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Towards sustainable development through improved natural resource management, preservation of cultural and archeological heritage and healthier lifestyle.
Established as a non-profit advocacy organization in 2001, Sarhad Conservation Network (SCN) is mandated to make efforts towards reversing the destructive mechanisms that disturb the natural ecosystem and biodiversity of Mother Earth thereby endangering the very survival of humankind.

SCN expresses solidarity with all global initiatives in the form of conventions and treaties, which promote, propagate and enforce policy matters, which consolidate the survival of planet Earth and the core values that govern these principles.

SCN also promotes the cultural heritage of the region, particularly the Gandhara civilization, and formulates strategies to confront the rabid commericialisation and destruction of these sites.
Who are we?
SCN is an association of like-minded people having diversified backgrounds and expertise who foresee the adverse impact of the deteriorating environment, brought about by shortsighted development policies.

SCN has seven members on its Executive Council, nine members on the Advisory Board and five hundred General Body members besides a significant number of national and international web members.

SCN consists of the following Thematic Core Committees:
Culture and Heritage:
Biodiversity and Natural Environment:
Environmental Health:
Research and Publications.
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What do we want to do?
a. Build productive linkages and alliances with the community, government and non-government organisations, including academia to undertake collective action in addressing the issues of rapid deforestation, environmental degradation, health hazards and threats to cultural (and heritage) sites due to unplanned development.
b. Develop an effective information base through field and academic research for sustainable planning and informed decision-making.
c. Facilitate relevant government agencies and various stakeholders in the process of sound policymaking and legislation and its effective implementation.
d. Sensitize future generations towards a more environmental friendly (healthier) lifestyle.
SCN collaborates with all national and international agencies, NGOs, CBOs, Local and Provincial Governments and various academic institutions in the province for sustainable development keeping in view conservation of biodiversity, culture & heritage, and healthier environment.
SCN has carried out several advocacy campaigns & activities, arranged visits & events, conducted workshops & seminars on biodiversity, culture & heritage, and environmental health in NWFP involving schools, colleges, local communities, government and non government organizations. SCN has been an active partner with IUCN since its inception, and has also held many activities in association with SRSP, PSO & Heritage Foundation.
How to become an SCN member?
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