A Short Guide And Look At SEO & Backlinks


If you are visiting this website, you are seeing SEO in action. There was no money spent in order to get you to visit. We simple applied a few strategies to ensure our website is found when you are looking for seo services or an seo agency.

All website owners can benefit by implementing these tactics. Depending on what niche or industry you are in will determine how much work is necessary to rank your website for keywords that are relevant to your industry.

One of the first things you want to do in order to execute an effective SEO campaign is identify the keywords that will generate interest in your website product or services. After you find the keywords you want to use in your site, you come up with a content creation campaign and write articles around the topics in your niche.


Once you have considerable amount of articles and spent time filling out your site with valuable and relevant information, you can start looking at what it will take to rank for keyword of choice. This is where backlinks come in and is an important element of improving your search engine rankings, especially in more competitive niches.

Not all backlinks are equal and the algorithms that are calculating thousands of variables determining where to place you in the search engines are getting smart everyday. Focus on quality and relevance vs quantity and you will be positioning yourself to be indexed without your site showing red flags of potential spam.

The SEO strategies are continuing to evolve as search engines and AI are getting better at their job. Ultimately, it's all about providing a good user experience and getting the audience what they want. The days of tricking the systems are long gone and the penalty isn't even worth trying. Your site might disappear off the search engines permanently if you are not applying white hat SEO methods.

The best thing you can do is audit your site and get an idea on what it will take to rank for the keywords and topics you want. Once you know they keywords, you create the content and then go after the links.