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Winter, cold and bleak,
Snow on the ground.
To harsh for the meek.
The open fire beckons,
To all who desires.
But I'm sitting on the fence,
And looking at the stars.

Come inside and kindle the flame,
Show some emotion,
And I'll do the same.
Winter, cold and bleak,
Lonely, isolated, anticipated.
The young, the old
The dislocated.

Winter, cold and bleak.
Time is ticking on now,
And I'm getting weak.
But don't dispair,
Spring is near,
And holidays for all,
'Cause winter is melting,
And Autumn doesn't fall.

Summer is coming,
The warm hot days.
The laughter and fun,
All the children in the sun.
Winter is sleeping,
It's taking a rest,
Next year it will come,
With so much zest.
Winter Feelings
Lorraine O'Reilly
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In a far away land
A long time ago
The magical treestars
Did glitter like snow.

Droplets of rain
That fall from the sky
Hitting the ground
In a blink of an eye.

Candyfloss clouds
So fluffy and soft
Stardust that sparkles
And glitters aloft.

That far away land
Was along time ago
The treestars are gone
Now we just have snow.

The rain it falls
And the clouds are grey
Stardust doesn't sparkle
Now what can I say.

I'm all grown up now
It doesn't seem fare
Why can't the magic
Still be there.
Childhood Memories
Lorraine O'Reilly
'Winter 'Feelings'
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