We Were Angels - Part Five

Light rained down painfully on Kakarot's eyes. 'Where am I? What happened?' Sitting up, he groaned as the quick motion sent his head reeling. Gripping his head as he lay back down, he tried to recognize his surroundings.

"Be careful. You had several blows to the head." Kakarot nodded wearily and tried to swallow the blood pooled in the back of his throat.

"Drink this." Something was pressed to Kakarot's lips and he opened them obediently. A cool, refreshing liquid was poured over his tongue and he drank greedily.

"Not too quickly. That's enough." The cup was withdrawn and Kakarot gave a whimper of protest. "Can you sit up now?" the mysterious voice asked him.

Coherent now, Kakarot recognized the voice as being the same one who had rescued him; he also recognized it as being the same voice he listened to every day. The voice of Vegeta.

Blinking to adjust his eyes, Kakarot slowly sat up with the help of a small hand on his back. Focusing on the figure in front of him, Kakarot realized it was indeed Vegeta that had helped him. 'Vegeta?

Why did he help me? I'm surprised he didn't kill me himself. Maybe Bardock was right....'

"Why did you help me?" Kakarot rasped.

"Would you rather me to have left you there?" The beaten man shook his head no.

"Can I have more water? Onegai?" Vegeta cocked an eyebrow at the sudden topic shift, but nodded anyway. Walking to the sink, he refilled the small plastic cup with cool water. Handing it to Kakarot, Vegeta sat back down on the floor next to him.

Kakarot closed his eyes as the cool water slid down his throat. As he drank, he thought back on Vegeta's cryptic answer, but decided not to press the shorter man for answers. Opening his eyes again, Kakarot noticed Vegeta staring at him.


"Why did you try to pick a fight with those men? Surely you didn't think you could actually beat them."

"I saw them hurting someone and I thought I could help," Kakarot said miserably.

Vegeta remained silent, eyeing the man curiously. Suddenly, a loud grumble was heard through the room.

"Eh he, I guess I'm a little hungry," Kakarot explained, blushing as he put a hand behind his head. Vegeta stood and informed Kakarot that he would fix him something to eat'What's with Vegeta today? He never acted like this before. Normally, he wouldn't care what happened to anyone but himself.'

Kakarot sat contemplating but, sounds from the kitchen brought his attention back to the outside world again. He tried to stand so he could at least help, but found that he was still too tired and battered.

Glancing down at himself, he realized the only thing he was wearing was a sheet. He wondered why Vegeta had taken his clothes, before gingerly taking stock of his injuries. There were mainly bruises, but there were a few cuts and grazes as well.

Vegeta soon returned carrying a tray full of sandwiches and sat it beside Kakarot. Without needing encouragement, Kakarot began to eat hungrily.

"This is good, but, um... where are my clothes?" he asked between bites.

"Washing," said Vegeta as he thought of the orange robes the man had been wearing. 'Maybe he's some kind of monk.' Kakarot hurriedly finished off the sandwiches and patted his stomach in satisfaction.

"Arigato!" A faint beep in the background broke the silence that had descended over the two. Vegeta walked off to collect Kakarot's clothing, leaving Kakarot in the living room.

"Here, get dressed." Kakarot nodded and stood shakily to get dressed. Turning, he exposed his back to Vegeta.

"Where did you get those scars on your back?" asked Vegeta.

"Na--?" Kakarot asked as he turned his head to catch a glimpse of the scars. Craning his neck, he was able to see two identical scars going about seven inches down his shoulder blades. 'My wings....' He turned his head back before Vegeta could see the tears welling in his eyes.

Giving a small cough, he tried to keep his voice steady. "I-I guess I've always had them," he answered.

'Hn. Look pretty recent to me. Where did this guy come from? If he has all those muscles, why couldn't he defend himself?'

Vegeta thought as he crossed his arms and scowled. Kakarot quickly pulled the tunic over his head before any more questions could be asked.

"I guess I should be going is there anything I can do to repay you?" he asked earnestly.

"It's not necessary," Vegeta said, even though he was thinking something else entirely.

He led the way to the door and Kakarot left silently. After Vegeta closed the door, Kakarot walked away slowly. 'That was weird. I don't remember the last time Vegeta actually helped someone beside himself. I'll keep an eye on him and see if he really has changed.'

Pausing, he turned back towards the small house.

"My name is Kakarot. See you round Vegeta" He smiled as he walked away.

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