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A/N: Pronouns are a pain! I use “she” when Juu is referring to Piccolo but “he” when Piccolo is referring to himself…er…herself. (since he…she…IT doesn’t think of ITSELF as female yet)

RP, the line followed by * is especially for you…

“Spying again, android?” the floating Namek asked without opening his eyes.

“You could sense me coming?” Juunana-gou asked a bit shocked. He knew that the others could sense ki but he did not have any.

“Not really – heard is more like it,” the green-skinned one replied smirking. “These pointy things on my head aren’t just ornaments, you know.”

The cyborg laughed as he sat down in front of Piccolo. He settled down so that he was sitting Indian-style much like the other warrior. “A Namek with a sense of humor, wonders never cease.”

“There’s more to me than you know,” Piccolo joked further still staying in the meditative position.

“There’s more to you than even you know, Piccolo,” the youth baited.

The alien’s eyes snapped open at that comment. He did not know how to take the comment, the actual use of his name or the smirk now prominent on the android’s face. He had to admit that he never really knew how to take the cyborg. His mood sobered quickly. “So, what exactly do you want?”
”What we talked about last time,” Juunana-gou smirked again waiting to see how the Namek would take what he said.

“I’d rather forget our last meeting.”

“No, not that,” the cyber-teen laughed. He had gotten the desired reaction. “Let’s spar.”

They both stood and made their way towards a clearing. Neither spoke as they walked slowly although it was not an uncomfortable silence. After they stepped back into their stances, the blue-eyed boy smiled ever so slightly while saying, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”
”Really, now?” The Namek purred while raising an eyeridge as if suggesting that there was more than one meaning behind the comment.

Slightly confused by his companion’s response, Gero’s masterpiece of science and flesh did not see the kick aimed at his head. After slamming into a tree, Juunana-gou flew towards his partner to start his offensive.

After a flurry of punches and kicks, the pair broke apart. The cyborg whipped blood from the corner of his mouth while the Namek gulped in precious air. Knowing his artificial companion did not need a time out, Piccolo powered up a ki blast.

“Let’s keep this fight fireworks free,” warned Juunana-gou. “You don’t want to start a forest fire. These are my woods, you know.”
”Heh, fine,” the green one said dissipating the ki ball. “Forest fire? I think I’m just too hot for you.”

The dark-haired youth was taken aback. Piccolo didn’t just…no he can’t…no, she can’t be…flirting with me…He couldn’t…er…she..it…DAMNIT!

The cyber-teen shook himself out of his thoughts in just enough time to defend against the Namek’s offensive. The two went at it for hours.* Both warriors had ceased talking while trying to keep up with each other.

The late afternoon sun found the pair of combatants leaning against a tree recuperating. Both were filthy and tattered. The cyborg was trying unsuccessfully to wipe some blood off of his arm when he noticed that not all of it was his.

“Namek, quit bleeding on me, I’ve got purple splecks all over me.” ”I think I’ve got more of your blood on me than you have mine on you,” the Earth-born alien joked.

The two sat there for another moment. Piccolo stood up abruptly. He walked away a little and then looked back over his shoulder. “Come on, let’s get cleaned up.”

The other followed silently. He was thinking about what Dende had told him again. He did note absently that they were headed towards the river that ran through the forest.

The odd pair reached their destination in silence. Juunana-gou stopped dead in his tracks as the ever stoic Namek stood at the river’s edge and stripped. He was about to turn his gaze away for the sake of modesty but another idea came to him. He smirked to himself as he advanced to the river’s bank.

The cyborg forced the smirk from his face as he started to undress. He stripped slowly while still formulating his plan. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see his companion steal a glance at his body. Hope you like what you see. I was created to be superior to a normal human in every way, even physically. And I definitely superior.

The cybernetic teen pretended to ignore his admirer while he cleaned the blood off of his body. With that chore done, he proceeded to clean his clothes. After a few minutes, he allowed himself a glance at the nude, green form beside him.

He almost laughed at what he saw. Not only did Piccolo not have any hair on her head, she did not have any on her body either. The green and pink flesh of her chest, stomach, and hips showed nothing but masculinity. The most important part appeared female at first glance though.

“You know, one should be more modest about being naked around the opposite sex,” the dark haired youth began.

“What the hell are you babbling about, tinboy?” the confused Namek exclaimed. “Did I hit you too hard in the head?”
”All my sensors are reading that you are female,” Juunana-gou smirked. “And from what I know of Namekian physiology, I’m most likely correct.”

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