Blood Runs Deep

The boy was coming.

With great rage and anger the boy was coming. And when he got here, he would be upset, and confused. Who else better to listen than the boy's beloved father? Who else to better understand the woes of his only son? Only he was so perfectly crafted for the job, to understand that pain and beauty.

But it would be a bit longer before he arrived, and Vegeta had to quench the urge to meet him halfway, and ravish his body on the desert floor. Looking around at the lushness of his room, he sighed. A small, bit of sadness rested on his face in a quiet, unadulterated moment. His life had taken on a dreary tone again, it was time for another trip. But no matter how many times he went out, or how long he searched for any forgotten Saiyan warriors, he never felt a happiness such as the kind he felt when he looked at that boy. Perhaps he'd take him with him. He was so bored with this planet.

This stupid, foreign, boring little planet. He used to like it, love it even. That had been back when he felt some peace, when he was a few years younger and things weren't so hard. Happiness was always soon to fade with him, and so it had been then. What was there to be happy for? His acquired family? The fact that he had lived longer here than any other place? Truth be told, what he really missed now was his constant conquer and battle of his time served under that monster, Frieza.

Ah, death.

But as much as he wished he did, he just didn't have the heart for killing anymore. But pain...

Pain was completely different.

Sometimes people just deserved to suffer.

He shook his head, and rose, flexing his powerful muscles as he did so. The boy was almost here. And here he was feeling sorry for himself. Like a stupid idiot. Reminiscing always made him cranky. But he had the boy now to distract him. He jumped from the window and timed his appearance so he appeared immediately after the boy touched down. The agitation was more than he expected. The fiery eyes held tears, and Vegeta was surprised.

"Trunks. What are you doing?"

The boy's gorgeous eyes glared at him. The boy wanted to see him, didn't he? Yes, he could tell that he did. "I should have known you wouldn't understand." He shoved past him, and into the house. An odd response. But Vegeta allowed the insult and followed, breathing the scent that trailed behind him.

"I'll pretend you didn't push me boy. Because I want to know something from you." He stood with a smirk, to make this pansy realize how stupid he was being.

His son turned to face him, revealing the pain on his face. A true and acute kind of pain. So raw to the touch that it couldn't even be put away yet. Vegeta blinked. "Yes, what is it?"

"Why are you crying?" Saiyans didn't cry. Pure and simple.

"Because I'm pissed off."

"Saiyans don't cry." This wounded the boy deeply, he could tell. Earth-inclined as he was, he was still very proud of his blood.

He sniffed. Oh yum.

"Everyone cries sometimes, Dad. I bet even you." Vegeta kept his mask one of stone. His tears were never to be spoken, or even thought of.

The other sighed and went through the house to his room, and stayed there.

Vegeta didn't move. He did not expect this. He thought the boy would be angry, and they could fight, and then it would work. But he didn't expect tears. No no, that had not been the plan.

However plans are apt to change. He waited two minutes before going to the boy's room. He could be understanding just like anybody else. He would prove it and the boy would love him. There was no reason he couldn't still seduce him.

He went upstairs to the boy's room. Inside he heard strange music drifting softly through the barely open door. He nudged it with his foot, careful not to break it, and took in what he saw before him.

His son, Trunks, a boy of royal blood, was resting on the edge of his bed, staring at the wall. His back was slumped as if all the world had broken against his shoulders, and defeat filled every corner of the room. The boy stared ahead mournfully, in an expression of open numbness. Sadness was completely unnecessary in those features. This patheticness before him could only be the doing of Kakkorotto.

"Was it Kakkorotto's son?"

The boy looked up with a start, but relaxed when he saw who it was. "Father. What are you doing here?"

"You didn't answer my question." Vegeta folded his arms. If the boy decided to talk, he would listen. That was the only way for success.

The boy let out a colossal sigh. A release that told more of his pain than words could. "Yeah," he said with another. The silence that followed seemed appropriate, and Vegeta waited for the boy to begin.

"I hate Goten right now. Why does he have to be such a jerk sometimes? I pissed him off. That I will admit. But he pissed me off! He pissed me off first so what I said was justified. You hurt someone, expect to get hurt in return. I just wish it didn't have to be him. I mean, he deserved it and all, but.. Oh, I don't know." He shook his head. "I just don't understand the things he thinks sometimes. I mean, we're so much together and so much one person that we practically have the same thoughts. But sometimes, he's just weird about some things."

