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Todd Hawkins
    Interests/Hobbies: I love playing the Electric Guitar, playing a game called Paintball, playing baseball, and watching SciFi.

    Bio: Theres not really much to say. I'm age 16, and all I do is what you see up above. I hope to become a professonial guitar player in the future or a pro baseball player............ with luck:-) So look out--I might be comin' to your town! lol

    The only music I like is Metal, Hard Rock, and a little bluze now and then. Excuse my picture it was taken from my 8th grade yearbook:-) And like SWORDandMUG said in his bio, Claudia is the main reason I started watching the show! She is hott! Am I right? lol

    By the way I can play every Metallica song ever made--SOLOS 'n' all. That was probably the best accomplishment in my life. I'm not trying to bragg......... yeah, right.

    Well I hope this explains my handle. Scape on!
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