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    Okay, so the above picture is my senior picture and was technically taken when I was 17, but I like the picture, so it's staying up there. I'm from Chicago and am an aspiring actress who's currently working as a data entry diva for a collection agency. (And before you ask, no, we do not break people's legs.) I'm 20 years old, a Gemini trapped in a Cancer's body. I spend my free time writing (my fanfic's on the net under the pseudonym Natalie Williams), singing, motivating myself to head to the gym and then actually *going* to the gym, listening to music, playing on the computer... Anything that means I don't actually have to do work. You can find me on mailing lists and the BBoard when I can actually swing some free time, and I swear I'll be in chat more once I can actually make my computer work. I'm always open to meeting new people--so anytime you want to talk, just click on the lil blue link up there.
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