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They cyber youth began laughing almost hysterically. After a minute he stoped and wiped his eyes. “So he’s becoming a hormonal teenager! That is too funny.”

“It’s really not funny. Piccolo is going through something that hasn’t happened to a Namek in generations and having no clue what is going on at that,” warned Dende trying to settle down his companion.

“Do you mean he’s going through puberty?” Juunana-gou said sending himself into more laughter.

”What?!” the cyborg shrieked in shock. “I wasn’t being serious when I said that, you know.”
”Yes, and I know you haven’t been really serious about anything we’ve discussed. But, surprisingly, you’ve been right on the mark for figuring out what is going on,” the youthful Kami stated. “One more question and I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on. Did you ever hear that Nameks are asexual?”

“Actually, I might have heard that somewhere,” he started. “But wait, if Piccolo is asexual, how is going through puberty?”
”Now we are getting somewhere. If you take all the Namek-sei born Nameks, you could say that they are asexual. But, really, Nameks as a whole just reproduce asexually. Every Namek has the capability of differentiating into a specific gender. Young Nameks react to the pheromones other people have that are around them. Then they become the opposite of what they are exposed to the most,” Dende took a second to see if his companion was following him.

Seeing the android hanging on every word, he continued. “Now typically on Namek, no one differentiates because there are on pheromones. A Namek only produces pheromones if he or she has a gender. Hence, asexual reproduction via eggs. But here, it is a different story. Kami never experienced it because he was too old when he arrived here, but poor Piccolo was born here. He spent his entire life around humans and Saiyans. He’s been around some very powerful pheromones.”

The android sat there processing the information he was given. “You mean because he’s been around the monkeys and the rest of the do-good warriors, he’s becoming male like them?”
”No, because of being around those guys and there pheromones, Piccolo will become or is becoming what compliments them reproductively,” Dende waited for the realization to sink into the metal skull of the cyborg.

Juunana-gou jumped to his feet. “HOLY SHIT!” He screamed loud enough to make the young Namek cover his sensitive ears. “You mean,” he stuttered, “He’s turning into a…a…she?”

“Like you said before, evolutionary-wise, very interesting, ne?”

Juunana-gou left a little while later. He knew that the young Kami had told him to explain everything to Piccolo; he just did not know how to do it. He knew that the first thing he would have to do was to gain the Namek’s trust.

Trust, now that was an interesting idea for the cyborg. He knew that he trusted his sister, only because she was his sister. He also trusted Dende not just because he was Kami but because the child-guardian trusted him first. He decided that since Piccolo was not his sister that he would have to go the other way. He would have to show him, er her, that he trusted her. That would be hard, he did not know if he trusted Piccolo or not.

The cyborg flew off deep in thought. He was not sure if he wanted the responsibility of thinking of how to tell the warrior. Then again, it gave him something to do other than contemplating his own immortality.

He went to a different part of the forest than where he found Piccolo in. He would have to plan carefully. When executed, this perfect plan, would accomplish Dende’s mission, assist the confused Namek, and entertain himself for at least a little while.

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