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Board Members
Advisory Board Members:
1. Prof. Nasir ud din Azam
2. Prof. Mohammad Said
3. Shafqat Kakakhel
4. Dr Humayun Khan
5. Mohammad Bashir Babar
6. Prof. S Zia ul Qamar
7. Dr. Yasmeen Ashfaq
8. Ms. Tayyaba Ahmed
9. Dr Sabeena Aziz
(Former Principal, Khyber Medical College)
(Former Chairman, Geography Department)
(Deputy Executive Director, UNEP)
(Former Foreign Secretary)
(Former Ambassador)
(Director, Communications IMS, Peshawar)
(Former Principal, Khyber Medical College)
(Chairperson, Fine Arts, Peshawar University)
(Community Medicine, Khyber Medical College)
Executive Council: 7 members
Thematic Core Working  Committees:
a. Culture and Heritage
b. Biodiversity and Natural Environment
c. Environmental Health
d. Research and Publication
e. Press and Media
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General body: 1132 members
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