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The cybernetic teen landed in the middle of a well-kept garden; he took a moment to enjoy the beauty of it. He took pleasure in nature more than he would admit even to himself. Living, growing, and changing things always intrigued him – the eternal youth who would never grow up or change - or as he thought, ever really live.

“May I…uh...help you?”

Juunana-gou turned to see a rather frightened looking genie-type being clutching a watering can. For a brief moment, he wanted to see if he could scare the little man into wetting himself but decided against it. He needed information and did not think that if he were not on his best behavior he would not get it.

“I need to speak with the little guardian,” he stated flatly. He watched as the little man waddled inside. The boy turned his attention back to the flowers. He heard light footsteps on the tile behind him but he did not turn around even when spoken to.

“Hello, Junnana-gou,” greeted the young kami. Without getting a response, he continued to speak. “Mr. Popo does well taking care of the garden. It was Kami’s pride and joy, Mr. Popo swears that it just isn’t what it used to be before Kami left us. Piccolo comes occasionally to work in it. He started coming here to meditate but after a few weeks, he said that he couldn’t concentrate with such a mess around him. So, he started tending the plants himself. Recently though, he’s hardly been up here…” his voice trailed off as the android finally turned to look at him.

Juunana-gou saw the guardian for the first time and was mildly surprised. His sister had seen him when the dragon was summoned after the battle with Cell, but he had never been up there on the look-out before. She had told him that the new kami was just like Piccolo only very young. He never thought she meant that young though.

He almost laughed when he realized that the guardian of the Earth was a mere child. Then he thought that it really was not as shocking as he originally thought. His sister and himself were science’s perfect creations and only had the minds and bodies of eighteen year olds. Then there was the Earth’s most powerful warrior who defeated Cell, he was not even a teenager yet.

“Oh how inconsiderate of me. You came here to speak with me and I am rambling about Piccolo,” Dende stated. “What did you need to see me about?”

“Actually, it was about your dear, Namekian friend, Piccolo,” Juunana-gou smirked as he spoke. “He is not himself lately.”

The young Namek shook his head, “I was waiting for this day to come. Although I was hoping Piccolo would come here himself or would have confided with Gohan.”

“You know what’s going on?” ”Of course, well, not exactly. I thought it was just elder-namek tales. Tell me, what do you know about Nameks?”

“They’re green,” the android said sarcastically as he processed data for a minute. “And they have teeth but don’t eat. Evolutionary that is sort of interesting.” ”That is about all that Piccolo knows also,” Dende said leading the cyborg over to a bench in the garden. “And you are correct, we Nameks are very interesting evolutionary wise that is.”

“I already know he doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Are you going to keep rambling or actually tell me some real information.” The young namek looked him in the eye briefly before speaking, “I’m not sure I should tell you this because of your being, well, you. But he must trust you as a friend or otherwise he wouldn’t have confided in you.”

“I wouldn’t say that. First, he’s not my friend. Second, he didn’t seem to want to tell me anything. I just found him,” Juunana-gou explained defensively.

“That’s where you’re wrong. He must trust you because if he didn’t want found, you wouldn’t have found him,” the child Kami cleared his throat and decided to go ahead and tell the cyborg everything. “And you’re wrong, Piccolo isn’t a he…”

“Sorry, I should use, ‘it’ when referring to an asexual being, my bad,” the android joked.

“I wasn’t finished with what I was saying,” the little guardian mock-scolded. “Now let me speak without being interrupted.”

“Whatever, squirt.”

“Hmmm…let’s see…” Dende choose to ignore the comment. “One more question for you. How old do you think Piccolo is?”

“He’s pretty damn old isn’t he? If he was Earth’s old guardian, that would make him quite old. Why?”

“Actually, you’re wrong, his mind about that old. He’s got all the former Piccolo’s memories, Kami’s memories, and Nail’s memories. He’s got three lifetimes worth of memories in his head plus his own fifteen years,” the young namek said turning to see the android reaction. He was not disappointed.

Juunana-gou turned to face him. “You mean…that the mighty Namek’s a kid?” He shook his head, “Beh, if you want to get technical, he’s younger than me!”

“You are quite correct. Piccolo is younger than you. Although I would say adolescent is more fitting than ‘kid’.”

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