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Govt. of Pakistan
Govt. of NWFP

Pakistan Web Directory (Official)
Pakistan Web Directory (Web Pakistan)
Pakistan Web Directory (E-Pakistan)

Heritage/ Culture (Govt. of Pakistan)
Environment (Govt. of Pakistan)
Tourism (Govt. of Pakistan)

Survey of Pakistan

United Nations, Pakistan
United Nations Environment Program

Green Press
SDN Pakistan
WWF Pakistan
Wildlife of Pakistan (Submitted by Ms Nadia Afridi)

Pakistan Geographical Society
Environmental Protection Society (Swat-Malakand)

Environmental Journalists of Pakistan
Environmental Journalists of Asia-Pacific

EcoTourism Pakistan
Eco Club

LEAD Program Pakistan (Submitted by Amjad Zafar Khan)

Development Resource Center

Center for South Asian Studies (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)

Historical Images of Pakistan

History of Pakistan (Submitted by K. Hasan)

Gardens of the Mughal Empire (Submitted by Aisha Rizvi)

The British Empire

Meteorological Forecasts for Pakistan

Royal Ontario Museum, Canada (Submitted by Mr Shahzad Anjum)

Museum Security Network

Pakistan Vegetarian Society (Submitted by 'a veggie')

Royal Historical Society
Encyclopaedia of Plants and Botanical Dictionary (Submitted by Omar)

Sarhad Tourism Corporation, (STC) Govt of NWFP

The Statesman
The Frontier Post
The News
The Nation
Pakistan Today
The Daily Times

The Friday Times
Pakistan Observer

Offical website of AVT Khyber Television (TV) Pashto satellite channel
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