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Mont Bowser
[email protected]
    Height: 5'8" (or less after a long day)
    Weight: 150 lbs (give or take a few)
    Age: Old enough to know better,
            young enough to sometimes not care

    I am just your run of the mill swashbuckler. I enjoy fencing in the SCA, sketching, writing, brewing, music, dancing, and good friends.

    With Farscape, I caught the previews but missed out until they aired "Back and Back to the Future." In all honesty, just like oh so many other Scapers, it was Claudia who pulled me into the mythos. Before long, I was a fan of the series. Enjoying the show turned my attention to the Bulletin Board where I was a founding member of the Scaper Scooby Gang.

    If fortune permits it, you may find me in a pub sharing a few pints with leaped and RagnarRB...

    ...or fencing in the backyard with good friend AristotlesLoveChild.

    ...strange things seem to happen when I'm in a place, but I really can't explain it...

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