Egg Head Gardens

Egg Heads

-Whenever you use eggs in a recipe, save the shells for this fun craft. Crack the shells almost in half. You will want to use the part that is about 2/3 of the whole egg shell. Rinse out the shells and let them dry.

- Make faces on the shells using markers, paints crayons or egg dye. You can use household items to decorate your egg heads such as: uncooked macaroni (elbows, bow ties, wagon wheels); buttons, cork, sponge, construction paper, thin sisal rope, string, glitter, beans, beads, etc.

- Soak some cotton balls in water and carefully place one wet cottonball in each of the egg heads.

- Sprinkle many seeds over the cotton ball. Use grass seeds, bean sprouts, alfalfa etc.

- You can put your egg heads in an empty egg carton to stand them up. Create another type of egg head holder with a strip of heavy paper or thin cardboard. Curl the paper strip/cardboard into a circle slightly smaller in size than the bottom of your egg head. Connect the two ends using a paper clip, staple, glue or paste. One more way of making an egg holder: cut a slit on each end of the strip (only halfway across the paper), on opposite sides of the ends and slide one end over and into the other to fasten.

- Place your egg heads in a sunny spot and spray the tops of your egg heads daily, with water. Soon the sprouts will appear and look like hair. It will take about two weeks.

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