We Were Angels - Part Four

When Kakarot arrived on Chikyuu, a messenger angel was waiting to meet him.

"Hello, my name is Lupi. If you'll follow me, I'll show you to your new home and introduce you to your new life."

Without waiting for a reply, the other angel began to walk off briskly. Hurrying to catch up, Kakarot was stunned when a man ran straight into him.

"Hey! Watch where you're going, pal!" the surly man yelled before moving on.

"He saw me, he hit me!" the ex-angel said in surprise.

"Yes, yes he did. You're a human now. Everyone sees you. They all see you ranting like a lunatic!" the messenger said impatiently.

Looking around, Kakarot realized Lupi was right. The people around him were giving him strange looks, so he decided to close his mouth and press on. Finally, the angel stopped in front of a medium-sized building. It was covered in gray brick and there were a few cracks in the stairs leading up to the main doors.

"This will be your new home, shall we?" she asked as she strode inside.

"Cherry Blossom Apartments," Kakarot murmured as he read the sign over the entrance. Noticing he was all alone outside, he quickly made his way inside the building to search for his guide. He found the waiting angel in the lobby tapping her foot against the wooden floor.

"Would you stop fooling around and come on! I don't have all day!" Blushing lightly, Kakarot told her that he would keep up. After a short walk up a flight of stairs, they arrived on the third floor. Passing the first four doors on the left, they stopped in front of room 39.

The impatient angel produced a key from a sack hanging from her hip and unlocked the heavy wooden door. Kakarot followed Lupi inside and stared at his new home. The main room had a plaid couch and loveseat resting on a dark green carpet.

The only other furniture in the room was a small TV and a floor lamp. From the door, he could see into the small kitchen with a white-tiled floor. Turning on the lamp, Lupi pointed out the bedroom and bathroom, both down a short hallway.

"You'll stay here while you're on Chikyuu. The manager will be keeping an eye out for you." Now pulling a small plastic card out of her pouch, the angel handed it to Kakarot. "This is your bank card. You have unlimited funds so you won't have to worry about food or rent. Also, now that you're a human, please don't embarrass yourself by trying to fly or use any of your powers, you can't. You aren't an angel anymore, you're a human."

And with those harsh words, Lupi blinked out of sight.

Kakarot stood alone in the humans' realm. He had never been so scared in his life, trying to wrap his wings around him, he was very dismayed to remember he no longer had wings. Slowly sinking to the couch, Kakarot held his head in his hands and began to shed silent tears. Why was he here? Why did he have to come to Chikyuu? Why did he have to be a human?

Then he snapped his head up in realization. Vegeta! It was all Vegeta's fault! If he hadn't been so evil, Kakarot would never have been put in this position! He abruptly stood, and with a determined look in his eye, he marched out the door of his apartment, down the stairs, and out the main doors. Once outside again he picked a random direction and began to walk angrily.

The fresh air slowly calmed him down to a rational point. It's not Vegeta's fault I'm here. I'm the one who let him get hit. I have to give him a chance or I'll never get home. He decided to keep an open mind and see if Vegeta had changed.

After an hour of walking, Kakarot was feeling tired and hungry. As he tried to figure out where he was, he heard the unmistakable sounds of flesh pounding flesh.

Walking warily towards the commotion, he heard screams of violence and moans of pain coming from a nearby alley. He rounded the corner and saw a group of rough-looking men beating an unidentifiable figure.

"Oi! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!" he yelled at the ruffians. The leader turned to reveal a scar running from his eyebrows to his chin and a crooked sneer.

"Someone like you?" he asked in a deep baritone.

"Maybe," Kakarot grinned as he prepared to teach the filthy humans a lesson.

"Come on, boys, this guy wants to play too. Let's not disappoint him!" The other two men laughed maliciously as they cracked their knuckles loudly.

The leader rushed forward and before Kakarot could react, a strong blow hit him across the face.

What the hell? I'm faster than this! He tried once more to dodge, but was again hit by the gruff man. Soon, the other two joined in and began to brutally beat Kakarot. When he hit the ground, they began to kick him in the face and sides.

These humans shouldn't be any problem for me! I'm an ang...I'm an an...I'm a human.... As his vision began to be clouded by blood, he heard a voice ringing through the haze of pain he was in.

"You may have caught me by surprise before, demo, now you won't be so lucky!"

Kakarot slowly cracked open his eyes to see a dark figure begin to knock out the people who had been slowly killing him.

He couldn't make out the face, but it didn't matter as he slipped into the welcome darkness.

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