Blood Runs Deep

Rubbing sleep from his eyes, Trunks walked into the kitchen to find his whole family sitting at the table. He stopped. This was quite unusual.

"Morning Trunks!" Bulma chirped and ushered him into a seat across from Vegeta.

"Uh, morning Mom." Bra tried to greet him through her stuffed mouth but succeeded only in running syrup all down her front.

Bulma fussed over her. "Bra! Now I have to get someone to change your clothes before school. Honestly!" Bra giggled through her nose. "Trunks, honey, do you want some pancakes?"

"Yes please." He chanced his first glance at Vegeta. A mocking grin. Trunks quickly looked away in an attempt to hide his discomfort. Bulma set a heaping plate in front of him, offering a welcome distraction. Immediately, he started eating.

"Ow!" Bulma had grabbed his ear.

"What do you say Trunks? You think I like slaving over a hot stove to make breakfast for you every morning? How bout a little thanks huh?"

"Yeah boy, thank your mother." Vegeta reached over him to touch Bulma.

Trunks jerked his arm away. "Thank you Mother. They're very good." This satisfied her and she went back over to the stove.

"Trunks. Would you mind passing me the milk please?" Everyone turned to look at Vegeta. Politeness was not among his character traits.

Wordlessly, he did as he was asked. His stomach tightened as his father purposely brushed his hand over his as he took the carton.

Bulma mumbled something about manners as she left to answer the phone. Vegeta immediately started in on him. "Didn't see you yesterday boy, hiding from something?"

Trunks shrugged and didn't look at him.

"I thought you would be eager to ah-spar with me again." Trunks' face reddened.

" 's ok Daddy, you can spar with me if you want." Bra's red little cheeks puffed as she grinned through a mouthful of teeth and pancakes.

"Hmph. You couldn't last two seconds with me to save your life." He ruffled her hair affectionately and gave her a half smile. She beamed.

Turning his attention back to his son, Vegeta snorted at his silence. "Figures. I should have known you'd be a coward."

Trunks slapped the table and glared at Vegeta. "I am not!"

Smiling at the rise he'd gotten out of his son he smirked and added that while his sulking was understandable, it was indeed, proof of his fear.

"I had things to do that were more important than conforming to your stupid schedule. So why don't you just deal with it." Trunks was aware that he was being immature, but he didn't care.

Vegeta laughed softly at him and uttered a single insult. "Pussy." This enraged Trunks and he sputtered worthless words and tried desperately to think of something to say that would make Vegeta feel as low as he'd been made to feel. He looked towards his little sister for inspiration, but she was looking on clapping obliviously. Of course Bra had no idea what was going on, and now it was too late for a decent comeback.

Vegeta shook his head and narrowed his eyes. 'Pathetic' was what his gaze said, and it was worse than if he'd said it aloud.

"Second class weakling!" He said it too late, but it had more or less the desired effect.

" !!! Why you..." He jumped across the table and grabbed Trunks' collar, ready to pound him but a shrill voice intervened.

"Vegeta! What do you think you're doing?" They both turned to see Bulma glaring angrily from the doorway. Her look was stronger than both of their wills at that particular moment, so Vegeta dumped Trunks back in his seat and resumed eating as if nothing had happened.

Rubbing his neck, he looked up at his mother and immediately wished he hadn't. She looked royally pissed. At him. "Trunks, that was Goten on the phone." Trunks blinked and tried to act casual.


"Yes. He wanted to know why you didn't show up for school yesterday and if you were okay."

"Erm," he tried to think of an excuse as Bulma walked over to him and put a hand on the table. "He ALSO wanted to know why you didn't try to get ahold of him at all yesterday."


"Care to explain all-"

"Aww," Vegeta interrupted. "Kakkorott's brat is worried about him. How sweet."

"Shut UP Vegeta!" Bulma barked. Trunks didn't look away from the suddenly interesting table but he knew, just knew his father's eyes were laughing at him. "I told him he'd see you at school. That IS where you're planning on going today isn't it young man?"

"Yes Mom."