"Oh, you know me and him are together right?" He regarded Vegeta with a glance for a second. "So anyways, he said some pretty shitty things. Some things he had no right to think, let alone say! And so I said some pretty shitty things back. Only, mine were true. Oh God, why did I have to say it? I could have said anything else. I didn't have to insult his father! He doesn't deserve it, not my dear sweet Goten. I die when he hurts inside. I'm such a bastard....."

Vegeta marveled at the complexity of this seemingly simple problem, and the affect it had on this boy before him. It made him so desirable, lost in his raging emotions. And of course now the timing was perfect.

Vegeta crossed the room and placed a hand very gently on the boy's shoulder. Startled, he swiveled around in his seat, and father and child faced each other. The boy wasn't crying anymore.

Silently, Vegeta rested his other hand on the boy, and made his grip firm. He put one knee on the bed. Guiding the boy back against the mattress, he almost growled in the hunger his eagerness created in him. He had to remind himself that patience was the key. Vegeta moved to sit on both sides of the boy, to be in his lap and let him feel his hardness.

But the boy did not want this and got up and left the surprised Vegeta half on the bed, half off of it.

He lay on the couch now, brushing away the tattered remnants of his shirt first and staring up at the ceiling. The boy was almost ready. Vegeta's mouth watered. Setting aside his hurt pride, he drew nearer to his son. Sometimes victory was a slow process. He could wait. So he went and sat down on the floor beside the boy's head, and marveled at his half naked beauty. Ah, yes. He definitely had the look of his blood, and was therefore no less than perfect. Like Vegeta himself. That thought always made him smile, and his lips hinted at one now.

His chest. His rounding muscles against strong bones, rising and falling in nervous breathing was a sight too delicious and magnificent to behold. He found his hand reaching out, and rubbing the smoothness; though he disguised it as a comforting touch.

The boy's eyes shut, and he smiled because he was comforted. He even leaned his head towards Vegeta and his legs seemed to pull closer too. It was his way of returning the touch, without actually doing anything. Vegeta let it stay that way for now.

"Thanks," the boy whispered.

Vegeta's eyes fell on a blanket, close to his feet. Something possessed him and he leaned forward and grabbed it. It was soft and warm. He spread it out over the boy's body.

And now he said awkwardly, for this was an awkward thing to say, "Trunks."

The boy's eyes opened, and Vegeta's stomach pulled as he stared into the blue. :: My son, my son is there. And he's happy. Oh why can't I be happy? ::

"Trunks," he said softly, now sincere. "We are not the same kind of Saiyans. But we are of the same blood, and we are both powerful." He knew his gaze was kind but he didn't care. "You are powerful."

Two trails of tears flowed from the boy's eyes now. They were happy tears. He didn't speak, no words were needed, but instead rose up and slowly lifted his arms to draw Vegeta into a very, VERY awkward hug.

He didn't know what to do at first. He was being, hugged? This was an earth thing! He was not of that material! didn't feel bad.....

So he hugged back, because he didn't know what else to do. And gradually their embrace softened to the point that he became aware of how they were touching. Shoulders and the top of the chests together, the boy's bareness against his clothing. The boy's neck was draped over his shoulder, and a hard skull pressed against his ear. He could feel the heart beating. And he remembered, long, long ago, seeing his newborn child for the first time. Scoffing at it's puniness, and wanting nothing to do with the smelly, screaming thing.

But now he hugged the boy. He tightened his hold around Trunks.

He was laying back now, and his hug had ended. Trunks made himself comfortable, said he had exhausted himself and was going to take a nap, and Vegeta could go or stay. Vegeta recognized the invitation, and Vegeta stayed. And after a long period of silence Vegeta dropped his hands onto his lap of one straitened leg, one bent one, and let his gaze drift to the window. The sun flowed through it in the lazy, soft color of approaching evening. The gentle breezed danced against the curtains, cooling Vegeta's face. He breathed it in, and enjoyed it for a moment.

But of course that moment did not last, he soon felt irritation returning to him. With a touch of anger over a sensation destroyed, he turned his head and studied the boy's cheeks. The cheekbones were high and proud, like his own. With a rare genuine smile, he watched the boys' muscles melt into relaxation before him. True peace resided in those features now and while it made him jealous, he kept smiling nonetheless.

