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Where There's Ryan's, There's Hope!
Originally Published in Soap Opera Stars
(January 1984)
Malcolm Groome
Ryan's Hope is regaining its viewers, by returning to its roots!

Karen Morris-GowdyIt was a soap filled with intrigue, murder and rich, powerful men with mysterious pasts. Not necessarily bad ideas for a soap, but it just wasn't right for Ryan's Hope. When the show's creators, Paul Mayer and Claire Labine returned as head writers on the show early this year, they immediately spotted the cause of the dropping ratings. Ryan's Hope was a show about families: the Coleridges and the Ryans. Viewers turned in to watch the love and romance and the everyday triumphs and tragedies of those two families. To get the viewers back, the show had to return to its roots.

It seemed like it had been months since viewers had seen the interior of Ryan's Bar, but under the tender care of the show's creators, that place once again became the center of activity of all the characters. But it wasn't enough to reestablish the locale, Ryan's had to be filled with Ryans!

Geoffrey Pierson & Malcolm Groome

One of the first moves the writers made was regaining the services of the original "Pat Ryan," Malcolm Groome. James Patrick Clarke was a good actor, but no one could replace Malcolm in the eyes of the audience. Malcolm's return was swiftly followed by the return of the original "Delia," Ilene Kristen, and the re-casting of "Frank Ryan," in the person of Geoffrey Pierson. "Frank Ryan" hadn't shown his face in New York City for two years! Even "Mary Ryan Fenelli" (Kate Mulgrew) made a brief reapperance - although she'd been dead for years!

Ilene Kristen & Malcolm Groome

With the original writers back in control, and much of the original cast back in front of the camera, it's no surprise that Ryan's Hope has recaptured that old magic!

1984 Soap Opera Stars

Courtesy of Wanda

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