Secret Crisis

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Infinity Hour

The most controversial storyline Amalgam has ever produced, THE SECRET CRISIS OF THE INFINITY HOUR was a 12-issue maxi-series that changed the face of the Amalgam Universe, and the direction of Amalgam Comics!!


Regrettably, few records exist detailing this event, and those that do are filled with contradictions. This page is not strict canon, but reflects closely the sketchy accounts given in BULLETS AND BRACELETS #1, SUPER SOLDIER #1, SPIDER-BOY TEAM-UP #1, and THORION OF THE NEW ASGODS #1. Other sources include AMALGAM TRADING CARD #43, AMALGAM CLASSICS: POWER BLAST #9 of 9, AMALGAM HOLOPIX #5 of 6, and SECRET CRISIS OF THE INFINITY HOUR: CANVAS CARDS #1-9 OF 9.

Some of the information is pure conjecture, added to fill in the gaps and explain some of the inconsistencies.



Summoning the heroes of Earth, Dr Strangefate informs them that the evil Thanoseid has acquired the five Infinity Links, which combine to create a time-halting vortex known as the Infinity Loop! Already the damage has begun: red rain falls, skies darken, and reality itself begins to disintegrate! In one hour, the universe will be destroyed! One of the first casualties is Super-Soldier, whose very existence is wiped out in the blink of an eye!



Transported to Thanoseid's planet Apokolips by Dr. Strangefate's mystical spell, Castle & Prince find themselves deep within the catacombs of the alien world. Their mission- establish contact with Scott Free and his band of New Asgardians, to launch the ground assault. If they fail, the mad Thanoseid will obliterate the universe!



With less than an hour left to stop the galactic holocaust, the cloaked mutate Dark Claw leads a small team of heroes on a covert mission to free the last son of Asgard, Thorstar, from Thanoseid's prison. Once reunited with the Cosmic Rod, Thorstar's godly powers will be restored, allowing him to lead the stellar assault against Thanoseid!



As the clock ticks toward universal destruction, the mad Dr. Doomsday heads a nefarious band of villains who have been promised absolute power by Thanoseid if they stop Earth's heroes from interfering with his plan. Meanwhile, the vortex outside the Infinity Loop continues to grow, consuming all life in its path!



Thanoseid exults below the growing power of the Infinity Loop, glorying that he will soon be ruler of the last planet left in an empty universe! He is on the verge of achieving the complete order he craves- true Anti-Life- & nothing will ever again threaten the absolute rule of Thanoseid! Or will it?



Magneto leads a team of heroes to attack the universe-destroying Infinity Loop directly. The forces unleashed inside the Loop are wildly chaotic, overwhelming many brave warriors. Jay Garrick, the Golden-Age Speed Demon, finds himself caught in the time-twisting vortex as a helpless Magneto can only watch in mute horror!



As Thanoseid prepares to permanently fuse the Infinity Links and ensure the utter destruction of the cosmos, he is distracted by the Outrageous Spider-Boy and the rest of the ground assault troops! Joined by the Legion of Galactic Guardians from the year 2099, Earth's heroes bravely battle on as the growing Infinity Loop reaches critical mass! Help arrives from out of the swirling vortex as Super-Soldier returns, but will he be in time to prevent the death of American Girl at the hands of Dr. Doomsday?



As Thanoseid is held at bay by the Amazon Ororo, the Apokoliptian rebels Scott Free & Orion the Thunder Man simultaneously strike the Infinity Loop- sacrificing their lives to fracture it! Disrupted, the Infinity Loop disintegrates-- its links exploding in a massive shower of stars! Thanoseid is defeated, but the war-weary heroes are trapped on Apokolips, left full of angry super-villains wanting revenge!



It looks hopeless, Thanoseid has been defeated but Earth's heroes are left facing a planet of Super-Villains! Super-Soldier is able to rally the heroes one last time, but his successor Carol Barnes, the American Girl, perishes while the battle rages on. The heroes are victorious, but at great costs! And without the Infinity Links the universe remains an amalgam of chaos and entropy!



The void elemental called the Silver Tornado is born in the null between then & now, and offers his aide to Dr. Alternity, who must weave a new Infinity Loop! But to do so will require great sacrifice, five individuals must give themselves over for the creation of the five Infinity Links! Can he do so before the elder god the Anti-Beyonder breached the void and remakes reality in his own dark image?



The Silver Tornado pulls American Girl, the golden age Speed Demon, and Thorstar from the vortex, who each gladly give their souls to save the universe. The last two are volunteers: Arisia Ferguson; Blink Lantern and Sylvester Rogers; the Star-Spangled Kid selflessly enter into the spell, restoring the cosmic nettle of reality! The Anti-Beyonder is repelled forced back into the endless by Sunestro, the Silver Tornado, and War-Lok the Monitor; and held there by Mistress Death and the Living Spectator!



Dr. Alternity sees to it that the sacrifices of the five lost heroes are not forgotten; each receives a special gift tied to the aspects of the Link they helped recreate! While the rest of the world morns their deaths, actions are set into motion that Alternity hopes will see the return of each of these noble souls! And Sunestro, War-Lok, and the Silver Tornado form the Trinity Watch to prevent threats of such a cosmic scale from ever occurring again.


The contents of this page are Copyright 1998-2002 Crazy Ivan.

Information comes from a number of sources, including various Amalgam Universe comics and trading cards, as well as fan fiction belonging to the Untold Tales Of Amalgam fan fiction organization. Blink Lantern, Sunestro, War-Lok the Monitor, Mistress Death, and the Living Spectator created by Crazy Ivan. The Star-Spangled Kid created by Exoman90. The Anti-Beyonder created by Donovan Scott (1969 - 1996). All other characters created and owned by DC Comics and Marvel Comics.


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