This was his protege. He had worked on him for fifteen years, well, off and on but still fifteen years. He had witnessed the transformation of Super Saiyan for the first time. He had felt that pure, rage of white power only a Saiyan can have. And he had felt the high energy from the very beginning. It had just needed to be brought out.

And with a terrible start, Vegeta realized, that what he was feeling right now was affection! Affection for this creature of his before him!

Not even he, could think of the correct response to this one. He stared blindly in front of him for a long while, wondering at his mind. It never stayed the same. But he had resigned himself to this a long while ago so he simply rested his head against the arm of the couch and let his mind drift. And then, propping one knee up for comfort, he watched his sleeping boy, musing. In a room filled with the glowing colors of golden dusk, Vegeta, The Prince, sat and just let himself be. He watched the dust flecks, traveling through the air on their way to some little dust place to settle. He listened to various clocks tick and chime, again and again throughout the house. He closed his eyes and breathed, matching the boy's rhythm with his own. He stroked his son's hair, smoothing it so he could stare at that beautiful wonderful face. He thought of how close they had grown through physical contact such as they were soon to have. He thought of the longing, the longing that was so apparent between them. And then, he thought of how un-Saiyan-like he was being. The petty feelings he was indulging in. He thought of how if his father knew his thoughts he would laugh at him. And he frowned. And wished his father had bothered to show him affection when he was a boy.

And not wishing to deny his own son such a thing, he slowly pulled down the blanket and lay his head on the boy's chest. His ear felt the vibrations of his heart, and he breathed deeply, savoring the smell forever and ever. And he waited. He waited for the boy to wake up so he could touch him. And finally place his tongue everywhere he'd always wanted.

* * *

If Trunks could have moved he would have beamed. Vegeta was watching him, watching him sleep. He actually cared enough to sit here with him, with no sex, and just be with him. He was so glad that they had finally found a way to communicate, to be close. He had wanted love from his father for so long! And now, now it was happening!

He sighed in his pretend sleep, and shifted so one leg dropped to the floor, creating open space between his legs, hoping he would see the opportunity his helpless sprawled body presented, and take advantage.

Oh how he ached at the heat he was feeling. He didn't know which part of him was being watched. It could be his stomach, his face, his spread legs, his feet, anything! Each part of him glistened in it's own heat. Oh the vulnerability he felt was sublime, erotic! He wanted to feel fingers on him, trailing lightly to make his skin shiver.

Oh Goten, he thought. Look what you made me do. Look at the things I do. What have I been reduced to that I would do a thing like this? Oh God, I want his touch. I need it please...

And finally, after many long long minutes of "sleeping," it came. Along his jaw and neck, three fingers slid. And they left in their path a shimmering trail of sensations, that indeed caused him to shiver. Down along his arm, to trace his muscles. Oh every one of them was traced! And then his bellybutton was outlined by the gentle pad of a thumb that slipped inside.

Everything was done so slowly, so cautiously, that he knew his father still thought he was asleep. The touch stopped, and he had never done anything harder than keeping his breathing normal now. His heart was going a million beats a minute. His legs ached to yank Vegeta against him. The hole in his lower body throbbed and so did the rest of him. He was of course hard-


Vegeta was kissing him! What to do what to do?

Trunks lay dead still and kept up his act of sleep. Warm lips were pressed up against his. Dry and short, was the kiss in itself. And then another one came. The lips were slightly parted this time, and a tad bit of suction was created as they pulled away.

Trunks didn't move. His insides were fluttering out of control. He wanted to move, he wanted to move...

But pretending to be asleep felt so good, he had to enjoy it just a bit longer. More watching. More being the most beautiful thing on earth. And then, wet warmth that licked the surface of his nipple. Trunks couldn't stand it anymore and pretended to wake. He moaned almost inaudibly through his nose as his father's tongue and mouth suckled and licked one of his most favorite spots. He stretched and sighed.

"Ah!" he cried without meaning to as teeth nibbled at tiny bits of him. Trunks pushed the nipple into the air, into that mouth. God he needed more, he wanted more. And he got it as a hand went under the blanket to slide up his leg, and touch his erection through his shorts in a surrounding, gentle squeeze. Trunks eyes flew open and his leg shot up to wrap around his father's waist, pulling him onto the couch. Vegeta had his eyes closed and his hands were slowly coming up to hold his face. Vegeta frenched his body, like Goten had never done. He scraped his teeth over his collar bone, to suck and bite on his neck. So different. So wonderful.

