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This work would not have been possible without the efforts of those who came before me, with me, and after me; especially Michael Norwitz, Anwar Singh, Jess Nevin, Jon Woodward, Robert Wicks, Steve Chung, Win Scott Eckert, Donovan Scott, Jon Smallwood, the members of the UNTOLD TALES OF AMALGAM fan fiction writers group, and the creative forces behind the Amalgam phenomenon at DC and Marvel.

Many dates were approximated from similar events that occurred within the continuities of Marvel and/or DC. Some information was deduced or theorized in order to fill in gaps in continuity, or explain seeming contradictions.

PAGE I: PreHistory - 1900

Big Bang Oa the Living Planet, and Galactiac

New Asgard & Apokolips Thanoseid

Malformed West Generation Hex

PAGE II: 1900 - 1975

Golden Age (1935 1945) Super-Soldier and the All-Star Winners

Atomic Age (1946 1959) J'Onn J'Onzz and Project Cadmus

Silver Age (1960 1975) -- The Legion of the Strange and the New Mystic Youth

PAGE III: 25 Years Ago - Now

Recent Past (25 12 Years Ago) -- Dr. Strangefate

Modern Age (11 1 Years ago) Challengers of the Fantastic

Currently (Now) Ultra the Multi-Skrull

PAGE IV: Appendices 1 3

1: Future(s) of the Amalgam Universe

2: Hypertime and the Amalgam Universe

3: Super-Soldier & Dark Claw Continuity Issues

PAGE V: Appendices 4 6

4: Other Amalgam-Like Realities

5: Same Continuum Amalgams

6: Comic / Fiction Amalgams (Fiction Grafts)

PAGE VI: Appendices 7 9

7: Amalgamated Press (the other Amalgam Comics?)

8: DC & Marvel Present (Characters published by both companies)

9: A Brief History of Time-Crunching


Special Thanks to Anwar "Loborine" Singh and Michael "Mikel Midnight" Norwitz for their research and help with these pages!


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WHO'S WHO HANDBOOK TO THE ALMOST AMALGAM UNIVERSE: A guide to the characters in comics published by Marvel and/or DC Comics who MIGHT exist within Amalgam Continuity. This page is in the same format as Jon Woodward's WHO'S WHO HANDBOOK TO THE AMALGAM UNIVERSE and Mikel Midnight's WHO'S WHO HANDBOOK TO THE AMALGAM UNIVERSE ADDENDUM pages.

Crisis on Earth 612: This page is dedicated to the world of the Mighty Mystics and the Legion of the Strange, which has appeared in numerous Vertigo-related books by DC, and might be part of the Amalgam Universe.

All This And WORLD WAR 3!: This page is for the pseudo-amalgam Universe created when Marvel's Heroes Reborn universe combined with the WildStorm Universe, from the four #13 issues of the Heroes Reborn titles.

Everybody SMOOSH Now!: This page covers the Smoosh Universe seen in Image Comics' ALTERED IMAGE #2. An explanation of the story and a Who's Who Smoosh Appendix are included. Warning: Graphics Intensive!

The Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour [Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour / Secret Wars, Infinity Gauntlet] -- Description taken from various comics and trading cards, with occasional fan fiction elements added by Crazy Ivan.



There is an abundance of fan fiction available of the World Wide Web, if one knows where to look. And if one is unsure of where that may be, one need only examine the Links given at the bottom of this page. The UNTOLD TALES OF AMALGAM fan fiction writers group is responsible for a large number of these stories and sites. Though they certainly do not hold a monopoly on stories set in the Amalgam Universe, their efforts at maintaining a cohesive world shared by all is admirable, especially in light of their lack of an Editor In Chief or other governing body.

What follows is not an archive of my favorite stories. It is a list of the various Crisis events that have occurred in fan fiction.

The Big Picture: My original theory linking several cosmic (& some not-so-cosmic) events in the Amalgam Universe. This should not be confused with Mikel Midnight's History of Amalgam Comics, which can be found on his Golden Age Amalgam Heroes page (also available on his Golden Age Amalgam Villains page).

Reign of the Super-Soldiers: [Reign of the Supermen / Captain America elements] - The crossover suggested in SUPER SOLDIER #1 is outlined by Crazy Ivan to bridge some of the gaps between the First and Second Wave comics.

World Without Adult Heroes: [JLA: World Without Grown-Ups / World Without Heroes] - Round-robin style crossover by eight different authors; contains a #0 issue, 16 issues, and the follow-up, Young Justice League Avengers - Next Generation #1.

Contest of the Gods: [War of the Gods / Contest of Champions] - Original crossover conceived and summarized by Crazy Ivan.

The Hundred Years War: [various Marvel and DC influences] - This Multi-Author fan fiction crossover introduced the concept of Hyper-Cross-Time to the Amalgam Universe and confused many readers.

Contest in the Sky: [Panic in the Sky / Contest of Champions II] - Original crossover conceived and summarized by Loborine.

Eight Days of Judgment: [Day of Judgment / The Eighth Day] - Original crossover conceived by Loborine, written by various authors.


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PAGE I: PreHistory - 1900

Big Bang

New Asgard & Apokolips

Malformed West

PAGE IV: Appendices 1 3

1: Future

2: Hypertime

3: Super-Soldier & Dark Claw


All 24 Amalgam Comics, plus ALL ACCESS #4 and UNLIMITED ACCESS #4

Created by Jon Woodward

PAGE II: 1900 - 1975

Golden Age

Atomic Age

Silver Age

PAGE V: Appendices 4 6

4: Other Realities

5: Same Continuum

6: Comic / Fiction Amalgams


Amalgam Trading Card information not found in the original Who's Who Handbook

Created by Mikel Midnight

PAGE III: 25 Years Ago - Now

Recent Past

Modern Age


PAGE VI: Appendices 7 9

7: Amalgamated Press

8: DC & Marvel Present

9: Time-Crunching


Comics by Marvel and/or DC that may take place in the Amalgam Universe

Created by Crazy Ivan

These pages are 1996-2002 by Crazy Ivan.

All Amalgam characters and events referred to are property of Marvel Comics and DC Comics except as noted. Some material is the property of Amalgamated Press (Fleetway/IPC), Acclaim (Valiant), Dark Horse, Highbrow, Image, Malibu, Milestone, Top Cow, WildStorm, and other comic book companies. This site has been created for non-profit, entertainment purposes only, and is not intended as a claim of creation or ownership of these characters or events.


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