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It was a bright morning in late spring. The birds were chirping melodically while squirrels and chipmunks ran up and down the tree trunks. Bees were busily collecting nectar from the many wild flowers growing on the forest floor. It looked like it was going to be another perfectly peaceful, boring day.

Juunana-gou walked lazily in a random direction. He had no particular direction he was heading in, he never really did. Things had been fairly dull since Cell had been defeated the year before. He even quit keeping tabs on his sister since she seemed to be making herself cozy with the little bald guy.

After a few minutes of silently berating the tiny monk, the teenaged cyborg discovered that he was not alone in his forest. Sitting against a tree trunk was one of Goku’s groupies. It was not just anyone it was the Namek. The youth circled the lone, green figure until he was directly in front of him. It was then that he noticed the look of discomfort on the usually stoic face.

“Namek, you injured?” he asked almost teasingly.

“No,” Piccolo growled. “Now leave.”

“You look like you’re in pain…”

“Thank you for you enlightened observation,” the Namek said still without looking at the artificial human.

Juunana-gou could tell that something was wrong, not that he cared though. “You ok, green bean?” he asked in a flat tone.

“I’ll live, I think,” the warrior responded somewhat unconvincingly. “I have before.”

“Really, now?” This was becoming very intriguing to the boy. Not that he cared if his former adversary was in pain but he was curious as to what could incapacitate the mighty green one. “This happened before?”

“Yeah, it has for a couples of months been happening.”

“Does it just go away?”

“After a few days,” realizing whom it was he was talking to, Piccolo just stopped. “Why the hell am I telling you this anyways? Go away before I blast you!”

“Fine, fine, I’ll drop it,” the android said walking over to the tree the Namek was leaning against. He sat down, reclining against the trunk and remained silent for a minute. He had to figure out what was going on.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Piccolo sneered.

“Sitting and thinking,” he replied coolly.

“Can’t you do that somewhere else?”

“No, if you haven’t noticed you’re in my territory now. These are my stomping grounds, well, at least since you and your friends stopped me from having fun.” ”You talk too much,” the Namek said almost half-heartedly.

“Speaking of you stopping me,” Juunana-gou continued. “I never did find out how you got so strong when you fought me. You mind enlightening me?”

“Heh, you still wonder about that?” The green one almost laughed. “You’re more pathetic than I thought.”

“You have to admit that when we were expecting Vegeta to be our toughest adversary, besides Goku, you really surprised me. You were the only one to give me a challenge.”

“Challenge? I was kicking your ass!” Piccolo retorted and then became silent again. He looked as if he had fallen asleep or started meditating. Juunana-gou was beginning to think that he’d never get an answer until a few minutes later when the demon king spoke.

“I reunited with Kami.”


“I. Reunited. With. Kami,” Piccolo repeated slowly. “Are you deaf or just stupid?”


“Yeah, we were, well my father – the original Piccolo, and Kami were once one being. When separated, one was good, Kami, and one was evil, Piccolo.”

With that, the Namek warrior sank into silence again. The cyborg waited until he was sure that he was eiter deep in meditation or asleep. He rose to his feet, glanced back once, and then took to the sky. He had to figure out what was going on, which meant that he needed more information. He knew of only one place where he could get a few answers.

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