"Would you care to explain yourself? Because I could have sworn you told me you were going over to Goten's house after SCHOOL yesterday."

Trunks took a rather long gulp of orange juice.

"Answer your mother boy!" Vegeta slapped the glass out of his hand and it shattered against the wall.

"Vegeta! What in the hell did you do that for?!"

"Forget it Woman. Look, that damned robot of yours is already cleaning it up." He turned away to end the argument. "Well Trunks?"


"All over my nice clean floor! Honestly! What makes you think you have the right to destroy other people's things just because you get a tinsy bit mad, huh?" "OTHER people's things? They're my things too you know. They don't belong just solely to the high and mighty queen Bulma. Half of everything here is MINE."

"As if, Vegeta. You've never put one penny into this household, never done a lick of work the whole time you've lived here. For free. Under my good charity."


"Yes, charity you lazy good-for-nothing pig!" Furious and forgetting Trunks, she turned on her heal and swept out of the room as Vegeta cursed her and all women.

No one said anything and a dark cloud of tension fell over the room. Trunks ate quickly, vowing to go strait to school and say his prayers too if he made it through breakfast without another encounter. He didn't know what he expected really. For Vegeta to rage and yell at him, dragging him from the room and humiliating him again? For Bra to somehow sense from their thoughts what happened the other day? He didn't know.

Neither happened. In fact, he didn't even realize Vegeta was touching him until he shifted his foot, and found it coming away from something. He froze and moved his toe forward, felt a cool smooth material. Not the table leg...

Trunks slowly looked up and met Vegeta's eyes. They weren't mocking him, not really. It was more just a look of quiet observation, waiting to see what his son would do. Silent words passed between them and it was understood that Trunks wasn't going to move his foot away as Vegeta's brushed it again. Slowly, slowly the tip of his boot traveled over his foot, up his shin, rested on top his knee, then trailed back down again.

He didn't know why he didn't move. Why he didn't kick him away and smash the bastard's face in. He wasn't scared really. He knew he could get out of this situation if he really wanted to. But he couldn't bring himself to do it so he did nothing.

"Daddy I want some more milk!" Bra demanded, startling him. He looked over at his sister. Her shirt was all covered in syrup and her hair plastered to her face.

"You're a mess, Bra." He was surprised at how hoarse his voice sounded.

"Am not! I'm just hungry that's all!" She stared forlornly at her plate as Trunks poured her more milk.

"I think the pancakes are all gone. Do you want the rest of mine?"

Her round little face broke into a smile. "Yeah!" He pushed his plate towards her and she started in on them.

Okay. I'll just finish up my orange juice and then I'll leave. Perfectly normal-like.

He sipped it slowly though, preoccupied with his father's foot now sliding up his shin under his pajama bottoms.

"So...Trunks...any plans for the day?" The question was absurd.

"Uh..." Trunks could barely breathe much less speak so he just sort of shrugged his shoulders.

Vegeta scooted his chair in a little so he could get further up Trunk's leg. "Thought you could spar with me later. After school that is. Unless of course you and Kakkorott's brat have plans."

", uh, don't." Trunks fingers fisted around the edge of the table cloth in his lap. Vegeta hadn't touched him any further up than his mid-thigh and already he was harder than he'd ever been in his life. He really should get up. This was so incredibly wrong he could barely even acknowledge doing it but god, he couldn't...

"Good. We'll go out to the desert. Work up a nice sweat. Bra, go clean up." He watched her bound out of the room and remembered he was supposed to be answering something. "...right." He forgot what he was going to say as Vegeta's foot brushed over a bit of his cock and jerked abruptly away.

Trunks made a small noise of protest and they both froze, staring at each other. In that one sound Trunks had released more information about himself than even he had even been aware of. He opened his mouth to cover up the mistake, but no words came out and he forgot to shut it again.

Vegeta looked at him hard, letting Trunks read his eyes. Trunks inhaled a breath of surprise. Vegeta's face wasn't cruel, it wasn't even laughing. It was...calm. Soft for Vegeta and maybe even a tiny bit wary as he tried his approach for the third time.

