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Out of the Rink and Into the Soap!
Originally Published in Soap Opera Digest
(September 30, 1980)

Sometimes a magazine not only reports the news, it has a hand in making it, as well. Case in point: Episode of ABC-TV's Ryan's Hope, starring New York Ranger defenseman, Ron Greschner! Indeed, in a series of moves to rival the sentimental scripts in the "star is born" genre of the "late, late show," Ron skated straight from the pages of S.O.D. and onto the sound-stage of Ryan's Hope in one very fluid motion...

As reported in our August 5th issue, it all started one warm spring day, when Soap Opera Digest arranged a very special hockey game between Ron and two of his favorite leading ladies from One Life to Live (another ABC hit!), Linda Dano and Julie Montgomery. Needless to say, that, in itself, was a dream-come-true for this very special soap fan ... But the real fantasy was yet to materialize, though it was seemingly prophesied by the stunning Linda Dano in her summation of the multi-talented defenseman: ("Doesn't he have a great voice? Don't you think he'd be terrific on a soap???")

But when July 14th rolled around, Ron Greschner was not just another disembodied television voice. Thanks to Executive Producers Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer, Ron made his daytime debut (all 6'2" of him!) in a blaze of glory at Delia's Crystal Palace!

Backstage, however, as Ron toiled through rehearsals, lighting, makeup, and finally, the actual taping, the star defenseman -- as jittery as any actor on opening night -- admitted he felt as if he were treading on thin ice... But Ellen Barrett and Nancy Horwich (producer and associate producer) and Lela Swift and Dick Briggs (director and stage manager), along with the entire cast and crew, made Ron feel right at home, and the rangy defenseman-turned-actor didn't slip up once -- proving he's just as smooth off the ice as he is on!

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Home >> Multimedia >> Articles >> 'Out of the Rink and Into the Soap!'
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