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Born: December 8

Landry is a cute little boy raccoon who loves to wash everything and anything he can get his hands on. His best friend is a rubber ducky named "Pea" who understands everything Landry is thinking. Besides washing things, Landry's hobbies include dancing and running on top of his tub, sliding, taking Pea for walks, and listening to music, especially Motzart. When he dances on his tub, Pea gets very excited. Landry also loves to eat. He likes donuts, sausages, nuts and ice-cream, but chocolate is his very favorite. When he's surprised you'll often find him hiding under his tub with his striped, mink-like tale sticking out.

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Little Cottonwood Cottage

Deep in the heart of a cottonwood forest, Cottonwood Cottage is the home of seven fun-loving dwarfs: Yellow has a sweet tooth, Purple enjoys music, Red is a friend of wildflowers, Blue talks to the animals, Orange is a fountain of wisdom, and Green gets his kicks out of playing tricks, and Gray is a master craftsman of musical instruments.

Little Twin Stars

Born: December 4

The Twin Stars' names are Kiki and Lala. Like any other children, Kiki likes to play, only that his games are a bit more special, he loves to fish for stars, invent things and explore for new planets. Lala loves to draw, compose poetry, and cook!
Kiki likes spring and summer best. (He likes to look down on fields of dandelions from his cloud-top perch.) Lala likes fall and winter best. (She loves to write letters to her mother and father while floating in the clear winter sky.)

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Little Wonder Story

Ginger is a mild-mannered and serious little bear who enjoys building things. Shari is a lively,talkative little girl bunny who loves to scamper through the forest and bound along the riverbank.

Little World

Born: Karl, January 1
Nina, September 18

Born in the Austrian Tyrol, Karl is cheerful, but a little shy. Nina was born in Holland and she loves red tulips and animals. The two are best of friends.

Lucky and Luppy

No official info on these characters as yet. I don't even have any proof to say if they're Sanrio characters or not. Oh well, they'll stay here unless proven otherwise. I translated the writing on the images, and it roughly says, "These two sea otters are the best of friends, they're always together". How cute!

Lullaby Lovables

Winky and Winkle are little twin angels. Kind and curious, they get into all sorts of fun and mischief! Joining them in their adventures, or simply sharing a story or a song, is their loyal teddy bear sidekick Teddy the Teddy.

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