Only now it was different. Trunks wasn't scared, just incredibly horny as Vegeta lightly toed him under the table. Feeling as though he was in another's body, Trunks played back and bit his lip when he felt bare skin brushing the top of his other ankle.

:: Oh god, his boot is off, he's sliding his bare foot up my leg and his boot is off and his toes are scrunching I can feel his fucking toenails... ::

"Wider." Vegeta commanded and even before the word was completely spoken Trunks spread his legs. Vegeta grinned wickedly at his eagerness and Trunks hitched in gasps as the arch of that foot found his erection and rubbed it against his thigh.

He saw white stars at the edge of his vision and moaned softly, pulling the table cloth dangerously close.

"Careful there." Vegeta stopped him from pulling the entire breakfast into his lap and removed his foot. Trunks involuntarily jumped forward at the loss of contact and Vegeta laughed softly, but it was a kind laugh. "Don't you have to be at school boy?"

Trunks didn't trust himself to speak so he nodded almost imperceptibly. They both said nothing, silently contemplating each other while they listened to Bulma chase Bra around over their heads.

They were still staring at each other when the doorbell rang and Trunks used the excuse to jump up and get it. It was Goten, his arms folded and looking cross.

He didn't give Trunks a chance to speak. "Look, I know things aren't always rosy at your house but that's no reason to treat me this way. I didn't do anything wrong and I deserve better than being ignored."

Trunks just stared at him. Moments ago Goten had been the farthest thing from his mind and now he was standing here angry with him? Why? Why was he drumming his fingers against his bicep, waiting impatiently for Trunks to say the right thing?

"So what's up with your disappearing act, huh Trunks?"

"Um," he suddenly understood what he was talking about. "Um, I'm sorry Goten, really I am, but can we talk about this somewhere else?" He glanced nervously back towards the kitchen; very aware of his father in there and very aware that if the two should meet Goten would surely discover all.

"Um, let me think about that--NO."

"Pleeease Goten, now's a really really bad time." He checked behind him again.


"Trunks!" His father's voice boomed throughout the entry-way. "Who's there?" Trunks literally jumped as all his muscles twisted into knots when he heard that voice.

"Nobody!" His voice cracked and he gulped, praying against hope that Vegeta would stay away.

But of course this drew Vegeta like a shark towards them. Trunks became visibly agitated and began stuttering nonsense about being glad he never had to take the bus to school and how good the morning air always felt.

Goten looked at him strangely, then looked at Vegeta, then back at him. :: Oh God, he knows, he knows... :: Trunks didn't dare look at Vegeta and didn't dare look at Goten for fear his guilt would be written all over his face. Goten took his hand and Trunks saw his eyes. They were full of hate and directed at Vegeta. "Com'on Trunks, we're going to be late for school."

Trunks looked at Vegeta glaring at his Goten and started to follow the younger out the door.

"Do you normally attend school in your night clothes boy?"

Trunks started, and realized he was right. He had almost walked off in his pajamas. He risked a grateful glance at his father, but saw him locked in a vicious staring war with his boyfriend. "Um, I'll be right back Goten."

"Take your time." Trunks nodded and started towards his room. Holy hell, why was Goten provoking Vegeta? Did he have a death wish or something? But the thought left his mind as he shut himself in his room. He didn't move for five whole minutes. He looked at the wall and replayed the events of breakfast over and over in his mind. God, what had he done? What in the hell had just happened?!

Utterly confused and not having a clue what to think, he did the only thing he could think of and dressed. He was done in record time and hurried back to the front door. Goten and Vegeta were still staring at each other. They hadn't moved. Trunks imagined if he wanted to he could slice the tension in the air with a knife. He had never seen a look of deeper loathing for a creature than he saw on Goten's face for his father. And he wasn't trying to hide it either. Vegeta stared right back at him, arms folded and wearing an icy glare. He looked dangerous, but he wasn't revealing anything he was thinking. He knew his father well, and knew that that could only mean he was rattled.

"Let's go Goten." He guided the boy gently through the door and they climbed the air slowly, leaving behind-if only just for the moment-everything but each other.

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