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Ryan's Hope Rejects
Originally Published in Daylight TV
(June 1979)
Tom Fucello Jackie Zeman
Ryan's Hope must have been cat-napping when they let two future soap stars slip through their hands. In 1975, Tom Fuccello (now One Life to Live's Paul Kendall) was up for the Jack Fenelli role, but turned it down cold. "They didn't want to pay me enough money," Tom reveals, "so I went to Hollywood instead." Jackie Zeman had an even more disappointing experience. She tested for the Reenie Szabo role on Ryan's Hope, thought she had it, and the show hinted at a three year contract. "Then, at the last minute, they told me they'd found another actress they liked better," she recalls. But General Hospital knew they'd found gold and cast her as Bobbie Spencer.
Home >> Multimedia >> Articles >> 'Ryan's Hope Rejects!'
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