Blood Runs Deep

Vegeta was frowning as he stared at his son Trunks. The fifteen year old boy was busying himself with the repair of his Playstation, broken courtesy of his father who thought he played it too much. This was not entirely true, he really only played it a couple of times a week. But between that, school, and his busy social life, he spent almost no time training and in Vegeta's eyes, that was inexcusable.

"I've got it!" he exclaimed and quickly connected it to the TV. "All right, training mode, here I come!" He sprawled on his stomach with his controller and began to play, unaware of Vegeta's presence.

He stood in the doorway, leaning against it with his arms folded, glowering at his son. He had told him that video games were a stupid waste of time and kicked the machine across the room. Not very hard, but with his strength, even a small kick was enough to do permanent damage. He snorted. Or so he thought. The brat had inherited Bulma's understanding of machines and, much to his annoyance, fixed it. Another waste of time as far as he was concerned.

Trunks murmured something about being hot and peeled off his shirt. Vegeta gazed at his muscular back, unabashed. He was just beginning to notice that his son was starting to fill out in the shoulders, gaining more of an adult figure. He watched the way his muscles flexed and rippled as he moved to brush his hair out of his face. He snorted again. The boy would be tall, much taller than him. Future Trunks was proof of that. This annoyed him a great deal. Still, Trunks was his son, so it was impossible for him not to turn out well. There wasn't an ounce of fat on that perfect much like his own. Well, almost like him. While the boy may look fit, his fighting skills were pathetic and in sore need of improvement.

"All right!! I beat the training mode with a perfect score on very hard in under 15 minutes! Now I can get the 7 secret characters! It took me two days, but I finally did it!"

Who the hell is he talking to? Vegeta watched him for a while more, irritated that he would devote so much time to this useless hobby of his and neglect his training so. He concentrated his ki on the small gray box and it vaporized.

"What the fuck?!" Trunks jumped up and spun around to glare angrily at the perpetrator. When he saw who it was, panic flashed across his face so briefly Vegeta wasn't sure he even saw it before it disappeared. "What the hell did you do that for? I was playing that!"

"Big deal. Those things are a waste of time. I've told you this. I thought we had an understanding."

"Just because YOU don't like something doesn't mean I can't enjoy it!"

"Is that so? And just what do you think YOU are going to do about it, huh?" Trunks said nothing but bared his teeth.

"Do you want to fight me? Is that it? Ha! Do you actually enjoy losing to me time and time again?"

"I could beat you any day of the week FATHER," he hissed the word.

"Just try it." He crouched in a defensive position.

"But we should go outside. Mom will get mad if we fight in the house."

Vegeta snorted. "That's what I thought. Not only are you afraid to fight me, you're whipped by a fucking woman!"

"I am not!" he protested.

"Go for it then."

"Not here!"

"Have it your way." Vegeta caught Trunks off guard with a punch that sent him flying into his precious TV and through the wall. He smashed through several trees outside before sliding to a stop at Vegeta's waiting feet. "Well, aren't you going to get up?"

Trunks did his best to pull himself to his feet, but the effort sucked up all his energy, and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Vegeta grinned, gathered the boy up into his arms, and flew him back to the house. He noticed with satisfaction that Bulma's car was gone. Good. No annoying woman to tell him how not to treat his son. He went to his son's room and laid him out on the bed.

Vegeta sat on Trunk's hips straddling him. He looked down upon the boy and touched his face. It was soft. Too soft. A result of pampering and a lack of ki blasts. With an angry grunt he slapped him hard. Trunks eyes flew open.

Thinking he was had passed out in the middle of a fight, Trunks tried to get up, but found he was pinned helpless under a great weight. He struggled to clear his vision and shake the haze from his mind. It took a moment for him to figure out that his father was actually sitting on top of him with a twisted smile that Trunks knew all too well. It scared the shit out of him. He made an attempt to get up, but couldn't budge.

"Get off me!" he yelled, furious.

"Do not tell me what to do, brat. You are weak. You have no power over me."

"I am NOT weak!"

"Is that why I defeated you with a single punch?"

"That wasn't fair. I can beat you." Trunks made another feeble effort to free himself.

"You?" he sneered. "Now THAT'S funny. With all the training you neglect, I'm surprised you even managed to survive my attack. As it is, you passed out almost instantly." He spat on the floor.

"I wasn't ready. And you cheated somehow. We've sparred before. I know you're not that strong!"

"Fool! Do you think I've ever used my full power on you? I would have killed you, and then who would carry on my name?"

Trunks realized that this was true, and wondered what would happen to him now.

"Why are you sitting on me?"

"Why do you think?"

"How the hell should I know?"

Vegeta thumped him on the temple, slowly, patronizing. "You will speak to me with respect! I am your king."

Trunks snorted. "King? King of what? A desolate region in space where not even the most primitive of life-forms exist any-"

He was cut off as his father hit him with a very strong and very painful ki blast.