Lost to pleasure, Trunks hands grabbed Vegeta's shoulders, to pull him more fully above his body. Trunks clung to his back, pulling himself up in his sudden passion. Being held by his dick by his father, with only one leg and his butt touching the couch, the rest of him touching Vegeta, created a feeling he never could have dreamed of having. Ecstasy. Yes, ecstasy was what he thought it was.

"Do you like that boy?" Vegeta was as breathless as he was.

"Mmmm-hmmmmmmmm." His father lay his full weight on top of him now, making a pillow for Trunks' head with his arms. Both let the air from their lungs as they settled together. Trunks arched his neck and squeezed his eyes shut. His arms were already around Vegeta and he squeezed now from the intense closeness.

Vegeta had the presence of mind to shut and lock the door with his ki, and they lay there, shifting so their hardness were together.

"What do you like about it?"

God, what didn't he like? Their hearts beat, racing against each other. Their legs mingled, kicking the blanket away. Their bodies rubbed through their clothes, and Trunks wanted more and more. More of this feeling, so unlike one he'd ever had. Why couldn't he seem to get enough?


His father snorted. "What specifically."

Oh, how to chose? ""

Vegeta snickered and pushed himself up on his elbows. "Do you want to kiss me?"

"I'm not sure." Did he?

He didn't know but he did know that running his hands around his father's back was making the man very happy. The flush now reached his neck.

"Well, there's something I want to do to you." The man above him smirked with teeth and Trunks melted under that hunger. He felt so wanted, so lovely, so pleasing. He felt worshipped and loved and he liked that feeling very much. He was NOT going to give it up. He had waited so long for attention from his father, and he had it now. All the beatings, all the hurt feelings had been worth it because now he had the love he craved!

He would go along with whatever he wanted.

"What's that?" he answered, trying to be coy.


Trunks laughed softly, and looked away. He knew how cute he looked when he did that. And as he slowly looked back, he thought of how enticing he could be.

"Why don't you tell me?"

"Because I want you to guess." Vegeta's eyes held his own, and he couldn't break away. They were so black to him. Dark all around. His whole face was dark and always, always had such a deadly tint to it. He reached up and removed Vegeta's shirt, tearing it away like paper. Entranced, he scooted lower and stared at the skin. And saw for the first time the scars. Never had he noticed how many there were. The deep, more severe ones stood out always, he had noticed them before. But now, up close he saw they were everywhere. Short, tiny lines, thin long ones, stretched from his chest to his abdomen, and everything in between. Some even formed patterns, as if they had been put there deliberately. He squinted his eyes to make out what he thought looked like a word.

"B.......I......." he murmured the letters and traced them with his fingernail, so so delicately.

Vegeta's hand came down swift and hard against his temple.

"What do you think you are doing?" Trunks shrank away, shocked, but Vegeta pulled him up to his eye level. "Don't look at those, don't you ever look at those you hear me?!"

Frightened, Trunks nodded. "Good." He hit him again to emphasize his point and left Trunks lying on the couch. Alone and bewildered.

"Father...I'm sorry, okay? I didn't think you'd care." Vegeta hmphed and kept his back to him. Oh no, he had really done something wrong. He would never study or ask about the scars again. He hadn't meant to make his beloved father mad, he had only been trying to please him. It was a misunderstanding was all, surely he could see that.

Slowly , he rose and went to Vegeta, shaking, afraid of being struck. The scars on his back were not too many. He kissed his shoulder in careful hesitation, before teasing his fingers along his abdomen muscles and hugging him with his arms. Vegeta relaxed, and he knew it would be all right.

"Father, I love you." Vegeta did not answer, but Trunks knew his silence was his own form of agreement. They were one now. "What was it you wanted to do?"

Vegeta turned around and Trunks had to watch a deadly face of hate transform into a deliciously evil smirk. Before he even knew what was happening he was flung on the bed and the rest of his clothing was being removed.

"I want," a kiss on his neck, "you," on his chest, "in my mouth," his stomach, "right fucking now."

Oh my God oh my God holy fucking SHIT! Holy shit he's licking me his breath I can feel it I can feel it on my balls...


"Ohhhhhh myyyyyy Gooooood....." He could scarcely believe it. He squeezed his eyes shut and pushed more, deeper. He wrapped his legs around Vegeta's back. All of him, all of him was being licked and sucked. Suction, oh glorious glorious suction was all he felt and all he would surely feel again. He wrenched open his eyes, he looked down. And saw his father's head sucking on him, sucking on him as if to swallow it down. Oh shit he knew he couldn't last long. How could he deep throat for so long?!

