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Page updated December 2006
'Thanks for supporting my art'
Jenny wishes to thank three publishers for featuring her recent artwork. They are:
Brian Hurst, editor of  Rural Press papers in Redland Shire on the Brisbane bayside.
Lee Shipley, publisher of Moreton Bay website
Glen Mitten, publisher of

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WHAT a trio! Three identities from Queensland’s southern Moreton Bay islands get together for a chat in sculptor Jenny Rumney’s Russell Island studio.
   The special meeting cuts the boundaries of time and space because the young woman in the centre is the late Cindy Field.
   Jenny did not meet Cindy, who died from a brain tumor in 2003. Pictures from Cindy’s family provided the research for Jenny’s creation of a likeness that featured in the 2006 Cindy Field Memorial Exhibition at Colours Art Gallery on Macleay Island.
   Cindy’s mother, Phoebe Dupont, holds the annual show, exhibiting works of artists mainly from the four islands in the bay’s southern cluster, to raise money for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

JENNY, of Russell Island, also exhibited her character studies of Rozzie McPhee, left, of Macleay Island, and Russell Island identity Joy “Gran” McLurcan.
   The technique involved creation of the sculpture in clay for traditional firing and glazing, with subsequent finishing.
   Jenny began working with clay for casting into metal but recently has focused on one-off fired character studies to keep developing and practising her technique without high foundry costs.
   Businesses, groups and families may consider a clay or metal character study by Jenny as a tribute to their “special person”.
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