Blood Runs Deep

The boy came home early. This was uncommon. Usually the puny sun dipped well under the horizon before the boy came clambering home. But today, it marked his arrival at three quarters. The promise to spar had been remembered and this pleased Vegeta.

He waited behind closed eyes, cloaked by the guise of sleep. As expected, Vegeta heard books being dropped in the boy's room and soon loud footsteps on the stairs. They stopped in the living room, leaving long distance between the boy and the resting Vegeta. At length they retreated and sounded in the kitchen. Vegeta listened to the sounds of pre-prepared food and sniffed the air. The boy had had sex today, something he could tell by smell.

Gross. The last thing he wanted was to risk any of Kakkorotto's son's germs.

The boy entered the room again, leaning into the door frame. He bounced his toe against the hardwood floor as he had done ever since Vegeta can recall. Vegeta considers him. So he really was queer.

"Hey Dad." Their silence is broken by the boy. Vegeta opened his eyes. The boy had dressed for a fight. He wore a white shirt and dark sweat pants. No shoes. "Wanna spar?"

Vegeta was always dressed for combat. He had no need to change. So he got up, exited the building and flew east. He took them to an ideal place for their fight. It reminded him very much of the place he and Kakkorotto first fought.

The remembrance of Kakkorotto again touched his anger. No one in that damn family was right.

They landed. "Did you see Kakkorotto's brat today?" He's curious as to what the boy's answer will be.

"We went to school together. You know that."

"Did you see him after that you idiot."


The boy was truthful, he could judge by scent. This was a saiyan talent he had chosen NOT to share with these pathetic earth saiyans. Without further words Vegeta attacked, playing. He didn't worry about winning. That would happen at the end regardless so for now he played. He absorbed attacks, blocking but never countering. He let them fall as well. He enjoyed feeling powerful arms smashing into him. It didn't hurt and it gave the boy pleasure.

He studied the boy's body as he moved. Delicious. Oh why hadn't he seen it before? The soft alluring draw of the boy was so obvious now.

He is glad he has found it.

Vegeta saw that he was being watched as well, though not as boldly. But as the boy pummeled him with ki, he felt the passion of the other's fight. He wanted to win, he wanted to beat Vegeta. He knew he wouldn't but at the same time he thinks he can. He had always been like that. Vegeta admired this more than he would ever admit.

The fight occupied hours. So far nothing existed in their contact like what existed this morning. Vegeta smiled as he betrayed nothing of what he was thinking. The need to touch hardened muscles had no place in this activity.

The boy kept his thoughts less private. In times of pausing his eyes carefully asked for a sign of something more intimate. Seeing no response he always turned again to assailment, not knowing the pleasure he brought Vegeta. The boy was clearly confused as this morning they had touched and now it was as if it had never happened at all. But Vegeta refused to clarify.

Vegeta laughed at him.

The fight wore on, became more real. Vegeta still hadn't taken the offensive. This seemed to infuriate the boy, who wanted the air cleared, though he is scared. Vegeta felt genuine affection for the boy, so he gives what he has yet to; a good beating.

He advanced towards victory slowly, defeating the boy honorably. Afterwards they sat and rested, silent. Still without speaking, Vegeta took the boy home. He proceeded to the kitchen, filling his empty stomach. The boy did the same. They did this at the counter, carefully avoiding the table.

"I went to class today." Vegeta looked at him and nodded.

He watched the boy's face move as he talked. He saw that when certain sounds were made, the tip of his nose bobbed. He saw that he wetted his lips often. Vegeta enjoyed seeing that red tongue dart out to lick. He bit his cheek when the boy chewed his lip, wanting to touch his own tongue to those teeth. He saw how the boy was nervous. How he twisted his hands together and looked down during his monologue. Hair fell into his face. Vegeta used one hand to push it back into place. This stopped the speech and the boy's eyes looked wide at him.

"Father....." Vegeta touched fingers to his lips and the words died in the air. The boy shied away but Vegeta took his face in both hands and moved him against the wall. There was an amount of resistance but he knew it was only for show.

The boy stayed tense and didn't move as he touched his chest. Through the shirt the skin was warm and hard. He was in heaven as his hands slid downwards to cup his waist, glaring.

For the first time since the boy came home Vegeta showed his thoughts with a wicked little smile. Immediately, this relaxed the boy who shone with one of his own. He was shy, unsure. Vegeta took the boy's arm, and lead him to the library down the hall. Here they were safe from others in the building.

He was concerned to see the boy trembling as they perched on a couch. He noted the apprehension and left briefly to retrieve something. He came back to a more composed son and clutching a book called "Orientation." Sitting close he showed the boy the pictures inside. Each page was filled with images of men with men, and women with women. There was text as well. Vegeta explained in his gruff manner how it talked about homosexuals, (which is the earth term for what they are). He tells his precious story about how the book helped him understand himself, and would the boy like to read it? He wouldn't.

"I've traveled many star systems and seen many many types of sexes. Hardly in nature do two of the same sex couple. This makes us a unique kind, but we enjoy pleasures others can't begin to comprehend. Your nature is the same as mine is it not?"

The boy's skin was faintly pink. "Uh, well uh, yeah....." quietly.

"Then since we have the same nature you can understand the isolation I must endure. There is no one to share my inclinations with. I am alone in this world, on this planet, alone with these...things."

The boy was amazed at this admission. So much that his eyes glistened with emotion. He felt privileged to receive such information, as he should. Though it would pain him to admit it, living so many years on such a boring little planet had softened Vegeta. He would never admit such an insufferable weakness but.....sometimes he wished there was someone...he could talk with...once in a while. The boy had taken his advances towards resect and opportunity and ruined them with talking and whining, running to his mother for babying. Nonetheless his treatment had made the boy strong. Physically and in spirit. The boy was tough because of him. But had he ever received any thanks for the way he treated his son? Of course not. But now, as the boy reached for his hand he smiled inside. They had finally achieved an understanding. And, he thought as their fingers touched, perhaps he might gain a new lover as well.