Ohhh! Ohhh! "That-oh don't stop! Wh-whatever you're doing...don't stop!" His hips had been off the bed but now he pushed them against the mattress. He needed more, something different something more.

"Hush up up there," his father barked and their eyes met. Oh, he saw the bridges broken down and something deep and clear in Vegeta. A pleasure giving, sex fiend god. Was that real? Or was that just what he wanted him to see? He never figured it out because he was in that mouth again and he was moaning.

He pulled a pillow over his face to muffle his voice. His breathing was deep and long and as audible in his ears as probably anyone else's. His hand sought Vegeta's head. Oh, eternal goodness! He lost his fingers in black Saiyan hair.

He came.

When he next thought again Vegeta had half his body draped over him and now they truly were touching. His father pulled the sheets over them and kissed Trunks face and neck. He whispered hurried reassurances. His lips, why did he avoid his lips? Trunks smiled and closed his eyes, savoring the last bit of pleasure. If only he could freeze time like this, then life would be perfect. He pulled Vegeta's body close to his, and sighed with comfort. Oh bliss.

After a minute of resting, Vegeta began to push apart his thighs. When Trunks realized what he was doing he jerked them shut again. No, sex was to much...

"Father," he spoke the word as it was love itself. Though he was still breathing hard, he moved to do his part. He turned their bodies over, on top of Vegeta. He pulled down his pants.

Trunks had his cock in his mouth the next instant and started the most delicate, wonderful blowjob he knew how to give. Where Vegeta was violent, he was gentle. Soon Vegeta came. Silently. Trunks swallowed it all. After all, he was made from his father. He was only taking in part of himself.

Seeing his father's happy face made him glad. Very tired, he pulled the bedclothes along with him on top of Vegeta. He snuggled in on the side of his father and almost sobbed when Vegeta took him in his arms. He hadn't been hugged by the man since, well, since right before he had killed himself. He loved him so much right now he wanted to cry! In fact, tears did spring from his eyes but he was lucky enough to keep them from spilling over his cheeks. Instead he just smiled and whispered, "Papa." Vegeta stroked his hair and Trunks pressed his ear against his chest, and listened to that wonderful breathing.

He didn't care that they had just done something completely inexcusable. He didn't care that his own sex was pressed soft and warm between them. All he cared was that he was in a state of nirvana, and he was being held by the one he loved most. The thought crossed his mind that it could be damnable that he had taken his father into his bed. He did not care. Damned or not, he wouldn't give up this happiness for anything.

He wished he could read his father's thoughts right now. He wanted to know if the man regretted it. He thought of the almost desperate way Vegeta had sucked on his body. No, that was passion. His father had felt a passion for him. This made his whole face light up in a smile, and he kissed the flesh that rested against his cheek.

Finally, after twenty minutes of lying there between consciousness and sleep Trunks wondered what Goten would think if he knew.

"He'd kill me," he muttered mostly to himself.

"Who would?" Vegeta sounded truly calm for once, and the warmth increased inside of Trunks.


"Goten isn't going to know."

Trunks thought about it. No, of course he couldn't tell Goten. Hell, he couldn't tell anybody! No one would ever understand.

"Yeah, you're right. Nobody would understand."

"That's exactly right, nobody would."

Trunks' leg was falling asleep so he shifted to push both of his legs between Vegeta's. Vegeta growled in a friendly way and pressed his body over Trunks. The weight was deliciously heavy and he stretched beneath it. "Just stay like that." He chuckled, almost friendly like.

"As if you had a choice, now." Trunks laughed and enjoyed the pressure on his lungs.

Vegeta kissed his neck and his chest, playing with his favorite spot again. Trunks thought of their forbidden pleasures and touched Vegeta in love. Trunks enjoyed the soft tickles and sucking, and let his soft giggles and noises said so.

"Dinner!" They heard Bulma's voice over the PA system.

Both jumped up at the same time upon hearing the prospect of food. They looked at each other and laughed, Vegeta laughed! And Trunks, giddy to the core, pulled on his clothes with some difficulty. His father just playfully insulted him dressed more calmly. Trunks however, lost his balance twice and crashed loudly to the floor. In good spirits, Vegeta pulled him to his feet and they left the room together.

The air between them was light and joyous as father and son followed each other down to mother and wife.

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