Blood Runs Deep

It's been two weeks since I spoke to him. I mean really spoke to him. He's says he's busy all the time, we haven't gotten together in days. He's avoiding me. That's all there is to it. But why? Why would Trunks not want to see me? We see each other at school, and we usually go home together, but he's had 'stuff to do' after school every day so far this week. I don't get it. I'm thinking of following him. Does that make me the cynical evil boyfriend? Well you might as well lock me up 'cause I'm seriously considering it. If I don't find out what's wrong soon, I'm gonna do something rash. He won't tell me. He says he's fine. My ass he's fine! It's plainly obvious to both of us that he isn't. I'm going over to his house today, whether he likes it or not.

My history class is almost over. When it is, I'll find him out front. Damn, I can't pay attention. Booooring....


Soft billowing clouds, soft like cotton candy, feels like ice feathers


"Son Goten!!"


"Son Goten were you sleeping again?"

"No mamn."

"Yes you were. I swear, that's the last time. Go to the office. Now!"

"Yes'm," I grumbled and trudged out of the classroom, trying to hide my eagerness. I sped to Trunks' classroom, where I knew he would be. Basic Economics. I happened to know he did very well in there.

My eyes found his face before I saw him. I smiled, woozy in the stomach. He still sent me to pieces he was so damn hot. My perfect baby.

I shook my head. If he ever knew the way I thought about him, he'd call me a priss and gimme a black eye.

He mesmerized me. Strait purple hair that only I knew how soft it was. Leaning back in his chair, legs liberally spread, and he's looking out the window. He's bored. He's bored! Oh, how cute!

I blush, realize I'm doing it again. No matter. The bell will ring in five minutes or so.

I wait. The bell rings.

Students pour from the doors, hurrying to get away. People should really learn to enjoy school more, I think.

I fall into step beside him. "Hey," I say with a grin.

He's happy to see me. "Hey lover," he says softly, so only I can hear.

This makes me smile, and I think maybe it's okay after all. "So you wanna come over or something?"

He smiles apologetically. "Sorry, I'm going to the store."

"Oh. Well, I'll come with you."


Okay, that was easy enough. I pop in a piece of Trident gum. Trunks doesn't chew gum, so I don't offer him any.

"Oh wait, I can't."

"Can't what?" Of course.

"Go. I've gotta get home and help my mother with this big project we've been working on. She needs it for a client. I'd invite you but, well, you know."

I was sullen. Another excuse. "Project."

"Yeah." We're outside.

I don't want to hurt him, what if I'm just being paranoid? Playing it safe, I grumble I'll see him tomorrow, and jump into the air, faster than anybody would ever see.

* * *

Trunks flew towards home. He had to get home. He predicted his father's use of the gravity chamber today, and knew he wouldn't be allowed to join unless he got there before he started.

* * *

He's cheating on me.

He's sneaking off to see someone else, right now going to comfort in a stranger's arms. Or God, maybe it's someone I know.

Oh God, what if it's someone I know.

The only way to know for sure is to spy on him, but I can't do that, not to him. It wouldn't be right.

He's mad at me. Why would he be mad at me? Wait, maybe he is mad at me. He's been distant lately.

It's like he's forcing the conversation when we speak. I can see something wrong just beneath the surface of our friendship, a pulling away that he just habitually hides. Like he doesn't want to be with me anymore. This thought turns my stomach, wretches my face into worry--what has become almost perpetual worry.

More than the insecurity of his actions, is the gut-wrenching feeling that something's terribly wrong. I want to snatch him away and take him from all that's taking him away from me. So it's just me and him.

I would definently say he takes care of me. He looks out for me. But I PROTECT him. I keep him safe, from pain in his life. Our love is like that. Together we create this. But he's drawing away from me and I don't know what to do about it.

God Trunks......I feel like crying.

At home I am happy to see Gohan there with Mom. Gohan and I go for a walk in the woods, using fishing as an excuse to catch up. Gohan's my brother. I love him. I tell him everything. He knows all about Trunks and I (Trunks doesn't even know he knows, it's my only secret from him), and I confide in him my problems now.

"I don't think Trunks would cheat on you. And if he did I think you'd know instantly."

I scrunch my nose. "That's what I thought....."

"So relax brother, I'm sure everything is fine!"

No, no, everything is not fine. "Yeah, you're probably right." We come to the pond, neither eager to get wet. "But what about this weird feeling?"

"Something you ate?" I raise an eyebrow at him. He laughs. "Look Goten, everything is fine. You and Trunks have been best friends all your life and nothing's going to change that now. Nothing COULD change that, you hear?"

I sigh. "Yeah."

He claps a hand on my back, and I can tell he doesn't train much anymore. At least, not like Vegeta thought we all should. "So cheer up, it'll be fine. You're just paranoid."

Though my brother may be a certifiable genious, he was a little like our father when it came to inter-personal relationships. "Right Gohan, I see what you're saying." It was useless to talk to him sometimes.

"Glad to hear it. Now I don't really feel like fishing do you? Whadaya say we just tell mom they were all puny or something."

Right. Like that would work. Oh well, I nodded.

Back at home we ate, and then Mom made me go do my homework. I caught Gohan's teasing grin and knew he was remembering his days of high school slavery. Mom sure had an uncanny way, threatening even, of giving people the pure desire to finish their homework.

I called Trunks house less than an hour later. "I'm not sure where he is Goten, do you want me to tell him you called?"

Not sure? But he was suposed to be with her. "Yes please, please tell him I called." I hung up and stared out the window. Bulma wouldn't lie to me, why would she do that? So Trunks really wasn't helping her. Why? Why did he lie to me?

I thought of how I had comforted him only a few days ago, the day I had first felt the change in him, held him while he cried over Vegeta. Held him while my big strong Trunks cried because his father had been mean to him. Why wasn't he like that anymore?

That was it, I was pissed. I was going over there.

I slammed my book shut, and with complete disregard to my mother's feelings and rules, left immediately.

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