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Btw: From now on, all pronouns that are used in regards to Piccolo are feminine, unless someone who is among the uninformed refers to the Namek.

The kiss was practically over before it started. It was just a chaste touching of two sets of lips. The initiator not quite sure of what she was doing while the recipient was not quite sure what the other was doing either. They broke apart both shocked and equally confused. For a moment, all they could do was stare at each other. The mechanical boy was the first to vocalize.

“Wh…what was that…”

“I..uh…I think it was a kiss…” the Namek whispered.

“I know that,” the youth said regaining some control of his self. “But what was it for?”

“I’m not sure,” Piccolo said sounding like a scolded child. “I saw a human do that to another human before. Did I do it right?”

Juunana-gou looked at his green companion standing mere inches from him. The Namek had a troubled look on her face. Staring into her face, her high cheekbones and angled eyes did make her seem more feminine than was first assumed. The alien’s expression was strikingly human on her green face, albeit a fairly elfish looking face. The cybernetic teenaged boy put a thoughtful look on his face and said, “Not exactly. You had the basic idea but not all the technical aspects of it.”

“Oh,” she said sounding somewhat hurt.

“You see, you got the lips touching part but there’s more to it than that. You have to, well, you have to move your lips some and then you can, ah,” Juunana-gou searched the vast database of his brain for a way to explain something that he, himself had never done. Shaking his head he decided to try another way of teaching his friend, “It’s hard to explain. I guess that I’ll have to show you.”

With that, the dark haired boy stretched up to bring his lips to the green warrior’s. He started the kiss slowly to allow time for Piccolo to catch on. As she started to respond, he brought one of his hands up to her face and closed his ice-blue eyes. After a moment, he traced his tongue across her lips. Taking advantage of her surprised gasp, he deepened the kiss. Taking a moment to explore her mouth, Juunana-gou ended the kiss and opened his eyes.

Piccolo lifted a hand and ran it across her moist lips. “What…was that?” She asked timidly.

“That,” the android said as a wry grin spread across his face. “Was a kiss.”

“I didn’t know it involved,” a slight purple blush swept across the Namek’s cheeks as she spoke. “That.”

Juunana-gou almost laughed at her. She looked so much like young girl right then that it was hard to imagine that she was one of Earth’s greatest warriors and a former Kami. For some strange reason, he liked the thought of the Demon King being so innocent of something so simple. “We could try it again, if you want…”

Somehow the innocence disappeared from Piccolo’s face instantaneously as she quickly locked her lips with the cyborg. She was definitely a fast learner and a willing student. The android’s tongue was allowed quick access into the heat of her mouth to explore at will.

Juunana-gou could not help but think of erotic thoughts as he traced his tongue over her sharp fangs. Thinking of vampires and the sexual overtones held within the stories about them, his mind started to reject rational thought. Bringing his arms around the muscular form of his partner, he brought their bodies even closer together. When two green and pink arms encircled his body, he was reminded of their current state of undress.

Even though his semi-computerized mind was telling him that he was sucking face with the Namekian warrior, Piccolo, his body was screaming that he was being kissed and embraced by a female. Even though his unfeeling, android brain was telling the truth, his body would hear none of it. His scientifically enhanced body won the battle and started to respond to the contact.

The taller one chose that exact moment to break the kiss to breathe. Juunana-gou looked up at her through dark lashes. After filling her lungs with a few deep breaths, the Namek spoke. “You’re too short, I’m getting a stiff neck from bending down.”
The remainder of his human, teenaged boy hormones kicked in and Juunana-gou waved good-bye to all rational, computerized thought. Keeping hold of the girl-namek, he gently laid her down on the soft grass of the riverbank. Leaning down over her, his hair fell forward framing both of their faces. After a second of examining each other faces, the youth found himself being pulled down into a kiss with the willing warrior. This time, he was pleased to find that Piccolo was no longer a passive recipient of the kiss but an active participant.

