June 29, 2004: Ah! Finally! An update! Gomen na minna, I haven't updated much because we now have classes and another is that my internet connection is on the fritz... anyway, there are some updates, but most are minor ones, just check on the updates page for the details ^^
Minna! I am currently asking for donations of your fanart, fanfics, wallpapers, information or even some suggestions! The site's traffic had been dying recently so I decided to ask for some help, you can e-mail me for further discussion... arigatou!!!


Welcome one and all to the Hunter X Hunter Obsession Domain this site has been up in the internet since March 13, 2003. (Yes and I missed it's birthday! ;___;) So now, this site is already a year old...yay! (Although there aren't many updates being busy with different things at school and added with a sprinkle of my laziness and a sprinkle of school panic) anyway, during the passing days, the site has already reached 1000+ hits! Thank you! Thank you all who have visited my site! I am very grateful! ^_______^

What's new?

Gomen na minna, I haven't updated much because we now have classes and another is that my internet connection is on the fritz... anyway, I have modified the navigation so the links to other sites and the affys will be placed there. I have also made a new wallpaper! Yaaay! And that means that the wallpaper section is up! (At last!) I have added a new button in the links section (but it looks weird) and I have a new affy which is Kawaii! Kawaii! Kawaii! owned by Shizuku Seta... yay! ^___^ be patient and wait for more updates minna~! Ja na~!


I want to rejoice for having a new affy~ (my first one too) Kawaii! Kawaii! Kawaii! owned by Shizuku Seta ^____^ I am very happy to finally have an affy~ For Shizuku fans, please visit her site~ I'm sure you'll love it! Also join the Official Shizuku Fanlisting which is also owned by Shizuku Seta... ^__^

Still updating?

Well, I am now updating... uhm... little by little... but it would probably be more on the graphics part rather than on the wordy part ~_~;;;; anyway, the wallpapers section is finally up... (thank goodness...) please expect more updates soon!

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For comments, questions, suggestions, donations, flames, or anything you want to say that is related to this site (take note: I HATE spammers) you can sign in the Guestbook or e-mail me at [email protected]


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If and IF you get any of these without the proper credits and/or permission and posted them in your own site, you are held responsible for a crime called STEALING or THEFT.

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