Title: Abuse Me

Author: Sita Seraph

Genre: Serious Angst

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Rape, angst, angst, mind twisting, innocence lost, lots of swearing, a very dark fic, some more angst. DARK FIC! THIS ISN’T FOR THE WEAK!!!!!

Pairing: None, yet

Note: Whoo…I had this in my mind ever since I saw the show ‘ Relax…Its just sex’. Now that I’m out of writer’s block, I was finally able to write it.

Gohan stared out the window, waiting patiently while his family and their friends got ready to go to the show. Night was heavily setting over the horizon, giving the clouds a pink glow. Wrapping his arms around his legs, he smiled faintly in his thoughts.

“Gohan! Time to go!” ChiChi called upstairs. Gohan looked down the stairs and smiled, slipping off the window seat.



“Stupid straights,” he cursed and took another swig of the whiskey in his hand. He watched within the shadows as children and adults alike left the theater where the show had just gotten over. For an hour, the man had been drinking and just watching people from the alleyway go on with their lives. His friends sat behind him, oblivious to the troubled and crazed mind of their friend.

“They think they can just fuck up our lives…” he continued mumbling. The haze of liquor was settling over his mind and he was so fucking horny, it wasn’t even funny. But he had laid with every ass possible and craving for something different for a very long time.

He never had a kid’s ass…

“Hey Sevon,” one of his friends interrupted his thoughts. Furious, Sevon turned his hawk gaze away from chattering boys about sports to one who called his name.

“What?” Sevon asked.

“Oh, uh, nothing,” the blonde head muttered and took another swig of his beer.

“Then shut the fuck up then,” Sevon said with venom before turning his head back to the crowded street.

“Hey guys, wait up!” Some boy called and appeared right in front of the entrance of the alleyway. Getting on his hands and knees, the boy began to tie his unlaced shoe. Sevon’s eyes ran over the tiny, nimble figure from his torn jeans to his red sweater. Jet-black hair ran amuck on top of his head and down his back in long strands. He had one of those innocent faces, completely oblivious to the cold, real world. The boy was quite attractive…

Exactly what Sevon was looking for.

Slowly, the gay man took a last sip from his beer before walking forward. Staying in the darkness of the alleyway, Sevon slowly licked his lips as he neared.

The boy looked up just in time as Sevon’s hand caved in around his little neck and pulled him into the darkness. A cry barely left his lips as his neck was squeezed tightly. Sevon smirked.

“Hush, babe,” Sevon cooed as he dragged his victim into the shadows. Behind him he heard the rustle of his friends as they began to get up. The boy choked and gagged, trying to breathe relentlessly as his lungs were brushing in against each other.

“Shhh…” Sevon hushed, his grin never wavering. Flickering back his shoulder length black hair with the twist of his head, he brought the beer bottle to the boy’s gasping lips. Wide eyes grew even wider as the awful bottle was forced into his mouth and he had no choice but to down the terrible liquid. The boy choked and sputtered, unable to breathe or properly down the beer in his throat.

“What ya doin’?” One of Sevon’s friends asked from behind him.

“I’m going to fuck him,” Sevon chuckled.


“I’m going to fuck him.”

Gohan’s eyes grew wide and unconsciously, he began to sputter more on the drink. What!? No!!! Gohan tried to fight but the strong hold on his neck was too tight and his legs…he could no longer feel his legs. The drink that swished into his stomach was beginning to make him sick and the lack of air he was getting to his lungs was making him light headed. The corner of his eyes was beginning to black out and he could no longer really hear. He was vaguely aware of the leaving of the tight hand. But he was aware, as he was slammed against the brick wall closest to them. Cheek against the cold stone, Gohan thought he made a sound…but his throat felt so swollen, that he wasn’t really sure if he could. His head felt so clouded and his eyes in a haze, the boy didn’t even feel, no remember, the absence of his pants. He couldn’t even feel the chill in the air.

“You’re gonna like this,” someone whispered in his ear. Gohan groaned. Gohan listened as the man laughed into his ear.

And suddenly there was searing, unbelievable pain.

Gohan screamed, eyes widening and awakening from his dream haze in a milli-second as something was pushed mercilessly into him.

