaís loathing scathed his skin, and as much as he wanted to go to Trunksí aid now, he was stopped by that gaze. "Trunks..." was all he managed.

He finally started to take a step forward, but was arrested by the sudden widening of Vegetaís eyes and a flaring possessiveness that rose unspeakably in their depths. Gotenís mind whirled. Possessiveness? That didnít make any sense.

But that was what it was. Pure and simple. Goten shook his head, finally able to tear his eyes away, and suddenly scared shitless dropped to Trunks side.

Vegeta dropped with him.

Then the father of his love put his hand on Trunksí chest and growled at him. Goten sat back on his knees, even more stunned then he already was. His eyes followed Vegetaís arm down to his hand, which has been placed on Trunks pectoral muscle, the heel just barely covering the nipple exposed by his torn shirt. His fingers flexed as if to say stay away, and as Goten looked slowly back to the black that completely encompassed Vegetaís features. Something was wrong. Vegeta didnít want him touching Trunks, and was preventing it by doing it himself. His eyes told him to stay away, and Goten found himself slowly drawing back.

Then Vegeta gathered Trunks into his arms, who was still passed out, oblivious to these events, and took off in the direction Goten had come from.

Goten sat in the sand, and stared after Vegetaís dwindling ki. Trunks was hurt. The man had hurt Trunks. He had growled at Goten, why had he done that? What kind of normal person does a thing like that? And Goten hadnít stopped him. He hadnít stopped him from hurting him or taking him away to God knows where. No, he had to help Trunks! He wasnít hurt like Trunks as, he had to go despite his pain.

Ignoring his state, Goten shot to the sky, but quickly had to slow his speed. Vegeta hadnít hit him very many times, but the pressure points he had struck hurt a lot, and hindered Gotenís flying. He wished he had his fatherís instantaneous movement technique, it would sure help a lot right now. But he didnít, so instead he had to follow his senses until he reached the city Trunks lived in. Capsule Corp. He had taken him to Capsule Corp.

Relieved that Vegeta hadnít chosen some out of the way place he could never get to undetected, he landed and lowered his ki, walking as casually as he could through the front doors. He didnít know where to look for Trunks. Their house was huge! And on top of that a huge corporation headquarters! Damn, where was that boy?!

Goten searched a bit mindlessly, thinking only that Trunks well-being had been compromised, and finally found him in his own room of all places. He walked up to the bed, and fought back tears when he saw his loveís battered face. Bruises marred his features, his lips and eyes already puffy. Vegeta had covered him with blankets, and Goten gingerly lifted them back, definitely afraid of what he might see.

He had done his share of fighting, and could tell that Trunksí left arm had been dislocated by the way it lay. The skin of his chest that he could see was red and probably on its way to bruising as well. Clothes covered the rest of him, but Goten decided not to examine him further until Trunks woke up. Replacing the quilt, stitched by his own mother, he noticed the most disturbing thing of all. Blood crusted around the ridges of his ears, a few drips in the process of congealing, as if his eardrums had been...

Goten bit his lip in horror. "Oh Trunks, why did he have to do this to you?" Distressed, Goten didnít notice that Vegetaís ki was flying away from them. He just noticed that Trunks would be in pain if he woke up anytime soon, and Goten intended to be there when he did.

He carefully sat on the side of the bed, and began smoothing the lavender hair back from his face, much like a mother soothes her babe. As he began to calm, he started to think of the way Vegeta had touched Trunks. That hand on his chest, it had just been, wrong somehow. Almost, like, and Goten was hesitant to even form the thought, he was familiar in touching Trunks there.

No, he shook his head. Donít be ridiculous Goten.

Yet the more he thought about, the more he realized the explanation he sought was one that he wasnít willing to accept. The touch that was so wrong, had been almost...almost intimate.

Goten shuddered.

Was Vegeta that fucked up? Did he...did he think of his son in that way?

He stared at Trunks for a long time.

But as he ran the scene over and over in his mind, it made more and more sense. He still couldnít believe it. But the way Vegeta had looked at him, it was as if he was telling Goten not to touch him, as if he wanted to do that himself.

This thought brought Goten off the bed and into a nervous pacing around the room. No, that couldnít be it. There must be something wrong with him to even think that way about his friendís dad. About Vegeta! No, that couldnít possibly be it.

"Get out."

These uttered words froze the blood in his skin and he realized the perpetrator was standing behind him. He turned to look, and saw Vegeta standing in the doorway, clutching a bag of senzu beans in his fist. His hateful eyes were more dangerous than he had ever seen them, wide and glaring at Goten.

Goten slowly looked back at Trunks, feeling a tremendous love for him. But then he turned back to Vegeta, saw again the senzu in his hand. "Are you giving him one of those?"

"If you donít get away from my son right this instant, Iím going to put this bag through your brain." Vegetaís voice was so soft with rage, Goten had to clench his fists to stop the trembling. Vegeta was a very frightening man, he thought at that moment, and he wanted him to leave. Goten decided that the best thing for both Trunks and him was to do as he was told. He didnít doubt at that moment that Vegeta would make good on his word, and then there would be no one there for Trunks. He would...he would call in a couple of hours. After all, Vegeta had senzu beans. What more could he do?

Vegeta took a step towards him, and Goten edged away. Taking one last look at Trunks, then Vegeta, he nervously slipped out the door, and fled the house.

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