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Bruce Lee V 12.0Bruce Lee
My first character. He's fast, he's quick, and he's deadly. No wonder he's called "The Dragon". Bruce now has 2 fighing modes! When the power meter is full you can either use a special move, or enable nunchukus!!! Use them wisely.
For use with: mugen001129

Mercedez Benz V2.0Mercedez Benz
The very first 'bonus' game for MUGEN!!! This is a beta version of the character, so please if you do download 'car.zip' and if you find anything that doesn't seem just right please email me and let me know! I fixed all of the known common problems... but once in awhile there is a character that puts the car in an odd state and I have to update it. I plan on uploading a new .cns file every update as well so that way everyone has the most updated bonus stage without continually downloading it.
And special thanks to Jagoros for helping squash some major bugs. Check out his homepage at: TriCorp Games. Also, very important: Only use the car in the 'carbg' or stage that is included in the zip file. If you don't then it will not look correct.
For use with: mugen001129

Rancor WIPRancor
Comming Soon!!!


It's Birdie's stage from Street Fighter Alpha. This is my first attempt at creating a background, but I did OK with it.

Japanese Temple V1.0
It's Ryu's stage from Street Fighter II Turbo! Now that it's a "final" version, it has everything. Corrected sky background, animated bats, and an mp3 to boot!

The Great Wall V1.0
It's Chun Li's stage from Street Fighter Alpha. This is the second attempt and it came out alittle better. And no need to look around for an MP3 for this stage, there's already one included... don't you just love my efficency!? j/k

The Subway Train V1.5
It's the second stage of Final Fight. This is a really well done stage, it's huge, new background scenery, has some cool lighting effects and shaking floor that is synced with the mp3.
Also thanks to Tenshin for helping out with the MP3! :)

The Falls V1.0
Its the waterfall stage in Last Blade 2. It has many moving animated backgrounds and is very well drawn. A must-have.
Nominated for M4E Best Background Award! Even though it never came to fruition... it was still an honor.

The Docks V1.0
It's Ken Master's stage from Street Fighter II Turbo. It's a pretty well done replica of his stage and any true fan of Ken simply must download this.
Also included is a new MP3 for this stage, a special thanks to Big Daddy Lou for helping me out with the MP3!!

Industrial Park V1.0
This is the second Final Fight stage I re-created into a background for MUGEN. This is the stage that you fight the boss Rolento on a construction elevator, so if you or your character is afraid of heights... do not download this stage. I enlarged it as big as I could and added a few things here and there.. an overall good background worth your time to download.

The Dead Pool V1.0
No it isn't a stage from the great Dirty Harry movie... it's actually from Mortal Kombat II!! A series that isn't even being looked by the MUGEN community (for it's blatent cheapness and no effort into balanced characters??) Well here is... it isn't my best but understand that I had very little to work with, it's still good though.

Graveyard V0.8
This background is from 'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story'. The memorial of Bruce Lee in China on a rainy day... just like in the movie! Oooooo... you will like it.

Grand Canyon V0.8
This is my first Killer Instict background. You will be amazed at this one. I pushed the background limitations to their limits. Well I used a moving parallex image for the clouds to give it a 3D effect, and it looks great! Check it out.

The Rooftop V0.5
This is my second Killer Instict background. It's Orchid's stage with a big twist. I included a skit from 'Cartoon Planet', the 'Who all here is evil?' skit. Enjoy!

Mute City V1.0
This stage was done while I contracted pink eye so please use a hand sanitizer before playing this new stage. The sprites were ripped straight from F-Zero and boy-howdy does it look cool.

Ice on the Beach V0.9
This is it! My Magnum Opus. This is Iceman's stage from Xmen: Children of the Atom. I worked harder on this than any other background and I think it really paid off. Right now it's 99% finished, just a few more things to do. My best background yet!
Also included is a MP3 for this stage, click here to download!!!

Subway Station V0.7
Hey my 3rd Final Fight background! One more and I guess you can call it a habbit. This is the beginning of the 2nd stage in the Final Fight game, and it made for a great conversion. I tried to keep the same style but still take some creative liberties with the stage. Another quality background. You're welcome!

Planet Zebes V1.0
Welcome to my place of fun. This is where I kill metroids for a living and work on my tan. This is an original piece inspired by my favorite game of all time... Super Metroid!!! Super Jump characters will love this stage.
Also included is a MP3 for this stage, click here to download!!!

Streets of Gotham City V1.0
"Quick Robin... get the Bat Shark Repellant!!!" It's the city of Gotham it all of it's winter glory. This is taken right from the SNES Batman Returns game with alot of sprite editing. The only thing that is missing is Ceasar Romero and Burgess Meridith fighting Adam West in the background... but hey we can't all make perfect backgrounds.

Showdown in the Park V1.0
"Start spreading the news. I'm leaving today." -Frank Sinatra. Have your vagabond shoes ever long to stray right though the heart of it? Well now is your chance to chase those little town blues away with this great background from XMen vs. Street Fighter.

Genosha V0.8
This is my second XMen:COTA background. This is the background where you fight in the Sentinel factory. I thought it was a pretty cool one and decided to take a stab at it. I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. Hope you like!

The Danger Room V1.0
It has been a long time comming... but it is finally here! Quite possibly one of the largest stage files for MUGEN ever! The Danger Room from XMen:COTA! It also marks my somewhat return to the MUGEN Dev scene since August 2001. It took me a very very long time to do this and get everything just right. So I hope everyone enjoys this background.


Street Fighter 2 Turbo Screen Pack NOT UPLOADED YET
That's right kiddies! New title screen, select screen, vs screen, options screen, lifebars, sounds, music, hit sparks, fonts, ect... ect... ect... All in the Street Fighter 2 Turbo fashion with a slight modifications to the life bars. The next version will have intro screen, more sounds, hit sparks, and whatever else I can find.

This page is under construction!


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