“NOO!!” Gohan screamed, horrifying pain coursing through every muscle, through every nerve of his body. Throwing his head back, Gohan was ready to let out another scream when the cold, powerful hand circled around his neck again and choked off his air supply. Gohan hissed and whimpered pathetically as he felt something being emptying into him.

Beer. Oh god, it’s the beer bottle…

Closing his eyes, Gohan choked out pleas to God, to this man, to stop. But the hand tightened and Gohan wasn’t sure if he was even alive anymore. His very being felt nothing but pain and the beer bottle in his ass.

“You like this, straight,” the man ordered into his ear. “You fucking love this beer bottle in your fucking hole. Feel it fill your fucking being? This beer bottle fucking owns you. I own you now.”

Gohan felt something wet trail down his cheeks. Tears. He was crying. But the tears might as well not have been there because no matter how hard he cried, no matter how hard he tried to plea, they wouldn’t stop.

Gohan’s felt another plea bubble up to his lips as somebody started jerking the bottle in and out. He could feel as he began to bleed all around it, soaking it. His own blood even began to flee down his legs. When does it end…?

The man’s lips were again against his ear. “Now the fun begins, slut. You like this bottle in your ass? Too bad; something better is fucking coming.”

Gohan knew he managed a whimper and was rewarded with the bottle digging into him. Crying became nothing but grunts as the bottle tried to dig in further where it could possibly not go. Pain. PAIN. That’s all Gohan could feel. All he could hear. His whole body trembled in pain.

And it wasn’t even close to being finished yet.

Suddenly, the bottle was gone and Gohan vaguely heard the breaking of glass as it was tossed aside. The poor boy would have fell to his knees at the assault but unfortunately, the death hand wouldn’t let him move an inch.

Not over yet. Not over yet.

I can’t handle this! Gohan cried but no longer would his body corporate. His ears were ringing, his head was a jumble of pain, and his whole body felt too heavy to even lift his eyelids.

Not over yet.

Gohan tried to scream again as something begin to shove its way into him again. Though it slipped in ten times easier then the beer bottle, Gohan was convinced because of how much he was leaking from blood and alcohol.

“Now this is what you were fucking made for,” the man whispered again. “You were fucking made to be fucked by ME. This fucking ass is mine to fuck.”

Gohan grunted as the dick inside him began to rock in and out, swishing blood and liquid together. His sensitive ring was bruised and cut and every time it was touched was like touching fire again and again

“See what you straights are missing?” The man asked into his ear. “You are fucking missing the whole fucking point of having sex. This is the way you are suppose to fuck.” The hips drove in deeper. “You are going to feel me hours after this, whore. Every time you move, I’m gonna be in there, fucking this fucking ass. Every time you think about beer, you are going to remember this inside of you. You are going to fucking remember me and my dick.”

Gohan’s tears began to flow heavier. But it wasn’t just the pain anymore. It was faint trace in the back of his head that he began to believe in every word he spoke. Maybe woman aren’t suppose to be with men…Maybe this was the proper way to have sex…Pain was sex…Gohan should never feel good…should only be hurt…

Another choked sob escaped. He was losing his mind in just a matter of seconds…

“This dick fucking owns you, you wannabe slut.”

Silently, Gohan was beginning to agree.

“You want to always be fucked by MY dick.”

His dick…was beginning to feel nice…

“You’re a fucking slut. You wanna be fucked until you bleed…until you can’t see straight…”

Yes…That’s a nice…No! No…

Hips began to rock faster but Gohan was no longer aware of any pain. Don’t believe him! You have to keep your mind clear!!

“You’re gay now, boy. You’re a slut. A fucking whore. You want dicks now!”

Oh god, yes!!


Suddenly a soft cry filled his ear and Gohan’s eyes snapped open as something filled him yet again.

It wasn’t blood though.

Or beer.

It was a guy’s essence…

He was gay now…

A cold chuckle filled his ear and Gohan gave a pathetic whimper.

“Bye, whore.”

Suddenly, the dick, the man left him. The boy began to fell and before he even hit the ground, he was already out cold.

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