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Stories by SamPast


Welcome to the collected stories of SamPast. These include both stories with child characters, and stories in which all the characters are adults. Most of these stories are part of one series or another.



Do not copy or distribute any of these stories without written permission from the author. Permission to keep one personal archive copy is hereby granted. Do not write other stories using these characters without permission from the author. These stories, and the fictional characters in them, are protected by copyright.



These stories are works of fiction. No characters are real people, or are intended to represent any real people. Any similarity between any character and any real person is purely coincidental.



Table of Contents


Sam’s Newer Stories



Introduction to the Twins


Sam’s Twin Stories  


Maggie Stories 


Little One Stories


Missy Stories


Separate Stories 


SSC story: Great Weekend



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Sam’s Bio:


All About Me -- Sampast


Hi Everyone.  Most of you know me from my twin stories, but I have written so many other series.  I love to write.  I am a married woman in my acccck, late thirties. 

Check out my new website for some different kinds of stories from me. 


I work as an elementary school teacher. I get great material for my stories. 


I tried my hand at writing M/F.  There’s my “Train” series starring Pam and Al, and also my semi-autobiographical story entitled “Him and Her”. 

Also, check out the “Maddie and Mark” series.


My husband is a wonderful man, but he just doesn't understand my "kink". He sort of accepts it, but secretly hopes it will all just disappear one day.  Actually when he started getting into spanking me a little, I decided that it hurt real-life and didn’t really like it.  But he likes to smack me every now and then.  {g}  He knows what I do online but he wishes I would put my writing talent to better use and make some money doing it.


I'm not sure when I first got interested in spanking. I know I've always written stories in my head, but the details of the spankings were never as graphic or as detailed in my mind then, as I write them now.  I came across Maman, then SSS, and then Laura's Spanking Corner, truly by accident one day, while I was cruising around the Internet, and I've been hooked ever since.


I really love age-play. I like to play the little kid who is mischievous, gets caught, or sometimes even confesses {EG} and then gets a spanking. But the most important part for me, is the love and attention, reassurance, and forgiveness that comes afterward.  And if you read my stories, and you pay close attention, you will see that aspect in every single one of them.


I had the great pleasure of writing with three people over the past few years.  One is Kayley, whom most of you know for writing the “Kyle and Kayley” stories and also the “Megan” stories.  She’s a great writer and a terrific friend.


Another partner is Huggedlots.  She has exceptional talent.  With her, we brought to life Maggie, Bob, and Heather.  When we started the Dude Ranch, we had no idea what would come out of it.  In that series, you can find a little bit of everything: M/f, F/f, and even some M/F. 


And of course, you all know my other writing partner, Don A. Landhill.  He is famous for helping to start SSS and for writing his funny song parodies.  For me, he brought Charlie Clemente to life, by co-authoring many of the twin stories.  And together we created the “Little One” and “Stephie” series.  Don is a great writer and a wonderful friend.  I really enjoy writing with Don.  He is great to bounce ideas off of as well as write and rewrite, and write more really great stories.  Sorry to say that Don has disappeared from online yet again. 


Now quit reading this, and get to what you really came for-the stories.



I welcome any and all comments.





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