We Were Angels - Part Two

The years passed and Vegeta grew to be a be a handsome young man, and although Kakarot had always been there for him, life had not been easy for Vegeta. Growing up in a broken home, his father was an abusive alcoholic and his mother didn't notice much outside the pills she took. He dropped out of school in the ninth grade and became involved in gangs.

It broke Kakarot's heart to watch his beautiful Vegeta get into trouble so often, but, every time Vegeta broke the law or got in a fight, the angel's love for him faded. Kakarot began to distance himself from the man, only watching him when he was in danger.

Where as most guardian angels knew everything there was to know about their humans, Kakarot could tell you very little of what Vegeta did. Since he only watched when Vegeta was fighting, that was all he knew of him.

However, as Vegeta grew older, he settled into a steady job and began to live an honest life. Although his past sometimes haunted him and former rivals still started fights with him, he now led a pretty average life.

The disheartened Kakarot began to avoid his friends as they all had happy, successful humans. Raditz would brag that Yamcha was in school to become a doctor and Turles would tell of how powerful the Ox-Princess had become. Soon, Bardock took notice of Kakarot's behavior and cornered him on the subject.

"Kakarot, what has been bothering you lately? You used to always be in a cheerful mood, but over the years you've grown so distant. What's wrong?"

"It's Vegeta." Bardock gave a nod of his head. He had heard rumors that Kakarot was no longer happy with his human.

"What about him?"

"Well, everything started out so nice and Vegeta was so happy, but then his parents lost their jobs and they began to take it out on him. He was just six years old. Then, he started getting into trouble with authorities and he dropped out of school. He was so smart! He could have been anything he wanted! But he threw it away for a life of crime and flipping hamburgers at some diner! I just want to know why he did it!" Kakarot looked to be close to tears at the tragic tale of Vegeta's life.

Bardock let out a deep sigh and put his hand on his former student's shoulder.

"Kakarot, humans are the most complex creatures ever created. I know it's hard to understand what motivates them to do certain things, but you realize, the more you get to know them, the more you can fathom their ways. None of us angels will probably ever truly understand everything that makes humans tick, but we have to accept them for who they are. We can't do anything to change them, we merely keep them out of harm's way while they try to find their role in life. I'm sure if you spent more time with Vegeta that you could understand him better. In order to truly appreciate someone, you have to take the time to get to know them." Bardock looked over at Kakarot who was snoring away. Angrily, he pushed the sleeping angel over.

Kakarot stood up rubbing his butt.

"What was that for?" he whined.

"For falling asleep during my speech!" Bardock yelled.

"I was listening the whole time, really!"


"What was that last part again?" Kakarot asked as he put his hand behind his head.

"I said: 'Get to know Vegeta better'!" he said sharply.

"Oh. Thanks for the advice, Bardock!" The young angel bounded off, feeling slightly better. Bardock sighed as Kakarot faded into the distance.

"I have a feeling something bad is going to happen between Kakarot and that human. I just hope he takes my advice."

Sitting down on his Nimbus, Kakarot resumed his vigil over Vegeta. 'Another fight? Doesn't he ever learn? Baka. All he ever does is fight! What more is there to know about him!' After his talk with Bardock, Kakarot tried to understand why Vegeta was pummeling the other man into the ground, but he just couldn't figure it out.

'Maybe Bardock's wrong, maybe I'll never understand him.' Kakarot's hope faded and by the end of the fight, he was back to his aloof self. 'Vegeta's wrong! People like him don't deserve to be protected! They only deserve to be taught a lesson!' As Vegeta stumbled out of the alley, a little woozy from his fight, he didn't notice the car speeding towards him rapidly.

Kakarot noticed it however, and leapt to feet to save Vegeta from certain disaster. Pausing to think it over, he faltered in his rescue.

'What if I let him get hit? He'd never know. I'd be doing the world a favor! But I can't let him die! That goes against everything I've been taught! They'd rip me of my rank in no time! I'd never be able to be a guardian angel again!'

While he was arguing with himself, the car was racing closer to Vegeta.

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