Motherwell History 3
(Taken form the Motherwell Times centenary 1983)
The original Dalziel l High High school building in Airbles Street (latterly the school premises were used by Our lady?s H. S. After Dalziel High school moved to Crawford Street) (it is now demolished) was opened by R.B. Haldane, Q.C., M.O. and the new Police Office in High Road (now demolished) was erected. Mr David Colville, who had died, left almost exactly 1/4 million in his estate and the Hon. Gavin Hamilton Dalziel House, was elected chairman Dalziel Parish Council. For ?the Motherwell Times personnel however and for his large number of friends in the town, the year was overshadowed by the death of Kenneth Cameron, founder of The Motherwell Times
Playing its part in the affairs of the community, the Hamilton Family was clearly evident in 1899 when the Hon. Miss Dalziel opened the new curling pond (presumably in Dalziel Estate) The horrors of war were felt by the two families in Motherwell who's sons had been wounded in the South African War. In 1899, but the news item of the year would undoubtly be the three-day bazaar in the Y.M. Institute raised a staggering 2150. Population of the town had increased to 2111.
The new Police station (now demolished was opened in the High Road and was to remain as police headquarters in the town on behalf of Lanarkshire Police and then as the Motherwell and Wishaw Police H.Q. until the amalgamation of police forces in Lanarkshire in the 70's before eventually giving way when Strathclyde Police Motherwell Division headquarters was established in Windmillhill Street (opposite Civic Centre) in the late 70's. The police station was demolished and the ground area behind the present Town Hall (now Majestic Night club) converted into a car park  almost 80 years after its erection in 1900.
At the turn of the century it appeared unthinkable to try to raise money in or for churches, without organising a bazaar; In October 1903 the Dalziel Parish Church bazaar realised 1500. Other such mundane (?) things are the fact that tramcars were now operating from Blantrye to Wishaw; the Motherwell Bridge Coy. Ltd., had tendered for the roof work at the Central Station in Glasgow: that a Watsonville Daily Register had been published in California; all seemed to take a back seat when it come to a church affairs and, particularly bazaars.
Shopkeepers were in the news in1902 when a petition was granted allowing for a weekly half-day holiday. It was finally inaugurated in April  the same month that the Town Council selected the site for the new library in Hamilton Road. With work now going on at Flemington 81 years late, it is of more than passing interest to note in 1902 that the new Shields Road highway was being planned.
The following year, 1901 saw the first meeting of the Motherwell Town Council take place. By April the population of Motherwell had increased by 11,696 in ten yeas to 30,423 and the Independent Labour Party, which was formed in Motherwell in 1895, officially opened rooms in the town in 1901. It was decided in July where the site of the new cemetery in the town would be located in Airbles Road. Street lamps wee now to be lit by using Electricity and there were two notable openings in December  a new hall Church ( St. Mary's  Parish Church) in the former Wellington Street and the New Century Theatre in Windmillhill Street.
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