"BAKAYARO!" Vegeta spat, firey anger in his eyes. "You do NOT insult your father. You do NOT insult Vegeta-sei. You do NOT insult your heritage!" He directed another blast at the boy.

Trunk's cries echoed throughout the mansion. Vegeta continued for almost a minute before he was sure he had made his point. When he stopped, Trunks was breathing hard, eyes wide with pain and fury.

"You bastard... " Tears of rage were gathering in his eyes. Vegeta raised his hand with a grunt and Trunks cringed in fear, all bravado gone. "NO! Please no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry!"

Vegeta donned his self-satisfied smirk once again. "Good." Trunks looked up, afraid. Vegeta placed both hands beside the boy's head and leaned down close to him, their faces inches apart. "You should not speak to me with such disrespect, it's highly inappropriate. Though I must say I will enjoy disciplining you. Like always."

Vegeta kept staring down at him, his face stony and cold. Every time he tried to look away his father's growl forced him to look back again. He finally gave in and stared into those frightening eyes. His breath quickened and a heat began to stain his cheeks as Vegeta's cold black stare penetrated his own. Nervous. He was very nervous. Vegeta was really freaking him out. And was he getting closer? What the hell was he doing? Was he... NO. That was crazy. The bastard was just trying to intimidate him.

And it was working. He found the situation becoming very uncomfortable. Trunks eyed his father warily. Why was he so close to him? Why did his strange dark eyes boring into his own cause a shiver to dance throughout him? Why did his closeness not bother him as much as it probably should? Why was Vegeta's scent suddenly becoming so tantalizing in his mind? Why was he noticing how smooth his father's bronzed skin looked? Why was he having these thoughts? Why was the feeling of Vegeta sitting on top of his manhood causing it to stir to life? What? Oh no!

Vegeta's eyes grew wide with surprise as he felt his son's dick growing hard and pressing against his buttocks. He drew away from Trunks, who had turned beet red and was looking awkwardly around the room; at anything but him.

Vegeta stared at him, shocked. What was wrong with Trunks? Did his son actually enjoy where he was sitting?

"I'" Trunks stuttered, not knowing what else to say.

Vegeta's surprise gradually turned to amusement. "Look at me!" he hissed. Trunks closed his eyes. "Do it!" Humiliated, he did so. "You little fag. I can't believe this! You get pleasure out of me sitting here?" He laughed. "Shit, what kind of a sick freak are you?"

Trunks blushed even deeper and looked away.

Vegeta grabbed his chin and forced him to look back again. "Don't you have anything to say for yourself queer?"

"I'm not gay Father, it just.....happens sometimes. You know what I'm talking about."

"No, I DON'T know what you're talking about you filthy little pervert. To think, that a son of mine...likes GUYS! What the fuck's wrong with you?!"

"I do not!" He tried very hard to get up, but Vegeta prevented it by slapping him and pinning his wrists.

"You're not going anywhere." He scooted up onto Trunks chest.

"So tell me boy, are you a little slut? Going around with all your boyfriends and flirting like a girl?" His voice became more menacing. "Or are you the quiet type, watching big strong men from a distance and whanking off to them at night?"

"NEITHER!" Trunks voice cracked with embarrassed anger.

"Do you fantasize about me? Are you that fucked up?"

"Of course not!"

He took Trunks protest as confirmation. "Oh, that's DISGUSTING!"

Trunks shook his head desperately as Vegeta was enjoying his discomfort immensely.

"Oh yeeees, you do, I can see it in your eyes.



Trunks glared at him while Vegeta grinned over his mortification.

"So. You wanna suck my cock?"

"What? Of course not!"

"Oh, I think you do. I think you wanna feel my hard hot dick sliding down your throat. You wanna smell it and eat it up like the greedy little bitch you are." He rubbed his crotch against his face. Trunks cried out in rage and renewed his efforts to escape. "That's right, open your mouth boy."

"Mmmpf! What the hell are you doing?!"

"You wanna feel me? You wanna see what a real saiyan tastes like? A straight saiyan?" Much to Trunks dismay, he began to pull down his pants.

"Father, what are you doing? Are you fucking crazy?!" His voice held a hint of panic.

"You think you like my dick so much? Well let's see if you can take it boy. We'll see how much you like cocks after I get done with you." He exposed his flaccid penis and Trunks gaped.


"See if you can get this puppy hard for me." He grabbed his cock and rubbed it against his cheek. "Come on, suck dick like a good little girl." His laugh was getting meaner. "Is this what you dream about at night fag? Is this what you want?"

A door slamming downstairs stopped him.

"Trunks?...Trunks are you home?"

"Goten," he gasped, relieved. "Dad, it's Goten. You have to let me up." Goten was now coming up the stairs. "Dad? Dad! He'll come in here any second!"

Vegeta jumped off and fixed his pants moments before the door opened.

