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“What do you mean by that? The confused warrior exclaimed. “How do you know anything about Namekian physiology?”

Juunana-gou sat there keeping his expression under tight reign; he did not want to scare her with his smile. “My brain is mostly computer. You presented me with a problem at our last meeting; I researched and compiled data until I figured it out. Your problem is that you’re female – which isn’t a problem at all.”

“How can I be female if Nameks are asexual?” Piccolo challenged.

“Nameks only reproduce asexually because there are no other genders around them, “ the cyber-teen explained. “If there is someone who is of a gender – either male or female – around a Namek at the right time of development then they will develop into the opposite.” The green one stood there and crossed her arms defensively across her chest. “And what makes you say I’m female?”

The slender youth stood up and cocked his head to the side. “Piccolo, look at yourself and then look at me. I am completely male; what do I have that you don’t have?”
”You have hair on your head,” Piccolo said quickly without really looking.

Juunana-gou did not know if his companion was being serious or sarcastic. “Ok, I’ll make this easy on you. What do I have below the waist that you don’t have? This should be quite easy now.”

The Namek looked at the naked youth in front of her. It was a long and thorough examination. The cyborg was about to make a snide comment but the green one spoke up, “I only thought Saiyans had that but I guess humans have it, too.” ”Now we’re getting somewhere,” the cybernetic teen said smirking. “No, you’re close. Males have this and females have what you have.”

“I don’t have anything,” Piccolo argued getting even more defensive. “I’ve never seen anything there.”

Juunana-gou tried to stay cool and collected even when his companion was getting slightly angry with him. “Have you ever felt anything down there…with your hands I mean?”

“No, why should I?” she was starting to get confused as to where the discussion was going.

The dark-haired boy walked over to his statuesque friend. “Ok, don’t freak out, but I’m going to touch you to prove to you that you have female parts between your legs.”

“Why should I let you? I don’t like being touched,” Piccolo growled backing away slightly.

“Trust me, it will settle this dispute and it won’t hurt,” the youth said coolly and then smiled. “You may actually like it.” The green warrior took a single step forward and the android took that as consent. He knelt down and reached a hand between her legs. Finding what he was expecting, he decided to at least reward her for her willingness to participate. He ran his fingers slowly across her warm flesh. Then he gently passed his thumb over her small nub of flesh.

Piccolo’s eyes got as wide as saucers at the teasing fingers on her secrete flesh. Her knees got slightly wobbly and she found it hard to stand still. “What…what did you do?” her voice shook.

“I was proving that you have female organs,” Juunana-gou said smirking. He ran his fingers over her wet folds one more time before standing up again. “I see you liked that.”

The Namek shut her eyes for a moment as her cybernetic confidant toyed with her. When she opened her eyes to look down into icy blue ones, she quietly whispered, “You knew that I would react…this way…to your touch?”

Her lack of vocabulary and understanding was quite evident to the youth. But he just shrugged, “Like I said, I have a computer for a brain…”

“Well,” she interrupted before he could say anything else. “Compute this.”

She leaned down and pressed her lips to the youth’s cool ones.

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