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We Were Angels - Part One

With much flapping of wings and excited murmuring, the newly graduated angels stood in line. Today, they would finally be able to go out on their own with their new assignments. Kakarot bounced on the balls of his feet as he impatiently counted the number of angels in front of him. He folded his arms and let out a huff as the person in the front of the line stopped to ask some mundane question. After waiting several more long minutes, it was finally his turn.

"Oi, Dende! Did I get someone good?" he asked excitedly.

"I don't know yet, he was just born!" the young guardian said with a smile.

"I hope so! What's his name?"

"His name is Vegeta, here's his folder. You can go join the others who already have their assignments over there."

"Arigato, Dende!" The young angel bounded off to meet with his friends.

"-lives in Japan," said Raditz as Kakarot came over.

"Who live in Japan?" asked the bubbly angel.

"My human, his name is Yamcha," Raditz answered.

"Who did you get, Kakarot?" asked Turles.

"His name is Vegeta, that's all I know."

"That's why you read the file!" Raditz said in exasperation.

"Oh yeah!" Kakarot said as he put his hand behind his head. He opened his folder and sat down on his Nimbus cloud to read through it. Glancing at the picture of the newborn, he smiled at what a kawaii kid he got. The others peered over his shoulder to catch a glimpse, and he proudly held up the photo so they could see.

"Aww, he's prettier than mine!" pouted Turles.

"Let's see yours then, Turles," suggested Raditz. With a sigh, Turles dug through his folder. Pulling out the picture, he held it up for the others to see.

"He doesn't look that bad, what's his name?" Raditz and Turles sweatdropped as they looked at Kakarot incredulously.

"Kakarot, that's a girl," said Raditz.

"Really? How can you tell?"

"It's a girl and her name is Chi-Chi!" growled Turles.

They continued talking for some time until their teacher, Bardock, called everyone's attention.

"You have all received your assignments. You have worked very hard to reach this day and I am proud of all of you. Watch over them and keep them safe. Now, go and meet your human, because you will be spending the rest of their lives with them." The older angel turned and strode away, ready to train the next batch of angels who wanted to be guardians.

"Yatta! Finally!" said Raditz. With a firm handshake to his companions, the burly angel flew off.

"Hope he turns out well, Kakarot!" shouted Turles as he too departed, leaving Kakarot to his own devices. Glancing once more at the picture, Kakarot took a deep breath before hoping on Nimbus and riding to Chikyuu.

Kakarot landed outside a small hospital and looked it over curiously. Scanning the building for Vegeta's ki, he walked inside. As he inhaled the scent of new life, he located the newborn and began to make his way to the baby room. Once he got there, he peeked inside the window and saw Vegeta. Making his way inside, he came to stand next to the human and looked at him in adoration.

"Beautiful," he whispered. The infant turned in his sleep, rays of light highlighted his dark hair. Kakarot lingered over him a little longer before looking at the other babies gathered in the room. He studied each of their faces carefully before deciding that Vegeta truly was the most beautiful baby in the room. He walked back to the cradle that held his charge and peered in again. Vegeta was laying in the fetal position and his fingers twitched lightly in his sleep. Kakarot pulled the light blue blanket over the sleeping figure and leaned down to plant a light kiss on his forehead. With a genial smile, he left the room to return to the heavens and watch over Vegeta from there.

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