Minutes passed and their world was reduced to lips, hands, and emerald flesh touching porcelain. Piccolo again was the one to stop the oral onslaught being the only one who required oxygen. Gasping for breathe, she became very aware of the new and unknown sensations she had in the area of her body that the cyborg had showed her that she never knew was there. She was also becoming aware of the body resting on top of her and its seemingly new state. “What’s going on? Is that supposed to do that?” she asked nodding towards her companion’s lower anatomy.

It was Juunana-gou’s turn to blush slightly. He recovered himself quickly and answered with a smirk, “You see, the parts that make one female and the parts that make one male were made for each other. They fit together, male in female. It is supposed to be a very pleasurable experience.”

“You say that as though you don’t really know,” Piccolo stated as she reached up and tucked some of the boy’s silky, black hair behind his ear.

“I’ve never really done it before,” he replied licking his kiss-swollen lips. “Of course, I wouldn’t know if it was pleasurable or not. Pleasure is an emotion and as an android I have no emotions.”

“Would you like to try?” the Namek encouraged. “I wouldn’t mind trying it. I mean, this kissing stuff is pretty good and I would like to see what the rest of it involves. We should try it, unless you’re scared…” ”I’m not scared of anything!” The cyborg declared as he attacked the other’s lips with newfound ferocity. Two sets of hands made their way lower and lower down each other’s bodies. Juunana-gou let out a soft moan as he found himself simultaneously touching and being touched. As one hand explored the textured skin of his lover, the other explored her wet folds. Soon he found that her body was arching towards his with desperate need. He slowly removed her hands from his throbbing flesh and pinned her wrists to the ground. Closing his eyes as he slowed their kiss, he drove himself completely into her warm body.

Pain and surprise shot through Piccolo’s body causing her to bite down on the boy’s lip. The pain quickly became a forgotten memory as their bodies started to move in unison. The youth released her wrists and she brought her hands up to his back. Soon, she could not distinguish who was making the loud moans resounded in her pointed ears.

Icy blue eyes met fathomless black ones as the pace became more frantic. The green-skinned girl’s muscles clenched as she let out a loud scream. The boy’s body responded quickly to his lover, releasing itself with a final thrust.

Long moments passed as their dizzy brains were fogged with the pleasure of their union. The manufactured youth rested his head on the Earth-born alien’s chest. The hazy world seemed to be slowly creeping back into focus to the pair.

“What hap-happened?” Piccolo asked breathlessly.

“We fucked, rolled in the hay, boffed, humped, screwed, did the horizontal tango,” Juunana-gou said laughing slightly. “In other words, we had sex.”

“Oh,” the Namek said mentally putting a meaning to the phrases that she had heard from various places before. “I would say that it was pleasurable. Especially the end…”

“That is called an orgasm,” the cyborg corrected.


“A big O actually.”

~ * ~ * ~ Two Months Later ~ * ~ * ~

Juunana-gou found himself walking through his woods again. He was not exactly in a good mood and was hoping, strangely, that the Namek would be around somewhere. He had only seen her a few times over the past few weeks, but every they met, they would spar and then have sex.

“You know, tin-boy, you walk loud enough to scare away all the animals in the forest.”
The voice startled the youth and he looked around for its source. By the tree that they had first encountered each other a few months ago, was Piccolo. She was just standing there with her arms cross and a mischievous smirk on her face.

“Only animals with ears as big as yours, spinach-brain.”

“Where’ve you been lately?” the green warrior asked tauntingly. “Found someone better to screw?”

“No. My sister had to go and marry that bald monk-friend of yours.”

“I know, Gohan told me.”

“Why didn’t you go then?”

”I don’t do well around people.”

“I understand completely,” the cyborg said. “So, what are you doing in my neck of the woods?”

”I came to tell you that you were wrong.”

”I’m never wrong,” the boy argued jokingly. “But go ahead and tell me why you think I am.”

”You weren’t right about me being female,” Piccolo stated coolly.

“And why is that?”

“Because, what was happening when you first found me here hasn’t happened since you tried to tell me I was a female.”


“The discomfort, pain, and bleeding hasn’t happened again” she replied as if to say ‘I told you so’. “So that means you were wrong.”

”Oh, shit!” The mental overload was just too much for him to compute so Juunana-gou promptly fainted.

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