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Welcome to Sega DC Gamer U.S.A.'s VMU Zone! Feel free to browse our selection of VMU mini-games & game saves, then just click on a title to download it (Only Dreamcast users with a VMU inserted can do this!). We hope you enjoy them! And, if you have any VMU saves and you would like to see it here, send us an email with the link, and we will post it! VMU
VMU Mini Games
Connect-4Based on the popular kids game by the same name!
Etch-A-SketchEveryone remembers the Etch-A-Sketch! And now you can have it in your VMU!
FootballVMU Football, where you have to rush past the defenders in order to score the touchdown.
MinesweeperPuzzle game where you need to avoid the mines on the field in order to score big.
PacManOne of the best VMU games around! Take PacMan with you where ever you go!
Pop n' Music 2Give this excellent VMU game a try, it's sort of a "button-masher", but it is good.
Powerstone 3-in-1 Mini GameTry this one out! It truly is very, very fun - from the popular game.
Sega GT Mini-GameA truly cool game, it is gotten at the end of the full version of Sega GT. (Japanese ver.)
Shenmue Mini-GameThis is the mini-game awarded after completing Shenmue. (Japanese ver.)
SimonAs the name suggests, this one is based on the memory/puzzle game by the same name.
Slide PuzzleAn excellent puzzle game... good for passing large amounts of time!
Snake PuzzleVery similar game to the Snake puzzle game that comes in many of the Nokia cell-phones.
Snaky!If you like puzzle games, you will love Snaky!
Soul Calibur 3-in-1An extremely fun group of games, featuring your favorite characters from Soul Calibur!
Soul Calibur 3-in-1Same game as above, only with Japanese text. (Japanese ver.)
Soul Calibur AdventureA text-based adventure featuring the popular characters from Soul Calibur! (Japanese ver.)
SupercrossEssentially dirt biking in the palm of your hand! Very enjoyable.
TetrisDownload this most addictive of all puzzle games right here!
Tokyo Mini RacerRace your car through the streets of Tokyo in this excellent racing game for your VMU!
TrickstyleAn extremely fun mini-game that is great for killing time on the bus, at work or where ever!
VisionGive this excellent puzzle game, with many levels to play, a try...

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