Goten waltzed lazily into the room in the same carefree manner of his father. "Hey Trunks, hey Vegeta. Why didn't you answer the door-?" He seemed to forget his question as he noticed how shaken Trunks was and Vegeta's scowling grin. "Oh, sorry. Um, I didn't mean to interrupt. I'll come back later."

"Oh, there's no need for that," Vegeta sauntered to the door. "Don't let me stand in the way of your 'time' together." He left with a laugh they could hear all the way down the hall.

There was an awkward silence before Trunks got up and went to the window. He hugged himself, stunned by what had just happened. His...his dad had almost made him...suck his dick. He had called him a little bitch. He had rubbed it on his cheek for Christ's sake! This thought brought the feeling of that warm softness touching him back all over again.

He shuddered.

What kind of psycho would do such a thing? And what the hell for? God, he felt like such an idiot. How could he have possibly let himself get a hard-on with Vegeta sitting right there?!

"Trunks? Are you-"

"God," Trunks interrupted and turned to face him. "He's...he's such a jerk..."

"What happened?"

"...H-he beat me up f-for no reason. No reason whatsoever. Just...just goaded me into a fight." He pressed his palms into his eyes until he saw spinning little white lights. "God! Why does he have to be so damn cruel.....why..." He couldn't continue, lest his voice might break.

Goten walked to his lover and embraced him. "It's okay, Trunks. That's just the way Vegeta is." Trunks remained stiff and unresponsive as Goten rubbed his back.

He fought valiantly the tears that were coming, but knew he couldn't stop them. Great. Not only do I get excited by my father, but I'm a pansy too. Fifteen years old and I still cry

They came and he surrendered to Goten's warmth.

"God, Goten," he sniffed loudly. "I-it was so awful. He...wh-what he did...God I couldn't believe it...he..." He couldn't continue and was broken by sobs.

Goten held him until Trunks calmed down. It took him nearly twenty minutes to stop, so he knew there must be a damned good reason for all this. "Do you wanna talk about it?"

Trunks was quiet for a while.

"No," he finally decided. "No, I think not."

"Um, okay." Goten was kind of hurt. Didn't Trunks know he could tell him anything, anything at all and he would still love him more than the rising sun?

They parted.

Trunks couldn't stop seeing the image of his father pulling down his pants. He squeezed his eyes shut but that was worse. Now he could --feel-- that slightly hard dick rubbing against his cheek.

NO. He couldn't think about it. Not right now. Not with Goten here; Goten, who could practically read his mind. Change the subject. Talk about something else. Anything else.

"I-I think my father knows about us."

Goten's eyes grew wide. "But," he fumbled for words. "But how could he?"

"I can't really explain it, but I'm pretty sure he does."

At a loss for words Goten cursed and gazed at the muscles moving in Trunk's back as he went to flop down on his couch. Oh that was too hot. Despite the situation, Goten licked his lips and went to lock the door before joining him. Trunks rolled on his side and Goten settled himself in so their chests were pressed together.

"I love you Trunks."

Trunks smiled, despite his torment. "It's your own loss baka." Goten kissed him gently until Trunks moaned, dismayed and forced himself to end it. "Yeah yeah, I love you too, but we can't do this here."

"I know." They lay silent for a few minutes.



"Maybe it's-I you think it would be so bad if he did find out? I mean, what could he really do about it?"

Trunks immediately stiffened, but Goten continued.

"Besides, I'm tired of having to hide our relationship from everybody."


"You know what I'd love more than anything else, Trunks? I'd love to walk down the street just holding your hand. That's all. Then everyone could see how much I love you."

"No," he said, almost panicked. "Dad can never find out. EVER. He already suspects something, and I'd prefer not to give him anything more to work with!"

The sweet tinkle of Goten's laugh made him shiver. "It's probably not a very good idea for us to be alone together in your bedroom with the door locked then."

Trunks hugged him tighter. "I need you right now." Goten sighed happily and absentmindedly traced his fingers across Trunk's chest.

Trunks closed his eyes, hoping to focus on his boyfriend. But all he could feel was Vegeta's firm butt pressing against him. God! Why couldn't he just forget about it for now?!

The sickening feeling it caused returned all over again. Goten giggled, thinking the arousal was for him and draped a leg over his hips. "The doors loooockeeeeed," he sang and nibbled on a nipple.

Trunks couldn't help but picture Vegeta nibbling on his nipple. "Get off!" he cried in alarm, jumped to the other side of the room, dumped Goten on the floor.

"Ow!" He'd landed on his tailbone. "Sheesh. Well if THAT'S the way you feel about it..."

Trunks ignored him and pulled on the nearest shirt. "I'm sorry Goten, I've got to go. Got to think. Can't be around anyone right now. I'm sorry."

And with that he jumped through the window and flew out of sight, leaving Goten to stare after him in open wonder.

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