"Father." His voice was fragile. "I-I had no idea you felt that way." Vegeta smiled. This was almost too easy.

"Well it's about damn time you got it." He kept his words tame, even a little bit kind and the boy swallowed it hook line and sinker. With trembling hands the boy took hold of Vegeta's and gently squeezed. His wrists were caressed only the slightest little bit, but it stirred him immensely.

In that glorious moment he knew the boy was his. His, his, all his.

Vegeta took his son's shoulders and spread him out, down against the seat. When he sat on his legs, he was careful to keep their laps apart. An awkward moment like before would spoil everything.

Vegeta closed his eyes and loosed fingers over the nipples and rested on the stomach. Under the shirt they slid and both breaths hitched. He savored every last detail. He was so warm and so real. Vegeta's hands devoured the skin. But very slowly. And slowly he breathed the word, boy.

He received a strange look for this and reminded himself to be more careful. "My boy," his seducing voice murmured. "Tell me if I do something wrong." With barely controlled lust he removed the boy's shirt. There was no resistance. God, this was so fucking...............shit.

Holy fuck what a beautiful sight.

He had never seen the boy like this before, never seen anyone like this before. The chest rose and fell with short, shallow breaths. The body beneath him was tan and unmarked. The chin tilted upwards, so so willing. God that was so hot, so fucking unbelievably hot.....

He pulled off his own shirt, ripping it when it became cumbersome. This frightened the boy a little who shifted uncomfortably. But Vegeta left no room for hesitation and laid their bodies together.

The sensation of warmth between them further hardened his own arousal. He ground his hips into the boy's and felt the other's hardness as well. He'd longed to do this very thing, and now that he was certain his boy was a homo like he was, he reveled in it.

He quenched some nervous resistance by trapping the boy's legs with his own. Muscles flexed and pressed together but Vegeta was stronger.

"Father," the boy's voice was husky. "What are you--why are--stop, that's too much." So Vegeta did stop and let him slide halfway off the couch before flipping the boy over and laying atop his back.

The boy was surprised.

Vegeta slowly continued his dry sex and smoothed the boy's hair. "I'm not so bad to spend time with now am I?" He shuddered with breath and nipped the boy's ear. This didn't convince him, his son still tried to escape.

"Let me up!"

"We can finally spend time together." He still struggled. "I mean, since you're my damned son and all." These words did the trick and he smiled. This was going better than well.

"What?" Vegeta stopped moving.

"You're like me you know, strong. But you neglect your full potential. Pity." The boy said nothing, remaining still beneath him. "And you've managed some brains in there." A mocking smirk. "But you're brain's all clouded in with idiot's junk-this earth crap in your head. But at least you're smart enough to know what you want, to make your own decisions." Vegeta stayed quiet, letting his dick throb between them. This was a new kind of pleasure. Neither moved, just felt the closeness between them. A feeling so unlike any other stillness only intensified it. And it felt really fucking good.

"Now ask yourself this. Do you really want to get up? And if you do, will you lie awake all night wishing you'd stayed?" Oblivious to all else the nearness between them was strong. " 'Cause let's be honest boy, you've been thinking about breakfast all day long. So much so that you came home early looking for a spar and maybe something else? Would I be right?" He followed the boy's shifting gaze with his own.

The boy's eyes had been closed but now he opened them. "No, I haven't."

"What, been thinking about me all day then?"

"Yes. I mean no. I mean-"

"Hmph. YOU just need to relax that's all." The boy bit his lip, uncertain, and Vegeta wanted to lick it. "It's not right to go against your feelings boy, it's cowardly."

"THIS isn't right!" he cried.

Long moments passed before Vegeta sighed and got up. The boy obviously wasn't expecting this and body language showed his protest.

They sat side boy side listening to the clock tick. Somewhere outside construction was being done. Electric saws whined.

"Ah, don't worry about it kid, just watch me." And with that said he pulled his drawers to his knees and groaned lowly against the feel of his own hand.

Vegeta made sure to set his hip just right and bite his lip just so, as to create a glorious spectacle for the boy to enjoy. He closed his eyes and thought about mindless sex.

He got going real good then looked over to see the boy in careful observation of his deed. The arousal was plain as day on the boy's face and he moaned a bit for effect. He could learn to enjoy being watched.

:: God ::

He pleasured himself looking down at his nearly hairless saiyan sex, looking at it until he was close to the edge. He wondered if the boy liked what he was seeing. He wondered if it turned him on. Filled with lust he looked again to see the boy watching him. His muscles were tense and the arousal on his face was still clear, though he tried hard to hide it.

That was too much.

He creamed into his hand and on his leg. When he looked up again, he was surprised to see the boy watching his face, not his cock. Not one used to being surprised, he adopted a very sexy pose and a very wicked grin.

"That felt really fucking good." The boy swallowed. "Don't worry," he said with honesty as he pulled the boy's pants down, slowly. "I'm not going to." He ran his messed hand over the boy's entire length, and wiped his hand on the boy's leg. "Have fun."

He stared down at his creamy son and tongued the corner of his lip.

Then he got up, re-adjusted his pants and left the room, locking the door behind him.

* * *

Now Vegeta did not stop to consider his true feelings during all this. He knew what he said, and he knew his immediate thoughts, but he did not know his heart. And I believe this was a good thing because Vegeta's heart was dark. A cold graveyard of old memories; corrupting and controlling him to the point of.....well, to be perfectly frank.....complete and absolute madness.

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